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Birth Of A Wish; [ONESHOT]
Topic Started: Apr 8 2017, 05:36 AM (157 Views)
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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Die Anywhere Else]]

Fiyori had the misfortune of finding a few more corpses of people she once knew. She was, however, done with feelings for the day. As previously noted, after all. When witnessing the further bodies, all she could indulge in was a dry sense of melancholia – an intellectual exercise that did not touch her heart. Only two of the bodies, beyond Noah and Alan, caused her to react ever so slightly more.

The first one belonged to Junko.

Fiyori's and Junko's relationship wasn't strong. There was a feeling of mutual sympathy, or so Fiyori would have evaluated it. That was it, though. Junko had always been a very intense individual. Fiyori was not. She'd been killed by Jeremy. A measure of self-defense, if Fiyori had guessed the intent of the announcement correctly. The news shocked her a bit, and they shocked her a bit again now that Fiyori saw Junko's corpse, but it was in the end just a light shiver sent down her spine.

Then she discovered Darius.

That feeling was a bit more complicated. Darius and Fiyori had somewhat of an odd friendship. If one dared to call it like that at all. Fiyori was kind to her friends, and took joy in seeing them thrive. The only thing she took from Darius was...


Well... this was actually embarrassing Fiyori. She had, after all, taken Darius' Nintendo DS. Less than lawfully as well, but that detail probably paled now that Fiyori actually helped murdering someone. Regardless, when she took it she decided she'd give it back once he'd ask properly. But the last time they really had a chance to talk - or something close to that - was when they were at Junko's anti-Sadies party. The problem back then was that Darius was drunk as shit and kinda incomprehensible, more so than usual. So the point was, she still had the handheld.

And she felt compelled to make sure it got returned to his family.

"Alright... I, uh, I got a bit of an announcement to make I guess. There is something I kinda forgot to do, what with me ending up here and all, but... uh..."

She managed to ignore the cameras. They were there, and sometimes they made sounds. Sometimes she noticed them visually, but for the most part they didn't enter her mind. However, she certainly needed them now.

Fiyori chuckled a bit. Then she sighed.


"Ma, I got a favor to ask you. And, listen, I know you're watching right now-" No, I ain't., Birikti Senay interjected mentally.

Of course, that was a blatant lie, as evident by the fact that Mrs. Senay was sitting at a laptop to watch a Survival of the Fittest stream of her daughter. Denying the obvious might have made her look really dumb, but in the end it was just a reflex. Couldn't help it at all.

Despite having no-one else to watch her, Birikti made a point in playing pouty. She felt no remorse for watching SotF. After all, it was the duty of all caring mothers to stay invested in their children's lives. Watching the death game was in fact the best way to do that. After all, what else was she supposed to do? Listen to what some piece of shit on the internet wrote about Fiyori? Hah, they'd just smear and lie and curse her. Birikti wouldn't stand for that.

Still, being called out like this hurt her pride, even if it was only the bitest of bits that was hurt.

"-buuuuuut there's a Nintendo in the left upper cupboard of my desk which I may or may not have acquired in less than ethical circumstances. Uh... mind returning it to the Van Dykes? Kinda belonged to this dead guy here."

Birikti pressed the pause button. She considered it.

[[Birikti Senay, continued in Birth Of A Wish/This Cannot Continue]]
[[Fiyori Senay, continued in St. Elsewhere]]
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