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V6 Final Ten Predictions; Since chat was talking about it.
Topic Started: Apr 11 2017, 11:00 AM (562 Views)
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1. Tyler Yazzie

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2. Coleen Reagan

Keeping myself from posting the same image twice - this is really difficult. Just let me say this: over the last few weeks I have given Coleen a closer look, and the closer I do look the more I find myself being fond of her. Ricky manages to evoke a strong emotional response from me with his writing, and I want to see him go far with Coleen.

3. Georgia Lee Day

I have adored this character since she appeared in Pregame. Fogue has crafted a superb narrative in which a despicable person comes across as sympathetic, for her own actions may be faulty, they all pale in comparison to the horrors commited elsewhere. Zarina is doing an excellent job in continuing GLD's character arc and every new post is a joy to behold.

Also I want to see her get close to the end and fail miserable. Kill my heart.

4. Kimiko Kao

Deamon has a pleasant way of writing, to which I feel drawn to. To be fair, I acknowledge that his characters are enjoyable, but have thus far felt very little of that X-Factor that made me actively root for them in any form. Maybe it was because I did not pay due attention before, but Kimiko is different in that regard. Her character is likeable, in the sense that SotF villains can be so, and the scenes she is involved in wow me again and again. I am glad I have spent my Hero Card for this girl.

5. Dorothey Shelley

I don't know what it is exactly that draws me to Dorothy. Loretta has a very quirky and odd writing style. Dorothy's thoughts are erratic, yet amusing to observe, and her actions are - as insane as they are in the context of SotF proper - as equally amusing. Dorothy is always good for a surprise, and I want to see more of them.

6. Brendan Harte

Bless this boy for he is an idiot. Brendan is, ultimately, I feel a very realistic character. He has faults which lead to death and misery all around, but he is not a villain in the classical sense. He is in the end just a teenager thrown in a death match and trying to do something. Still, despite his attempts at remorse, Brendan is unable to escape the slow-burning karma building up from the sins he has commited. I will look forward to the conclusion.

7. Olivia Fischer

Wildcard! Maraone is an excellent writer on a mechanical level. Olivia's posts, while merged deeply into narrative pondering, are still a pleasure to read. Olivia is a slow character. Little happens to her in terms of active scenes, and the most of what we get from her are thoughts and speeches. Still, Mara's charming way of writing has managed to conquer my heart.

8. Alessio Rigano

Like Loretta, RC has a very weird writing style. However, as I have noted before in the hammers, RC's writing has improved by tons over the past months and I feel Al is a shining example of this. Furthermore, Al is an interesting and sensible villain. He IS a menace. He has killed, he is willing to kill, and as such clearly dangerous. And yet, he is just a high school student, and his plans to murder are foiled quite often by the fact that he is not a professional. It's very good stuff.

9. Scout Pfeiffer

To be truthful, finding place nine and ten of my list was difficult because there are just so many characters who are great this time. I am going to include Scout because Ciel is a superb writer and he should do more of it, goddamnit.

10. Vanessa Stone
This girl has absolutely no manners.

...but I like her anyway. Maybe one day I'll be able to name a specific reason.
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