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Topic Started: Apr 4 2017, 04:50 PM (290 Views)
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((Alessio Rigano continued from 70's Horror Movies 3))

Nighttime was over.

The bloodied, smelly boy walked through the door of the pub and expected to meet someone there, but he was wrong. It was empty. Of course, it's not a dangerzone anymore. He had this place for himself.

Last time he was here he hid in the storage room to attack people. He looked at his bandaged arm and knew he couldn't do that anymore. He should not sword fight. He can't. So he dropped the sword behind the counter. His one functioning arm was not working well enough to threaten anyone with the sword. He cannot properly strike it. His grip was not strong enough, if he'd swing it, his other arm would also hurt. He'd drop the sword sooner than he could hit the target. And he sure won't use his injured one to hold the sword.

So, he had to defend himself in a different way. The fake gun was the obvious choice, but Nixon showed that it didn't do anything if the other person also has a gun.

He had to be creative. Hide somewhere and attack. But this time don't hesitate. Yeah, he should hide behind the counter, he moved behind it and ducked. Then, decided that ducking was too painful for his legs, so he simply sat down. He made a mistake with Dorothy when he took to long to attack her. Perhaps, if he was more quick, she'd have been dead. Surprise is an advantage and he wasted it. He was too weak, too squeamish, not brutal, harsh, cold enough. Dot was a mistake.

Speaking of Dorothy. The announcements told him that Dorothy killed Isabel with other people. What a person. That explained her bloodiness. Blair also began to play, and Alessio was not sure whether he was too biased to judge, but it did not surprise him at all. Killed Rene while she slept. Cruel.

Isabel was dead.

It was a bad sign. They reached halfway, but now things will get slower. Less people will die. They were going to be stuck here for longer. Many names were listed as a killer of Isabel, but as harsh and cruel it sounded, it would've been better if the killers were the dead ones instead of Isabel. It was true, now less students will be killed. This was going to be a long week for the eventual winner. Isabel was dead, Nancy was dead. Now things are slown down. Al did not want that at all.

Alessio would be glad when this hell was over. Or if he's not the winner, the winner will be glad. Being home, being save, not fearing their lives anymore. Sleep tight. Al considered the possibility that it would be worse when home, to evaluate whether it's really worth it to fight. But he saw no bad points at being home again. Not a single point.

But he was not home now and going home perhaps just a fictional goal like going to heaven, a fictional vision he might not experience.

Now, he was behind the counter and had his sword to attack someone with and a fake gun to intimidate in case he needs to create distance between him and the person entering. But, he can't use the sword properly. He had to get creative. He needed something else to surprise attack someone. Al looked around.

Bottles, bottles, glass. He could attack with bottles, but that would just result in him getting beaten up. He can't fistfight anyone.

Then, his eyes stared at the trash can. Oh.

Alessio saw what plastic bags could do in crime movies or thrillers. He was not sure whether he should even try it, as it seemed really...strange.

He grabbed the trash can, his arm already hurt from grabbing it, then pulled out the garbage bag to emit the trash to the floor of the counter.

Now he had an empty garbage bag in his hand, while sitting under the counter.

No mercy.
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Okay, someone walked it. Count to ten.



No, faster, eightsevensixfivefourthreetwoone, now!

He slowly lurked his head above the counter to see who was there. Hands still hidden. It was Hannah, from the warehouse, but she was not in range yet.

He had either to get her to him, or get to her. But that'd require him to climb above the counter, and by the time that happened, she would be already gone.

"Hannah, believe me that I'm not a serial killer like Danya always says."

Fuck it, she would never go to him. He was beaten-up in the face, smelled like shit and blood was on his shirt and he had his hands suspiciously hidden as if he had a shotgun behind the counter. There many reasons not to go to him.

So he had to run. He had to run as if his life depends on it. Don't hesistate anymore, don't think, just do it before she can pull out a weapon.

He climbed above the counter and had a tunnel vision on Hannah as he ran to her with the garbage bag. Hannah could run away, that was expected, but Alessio would have endurance. He was strong. He had the will to live. He would get her, eventually.
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She did not run away. In fact, she stood there and used her 2x4 as it was a baseball bat, except that she was a bad baseball player that also threw the bat away. In his face.

Alessio could feel his nose bleeding, but he shouldn't stop attacking. Be more offensive. She now had no weapon.

Yes, his nose hurt much now, his head hurt, he used his shirt to swipe off the blood from the nose, but he was not going to die from that. He was not going to die from nosebleeding. He should drink much after finishing this job, he kept that in mind. But it was more likely that he died from the bullet in his arm than the nosebleed.

After regaining balance and focus, he stepped the last few meters to Hannah to try to put the plastic bag on her head. Stretching his arm to try to put it on her head was fucking painful.
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Okay, he got her. However, she (obviously) was resisting. He couldn't put the bag down her head yet. And she hit him with the foot.

Adrenaline rushed through Alessio's body as it was Junko's body. Panic and struggle were in Alessio's mind, until Hannah's body showed weakness.

She fell. That made things easier. He quickly grabbed the bag, trying to adjust it, adjust it some more until it was completely over her head.

After that, Alessio had the upper hand.

He tried to strangle her, let it end faster. Tighten it. Let no air come through. Choke.

Yes. That was a fucked up way to kill. But perhaps it would give him the best kill award these other killers had the past days. Perhaps it was worth it.

Perhaps he will win.

Instead of losing. So much blood and energy. His arm ached, his nose bled. He felt terrible.

Alessio really, really, really was glad that he could not see her face behind the non-transparent bag. He did not want to see her face. He really did not want to know how it looks like, how it feels like to get no air, to be brutally murdered. He just wants this struggle to end.
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She was dead.

She was dead.

Alessio killed another person.

It was cruel and it felt wrong. But it was the right thing to do. It was better to do that than doing nothing and waiting to die. If he'd choose the other path, the path of not killing, he could kill himself to finish it, to get it over. But he did not want to kill himself. He was too scared of death. He did not want to die. He wants to experience happiness again, just like prior the abduction. He does not want to face death.

He does not want to be killed. There were possibly many ways to die. Alessio never wants to be the one who experiences it from the side of the victim. Just from the side of the killer. He should not think about being Hannah. He should never think about being Hannah. No empathy. Empathy hurts. He should never think about having a pickaxe rammed into his stomach, he should never think about asphyxiating, he should never think about bleeding out, he should never think about bleeding from everywhere.

But by not thinking about it, he thought about it. He looked at his bandage and worried. Extremely. He could die from this.

His arm hurt. He relaxed it. Then, looked over Hannah's body. She had nothing. The only weapon she had was the 2x4. He could still feel the blood flowing out of his nose. He swiped it again and hoped it would stop soon. He just needs to breathe with his mouth, that's all.

He left with his bag and sword. He couldn't invite anyone here when there's a corpse with a bag on its head lying on the floor.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Halfway Home))
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