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Gran Torino.; Open. Afternoon, Day 8.
Topic Started: Apr 26 2017, 11:08 PM (400 Views)
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Scout didn’t like being boxed in. Call her paranoid, but she didn’t like that Blair’s weakness could so easily be faked and that Bart had just so happened to appear behind her as she was distracted either. She took a few more steps back. Better to have her back to the wall than to a stranger.

“I’ve seen a few people,” she told Bart. “Most of ‘em are dead now, so if they were your friends you’re probably shit out of luck.”
Bart flinched. He knew that finding Clarice, Kiziah, and Lili again might be a long shot, but she didn’t have to say it like that. “Were, uh… were any of them Clarice Halwood, Kizi Saraki, or Lili Williams, by any chance?”

Scout started at the mention of Clarice’s name. “You saw Clarice? Where?” She demanded.

“We were together for a few days, until we got separated when the library caught fire…” Bart was surprised that this other girl seemed to know Clarice; he didn’t recognize her, and he couldn’t remember if Clarice had mentioned anyone like her. “Is she a friend of yours?”

“She’s my stepsister.” Scout crossed her arms as she looked Bart over once again, wondering why Clarice had decided to hang around with someone like him. Did he always smell? “Name’s Scout, by the way.”

“Scout…” Try as he might, he couldn’t remember Clarice mentioning a Scout. He could remember someone else mentioning her name though: Danya. “You… you’re a killer.” He wasn’t sure if he ought to take a step back from the doorway or not. Running might make her angry.

Scout scowled. She glanced back over at Blair to see if there was any negative reaction to Bart’s words, but she still seemed to be recovering from her coughing fit. “Don’t get any ideas. I’m only going after the people who deserve it. I killed Vacanti and Ramirez, remember?”

Bart still looked uncertain. Scout didn’t really care about mincing words any longer; she wanted out of this room, which now felt way too small and stifling. “Where did you last see Clarice?”

Bart swallowed. “The library. I haven’t been back there since it burned down though… do you think she’d go back?”

Scout shrugged. “Hell if I know. Maybe she’d go back to look for you and whoever else.” She adjusted her things and edged towards the door, careful not to turn her back to the other girl while she dealt with Bart. “I’m going now. Let me through.”

Bart stepped back so Scout would pass, not eager to antagonize someone with so many weapons. He glanced between her and Blair. Blair didn’t seem as intimidating as Scout, but he didn’t know her well enough to be sure. Scout was Clarice’s sister, and she had taken on two killers and won.

Bart wanted to stay alive, if he could help it, and even if she was a bit rough, Scout seemed like a good potential ally. “Wait,” he called before she could leave. “Do you want to look for her and the others together?”

Scout frowned at him. True, she hadn’t had any worthwhile company since Noah, and now Noah was dead. Bart didn’t look like he’d be much in a fight, but he was big at least. She didn’t know if he’d be any help, but he had been good enough for Clarice and he didn’t seem like trouble. She sighed. “Fine, whatever. But don’t slow me down. I won’t wait for you.”

Bart nodded rapidly in agreement. He looked back at the girl in the office, feeling somewhat guilty for suddenly abandoning her, but he didn’t want Scout to leave him behind. “Here,” he said, fishing one of his extra water bottles out and setting it down for her. “Sorry.”

He turned and hurried out of the vehicle depot after Scout.

((Bart Cappotelli and Scout Pfeiffer continued in ))The Long Goodbye
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