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Rivers of Sadness and Mutual Need; Day 7, after the announcement. Open.
Topic Started: Apr 11 2017, 09:42 PM (868 Views)
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((Alessio Rigano continued from Tea Party with Death at Dawn))

For Mr. Prospector it was time for a break. But just a short one. While walking around the island, he ate some snacks, energy. He wondered if he had actually killed Bryony, Sandra or Alice. He would find out tomorrow.

He walked around. He realised something. What he saw while travelling across the island. Who he met after going across the bridge.


No one.

The island was not getting smaller, even if the size of the number of peope alive would shrink. No, Alessio was not going to see many people who are alive. He would see more people who are dead. He would see more corpses.

But it's better that way. Better people dead than people alive.

Alessio daydreamt a scenario where he would just avoid seeing people, but just see corpses. He daydreamt that Danya would suddenly greet him and tell him that he's the only survivor, because everyone else died while he wandered on the island.

But as he checked at the hunting ludge for people, he actually found people.

Cass. Nice person, back in school, but that did not matter anymore.

He just had his head popping out from the doorframe of the living room, as he stared at Cass. So he hid behind the doorframe as he pulled the trigger. He still was not used to shooting the gun, after two times.

Then, he ran away. The hunting cabin. It was where he wanted to sleep back like a week ago, left his assigned weapon like a week ago. A fucking week.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Time flies when you have a gun))
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