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We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Classmates; Day 7
Topic Started: Apr 17 2017, 11:02 AM (970 Views)
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Jon raised the barrel towards Brendan's head. He still didn't pull the trigger, not yet.

"Did you even know the girl you saved?"

Maybe... Maybe Brendan wasn't malicious, but now it didn't matter. What he had done was done. What Jon had done is done.

Oh God, I just killed someone...

He looked towards Amanda's corpse. No way she wasn't. Too many holes. Too much red. You did that Jon. That was supposed to be Brendan.

He looked back to Brendan, he didn't wait for an answer.

"It was Nancy, Brendan. Nancy Kyle."

He didn't want to look at the other corpse. The one still watching him. All he could do was tilt his head in that direction, keeping his eye contact away from him.

"He told me, before Alex happened."

He looked Brendan in the eyes once more.

"Why'd you run away from Danny? Couldn't have been death was so scary, you seemed to cause it pretty easily."

Jon felt his socket twitch in the place of tear drops, that side of his skull throbbing.

"I just wanna know that. Why is it so easy for you?"

Jon tried his hardest not to look at what remained of Amanda.
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Nancy Kyle, Nancy Kyle, Nancy Kyle. You saved a murderer and you didn't even realize it, Brendan.

Brendan felt like Jonathan had just punched him in the gut with what he just said. Now he felt worse about everything that he did. He really was the bad guy and Jonathan was still talking to him but he couldn't even concentrate on the words he was saying. Brendan was the one who always ruined things for everyone. He never could do anything right. God, he really felt like he was better off dead.

Why wasn't Jonathan finishing him off? Why was he still alive? Why did he hate every fibre of himself? Why couldn't he just do it himself?

Because you are still a coward, Brendan.

"H-Heh....." Brendan couldn't help what was starting to come out of his mouth. He was laughing like a mad man. Jonathan had just made something in his mind snap and he was slowly feeling himself break down. He couldn't take it anymore. "HA, HA, HA, H-HA.... Hah.... Nnngk..... Nooo, no, no, no, no!!"

His laughter had turned into sobbing and he laid down on his side in a feeble position, balling his eyes out. Not caring that Jonathan was still pointing a gun at him. Not caring if the whole world was watching him cry like a baby. He didn't care about anything in that moment.

He continued to let out pathetic sobs. He couldn't even look Jonathan in the eye.
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Jon watched Brendan's face crack and break apart at the line. He watched him fall apart. He saw him fall to the floor, laughing, then sobbing.

He took a moment to lower the gun, to look around. The world spun when he stood still, it spun faster when he turned. Amanda's corpse, the treelines, the docks and water, Michael, Brendan's sobbing form. He had to look at everything around him, to really take it in.

Was this real?

This didn't feel real.

It wasn't what he expected.

You killed someone Jon. Someone who saved your life. You didn't want it then, but it still happened. It should've been Brendan down there, but it's not.

Amanda gave you a second chance, and what'd you do with it?

Weren't you even paying attention to what Michael told you?

It wasn't worth it, none of it was. You could've done anything with that chance.

Everything that's happened since then, that was on you.

Brendan made mistakes, you made mistakes.

If you shoot him now, you better be prepared to eat the barrel too. Wasn't that what you wanted in the first place? That's all you had to go on, it was your only purpose at this point. From the look of it, Brendan would want it too. Neither of you really deserved it though. It would be too easy for the likes of you both.

He aimed the barrel towards Brendan's head, it would be quick. Maybe not clean, but it wouldn't hurt. Not like Amanda had.

His eye trailed back to Amanda.

Wrong place, wrong time. That's all that amounted from her death. What'd she get in return for this?

Did she deserve anything for this? You really think you deserve to get out of it the easy way, Jon?

You've hurt people. You've killed someone. When the announcements come in, you'll have hurt more. The people back home were watching. The dead were watching.

Jon breathed in.

"Y'know what Michael told me? He told me, back when we thought he killed Alex, that he didn't... he didn't feel anything good coming from doing this. It was pointless, nothing came from it. I didn't believe him, and I tried to go after Alex. He nearly killed me, well, for a while, he had killed me. While I was out, I realized that's what I really wanted."

He pointed the barrel to Amanda's corpse.

"She saved my life. Look at how I repaid her."

He pointed the barrel back to Brendan.

"It was supposed to be you there, not her. That was my mistake. I wanted blood, and I got it. Now what?"

Jon himself started to cry.

"He was right. I didn't believe him and he was right."

He finally lowered the gun, and crouched next to Brendan.

"I... I came to kill someone, and I did. I'm not going to do it again. There's... no point. Amanda died in your place, and that was my mistake. I have to live with that, and because of that you get to."

Jon planned on turning around right then and there, but he stopped when he realized his bag wasn't on him anymore. It must've fell off when he rolled down the hill.

He grabbed Amanda's bag in it's place, picking up his mask while he was there.

"I hope I never have to see you again, Brendan."

As he walked away he stopped by Michael's body.

He knelt by and closed the corpse's eyes.

He realized he still didn't have anything to cover him with.

There was another thing tugging at him however.

If he didn't want to spill anymore blood, then why did he take the bag with the ammo? Why did he take the mask?

((Jonathan Gulley continued elsewhere.))
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How long had he been laying there since Jonathan had left? How long had he been crying now? Why was he stared at Amanda's corpse? Was he still in shock over everything that happened? Should he just give up on trying to survive this cruel experience?

No. You shouldn't stop now, Brendan. You need to keep moving forward.

He should have been dead instead of Amanda. That was what Jonathan made perfectly clear. But now he still had a choice of continuing to live. He didn't want to. But he needed to see if he could find Alba. He still needed to talk to her about everything. He needed to stop being so upset about Jonathan's revelation to him. He needed to deal with it and then do whatever he needed to do.

Brendan slowly sat up and he wiped the tears away from his cheeks. He sniffed slightly. He then picked up Jerry's stick and then he got up to his feet, still feeling a bit hopeless. He didn't move from where he was standing as he was trying to figure out what he should do next.

Brendan's eyes focused on Michael's corpse. He stepped around Amanda's and he made his way over to Michael's body. He wondered if Michael blamed him for Jonathan's situation if he was still alive. If only he could ask him....

"....Michael, I'm sorry that I couldn't do anything to help Jon.... I wished that I knew that that girl back then was Nancy...." Brendan's voice sounded a bit angry as he thought about it and he lowered the stick down beside Michael. "Here. I don't need this anymore. I think I'm going to be okay for now."

He then headed away from the scene and then he wandered up the hills. Then he noticed something. There was Jonathan's revolver and his bag with a couple of bullets scattered around near the trees. Why had Jonathan not bothered to take them? He didn't understand.

Brendan edged closer to Jonathan's supplies. He should make use of what was there, right? He searched through the bag and he saw that there was a tape recorder. He decided to leave it in there for the time-being. He then gathered up the bullets that he could find and he placed them in the bag, zipping it back up. He then slung Jonathan's bag on his good shoulder with his own bag so that he could take it with him.

He then very hesitantly grabbed the revolver, trying to be as careful as he could with it. He didn't want to mishandled it and accidentally let off a gunshot. He checked the weapon out. It was full. So he didn't need to worry about reloading. Although, he would prefer avoiding shooting anyone.

He didn't bother to put the revolver away. He just walked off to a different destination.

((Brendan Harte continued elsewhere))
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