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Rear-End Collision; (Private)
Topic Started: Apr 4 2017, 04:37 AM (1,300 Views)
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((Dot entered this sad dream.))

The concept of being a monster scared Dot.

She killed Iz out of spite. To get her revenge, to kill the one that killed a friend. Nothing heroic about it. Perhaps it was, in a way, but really she just did it out of anger. The worst part: she didn't feel bad. If she felt bad, it could be reassuring. She would know that she did something bad and had a conscience, something that Iz didn't have. She left her head behind. Maybe she should have kept it to crush it some more.

She tried to feel bad, to think about her parents. They would cry when they see their daughter die, right? Especially if it their only daughter and they had big hopes for her, maybe they had a college fund or something like that. All that money went down to the drain when three girls (and a dead guy) kill their baby. That was suppose to make her sad.

She only felt a weird feeling of emptiness.

She was back at the dorm. Where she tased Al, robbed him, used the weapon to kill Iz then lost the weapon. If she were watching a YouTube video and that was the plot of a skit, she'd laugh. It was grim and the opposite of happy but it was ironic. Was it really ironic? She wasn't sure anymore.

The first time she was there, she was ambushed and fought back. She tased someone out of self-defense and picked up a weapon. She bit her lips, lightning wouldn't strike twice, right? Lightning could strike twice at the same place but Dorothy didn't know about that.

She also didn't know that the projectile used by a crossbow was called a bolt. The thing she had been calling an arrow for a while was sticking out of a body. A girl's body.

Jae did that. She smiled. She probably had it coming. One way or the other, had it coming and deserved to get skewered. She raised her eyes from the corpse and there was someone that wasn't Jae. Someone else. Another girl. She had a horrible thought. Perhaps she did it after killing Jae and taking his crossbow and shooting someone else.

Two kills. That's more than Dorothy had. Did that make her a worse monster than her?

She called out to the girl,


There was a sight glee in her voice and a small smile drew itself on her lips. She waved at her, still beaming.

"I'm Dorothy, you can call me Dot though! What's your name?"
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Oh, Jae was alive. Therefore, Em didn't kill anybody. Boring. This meant she was nothing more than a weakling who didn't get her ticket to go home.

She thought about it. The people who already killed were the threats she had to fear, it was the people who had killed no-one that she had to be scared of.

They didn't have to one-way ticket to head by home. Lucky for them, there were still a bunch of people that needed to die for one to go back home.

As horrible as it sound, perhaps it was the class president that was the biggest threat in the room: the most unpredictable one. That titled used to go to Dot, hands down. Nobody expected her to kill Iz. Most people must have seen her an easy kill, a girl that scrapped by due to her friends and luck.

They were wrong. She had a chance to win just because of one kill. She smiled again. She could go back home, it was an interesting concept.

She shook her head, letting the smoke that built up in her brain escape through her ears. Her mind wasn't clouded anymore. She saw clear and said it all.

"Okay so it goes a little like this! So like I was searching for Lucilly in the asylum and like I heard gun shots and all so I went to investigate. There, I found Iz so I stabbed her in the back. I was like one of the last person to hurt her so I didn't see everything but she was like mangled."

She continued.

"Then like I tased her when he was on the ground and, like, you know those things were like in science? They are steam-water-volcano thingy. Like, hum, geyser of blood! Yup it was that and she liked spat it everywhere. Kinda gross if you ask me, heh."

What else happened after? She bit her lips and crossed her arms.

"Oh and I cut the bitch's head off."

She smiled as if she said a joke she was the only one to understand.

"It's on the shoreline or whatever. I left it there after someone tried to gun me down, that sucked bee-tee-double-u."

She scratched her nose and she realized her fingers were caked in blood. Oh, so that's why it tasted like copper when she bit her nails.

"Oh and I got in a fight in the cafeteria but I am not sure if it was a dream or not so take that with a pinch of salt."

Dot started to sway her arms softly, her blade grazing her thigh. She felt restless and wanted to be reckless. She wanted to do something dumb and end that feeling of emptiness.

"So, Jae. I'm going to assume you killed the girl since you are still alive. She had it coming or...?"
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Dot was never really interested in dancing or things like that. Heck, she even skipped the school's dance just to be a creep on Facebook. Kinda, she had other plans but her dad was in the way. She would love to go back in time, if only she had a time machine or superpowers. Maybe she could put more time in things that really mattered like that essay she half-assed or maybe not going on the school trip.

Like a choreographed dance, she raised her arm after Em's raised her. She cocked her head to the side, letting her pigtails sway softly on her shoulders. Her taser was pointed at Em. It wouldn't be the first person she would tase. And probably not the last one, but she didn't want to. Emma wasn't Al or Lucilly. She didn't scared her and reflexly pulled trigger.

No, in this case, Dorothy was the attacker, kinda. Even though Emma raised her sword, it was perhaps part of their choreography or she just had a spasm or something. Dot still her taser and pointed Em's body, her chest.

Dot, feeling like a copycat, mimicked, Emma. She didn't to make it sound like a parody of the girl, but it probably sounded that way due to her poor imitating skills.


Then Dot parroted her again,

"What the hell?"

Dot's giggle started softly, it was coming from her throat. It was inside of her mouth, bouncing on the fleshy walls, trying to find a way out of Dorothy. Then, it started to escape her mouth, echoing in the room. It kept getting louder and louder. Her cheeks hurt from her smiling and her sides was begging to her to stop.

Dorothy forced herself to stop, smothering her breath, sounding also pained she had to stop.

"I forgot you two were related. Eh. I think you should leave."

She tapped her right foot on the ground several, she felt impatient. Emma was getting on her nerve. Acting all so nice and all of that bullshit. She survived until day fucking seven. You don't get there by being nice or by being loving. Dot hated Emma. She hated everything about her. Her family, her friends, her life, she wanted her dead.

Dot didn't know where that anger came from. Perhaps she was just tired or maybe it was the malefic aura of the island that damaged her psyche or just she was irritable because of stress and how dirty she was. She settled on all of the above.

"I think you should leave before you do something dumb and I have to choke you on your own guts."
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((Godmodding of the vampire freak approved by Zee))

Jae and Dot both stared at Emma as she escaped the room. Was escaping the right word? Kinda but she wasn't in any danger apart from Dot's vague threat of forcing her to eat her guts. They watched her running away from the room, with the sword that seemed too heavy and too big her to carry. Their stare both lingered on the exit. As if they were a movie that had been rewinded, their body turned toward each other. They had eye contact for a second then Dot looked at her taser.

Dot had her taser pointed toward Emma the whole time and it was now pointing toward Jae. If she wanted to, she could pull the trigger and ruin Jae's day. She could score another kill, stabbing Jae and getting herself a nifty crossbow. She didn't want that to happen, though, but she wasn't sure why.

Jae wasn't her friend and it was obvious he didn't like her. Or if he did, he kept it hidden very well. The opposite was also true. Dorothy didn't like Jae. She found him annoying and kinda dramatic. Yet, they didn't murder each other. Jae didn't kill Dot when he had the opportunity and the vice-versa.

Jae's arm was barely raised. He still had his crossbow, and he could, if he wanted, raised his arm a little bit higher and mirror Dot. It took a second or two for Dot to realize she was pointing her taser toward Jae. Blood started to flow inside of Dot's cheek, realizing she was targeting Jae. She lowered her arm and looked away, back to the door. She wondered what was Emma doing now. She was obviously running, maybe out of breath and scared they followed her.

Dot wished she could have told something else before Emma ran. She didn't know why but she wanted to apologize.

She raised her sight again, staring back at Jae.


She squeezed her bag to her side, gently opened it and shoved her taser inside the bag. She saw Asha's flower and Lucilly's mag. Was she respecting their memories. Lucilly wasn't really her friend before but she enjoyed spending time with her but it was robbed away by Isabel. Asha was her friend before all of this, but they weren't that close. They both grew closer and Dot would have died for her. However, the opposite happened, she died and Dot lived.

She shook her head, trying to get the images of Asha's corpse away from her mind but they stayed there. She wondered if Asha was approving her action. Dot guessed that Asha wasn't.

A silence settled in the room. An awful, cold one. There wasn't any sort of tension but it was obvious something bad could happen. Dot decided to initiate something so she started pouting and crossed her arms on her chest.

"Don't tell me to shut up ever again."

Jae took a step back, as if Dot slapped him. He knew about Dorothy's lack of childish temper and inability to take a situation seriously, but the fact she was standing in a girl's blood and acting like a spoiled child was a surprise to Jae. Jae reacted the best he could: coldly.

"Shut up, Dot."

((Dot and Jae left.))
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