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We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Classmates; Day 7
Topic Started: Apr 17 2017, 11:02 AM (912 Views)
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((Alessio Rigano continued from Halfway Home))

A human. Amanda.

That's who Alessio saw when walking the docks. She had killed. She had a weapon. Alessio had no way to hide from her. He could be dead any moment.

It was a beautiful view. The sound of the ocean reminded him of Italy. It was a beautiful view. A week ago, he'd wish to just silently be here, sit here with Vanessa and enjoy the moment.

But now, Amanda, a killer was here. She could kill him with her gun. He could not run away.

He could try to sneak up on her. Drown her. Throw her into the ocean.

But his breathing was loud, his footsteps were loud. He just stared at her.

She could shoot him and everything would be over for him. Alessio was prepared for that option. He's sweating. He's fine with that. Being dead was better than constantly having this pain in his arm.

He was not fine with it. He did not want to die.

But being shot was quick. Painless.

Perhaps Amanda was up to talk, to not immediately shoot him upon sight. But in the case of a talk, Alessio was not the person who'd speak up first.

He just silently stared at her with a pokerface.

He had Astrid's gun in his pocket, prepared it to be pulled out.
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Alessio did not come any nearer. He however showed his gun and pointed it at Amanda.

"Me too."

He stared at her with no expression. He stopped walking. He looked behind her, avoided eye contact, thought about what to say.

"Neither of us wants to get hurt. I am sure you don't want to get hurt. I am already hurt."

He looked at his bandage and then back at the ocean. Not only his arm was shot. No, his heart was broken.

"You don't want to get hurt. It...sucks."

So much for convincing her professionally. Alessio was not good at speaking threateningly. He stepped down his threatening voice after he said the word 'sucks'. He began to speak more in a silent way, a less confident way.

"I don't want to kill you. I just want some rations. You-u have some extra food for me? Or, can I have that gun of yours? You won't be killed."

Amanda was a killer, yes. That was a good thing in his mind. Yes, if she killed more people, yes, that would be good. He did not need to kill her. That would be contradictory to his plan. Killing killers would slow the game down. He wants the game to end.

He was sweating, he shook, even though he had cornered her. But he knew it was a fake gun. He knew it was a fake gun. He stood face to face in a gunpoint. He was ready to die. He was not ready to die. He wants her gun. He needs her gun.

He took a deep breath. Confidence.

"Give me that gun."
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Alessio looked at her mouth and listened to her mouth. He thought about what to say.

"If you don't give me the gun, I won't leave. After you give me the gun, I will turn around, go and you won't hear of me again."

Alessio took a breath.

"I would not shoot you. You can do your thing. You can keep killing people, mess with people, talk with people. I don't want to see you dead. You are strong, you killed someone. You could even win this thing."

He dropped his sword.

"You can have this sword for your gun. Then, then you are not totally weaponless. You will be able to defend yourself from people."

Alessio tried to to open up. To tell Amanda his motivation. From killer to killer.

"Believe me or not, but giving me your gun helps you, if you want to come out of his alive. You...you don't seem to be the one to use this sh-shotgun in an offensive way. You don't seem to be a person who would use the gun to actively shoot people. You would not run into a group of people to shoot. That's what I do, though. That's what I'll do with the gun. And that helps you. I might die from stupidly attacking people, but I will kill people. You might survive, you might play less-risky, safe. And-and I help you. I kill people, you kill people and perhaps in a couple of days this game will end. You like this island? You like being here?"

He began shouting the last sentences. Then he began to talk calmly again.

"I don't. I really don't. We're stuck here for way too long. And now that Isabel and Nancy are dead, two people who did their jobs at making this game end faster, this will take longer. We will be stuck here longer. But I will do my best to let this madness end. You should be glad that I killed, and you should be glad you killed. To let the eventual winner sleep at home again soon."

Boom. Hopefully she did not think he was crazy. It was reasonable. He was reasonable. It was a horrible plan, kill people so others can get out faster, but it was also oddly selfless. Out of context this would've sounded so wrong to Al, to glorify killing. But in the context of SOTF this was the right thing to do.
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He lowered his gun, put it in the pocket and walked to where Amanda threw her shotgun to pick it up. That was easy. Alessio was not sure what to think of it. Was he convincing? He was right? Or was he not? Alessio did not believe that he was convincing, but perhaps he was a better talker than he thought. Perhaps the shotgun was a fake, like the one he had in his pocket.

"I'll keep the promise."

He held the shotgun. It was a real gun. He could shoot with it. He could shoot her with it. But why would he? She was a killer. Her name was known all around the island. He did not need to kill her, there would be someone else who probably wants to kill her, someone like Michael or Maria. And they would would kill Amanda. Or Amanda would kill them. Either way, that would be better, because deaths meant progress.

Al needed to test the shotgun. Not here, but somewhere else. Holding it was weird with his broken arm, but a gun. A gun meant power. He would not have to do any stupid traps anymore. He would not need to risk his life by going close to someone. He can kill from the distance.

Alessio considered kicking the sword to Amanda, but was too afraid of accidently kicking it away, so he just left it there so she could pick it up herself.

So Alessio turned around and walked off the dock with his brand new gun.
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A gunshot attracted all of his attention. He was oblivious to the fact that he as well could have gotten a bullet into his back. Even now, he did not look back at Amanda, he did not care about her, who was still weaponless in his mind. All he cared about were the people who caused the gunshot.

His eyes looked at the newcomers. One was Brendan and the other was the masked guy who shot him. And that guy did not notice him. So he raised his SPAS.

Oh, the masked man. He was not too angry at him shooting his arm. He would not kill Nixon just because he shot him, no that would be a silly reason to shoot him.

No, he shot at him, because he needed someone to shoot. It was not personal. Okay, it kinda was, a teeny bit.

So, for the first time in his life Alessio shot a gun.

And dang, shooting a shotgun was fast. It felt way too powerful. It was extremely loud. It was scary. And it took much power to control it. It did not shoot in the direction Alessio held it to, no, like a snake, the shotgun decided to shoot into a different direction than the one Jon was at.

After he felt the power of the Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun, he had regained his balance again and walked to a different spot, a safer spot if Jon decided to shoot back. But as no flag with 'BANG!' came out of the gun he knew one thing. The gun was real.
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Jon shot back, but Alessio felt no bullets tearing him, so Jon missed hitting him, too. They were even. Alessio kept moving. This was like all ball games, except with bullets. You got to move every time to not get hit.

He however heard a gunshot sound coming from Amanda's direction, which drew all of his attention. Oh crap, she had a second gun?

It looked like she was sided with him, though, as she also shot at Jonathan. Brendan was defensively lying on the floor, Jonathan disappeared from his view then died, so Alessio turned his body to Amanda and stopped moving around to avoid bullets.

Alessio shouted something at Amanda's direction while pointing his shotgun at her. She was threat number 1.

"Where did that gun come from?!"

What a wizard. She shot Jonathan, why the hell would she not shoot him too? What a maniac. Alessio's impression of Amanda was false. She was actually a person who would use her gun to kill, to murder. Alessio was afraid.
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Alessio felt insulted as he was accused of Amanda of him wanting her gun to use on other people. No, he shouted at her being so dishonest. But the sad thing was that Amanda was right. He would use the gun on other people.

"Well, I-"

He now just stared at the gun of her, being pointed at him. He did not know what else to say. She threatened him. He could shoot her, but she would shoot him.

"Nevermind", he mumbled. Alessio had no idea what to say either way. He was confused.

Alessio was extremely confused as to what Amanda did to Brendan. What she did to Brendan.

She...just offered him help. That hurt.

For no reason she just went to Brendan and offered him to patch up. Just simply like that. Anger was boiling up. And she was so hostile against Alessio. But to Brendan she was so nice. That was not fair.

Brendan was a killer, too. Brendan killed too. Alessio was a killer, Brendan was a killer. When Amanda met Alessio she told him to fuck off and when she sees Brendan, she offers him help?

Alessio felt worthless.

Was there anyone on the island who offered Alessio help? No. There was not. Vanessa dumped him, Michael bullied, taunted him, Astrid robbed him. Yes, there was Serena and Mia who were trying to help, but that was during the first day. On the first day no one had a clue what the fuck was happening. No one knew how dangerous the island was. If Serena, Mia and him would have stayed together longer, Alessio now had the feeling, they would have killed him. Betrayed him. Use him as a pawn for being such a worthless piece of shit.

No, everyone on this island is selfish. No one helped him. He was alone. Vanessa left him, Alvaro left him, Nixon shot him.

But why was Brendan getting help from her? Why not him? Why never him?

He still pointed his gun at Amanda and said no word. He just had a sad face.
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There was a shot.

Alessio lowered the gun.

As Amanda was shot, Alessio decided to leave her and Brendan.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Tea Party with Death at Dawn))
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