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We Are Monsters; Day 7; before the announcements (Open!)
Topic Started: Apr 2 2017, 05:45 PM (688 Views)
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((Jonathan Gulley continued from Let it Happen ))

Jonathan hobbled along just outside the shore, creeping along in the tree lines.

As he moved closer to the shore, he saw silhouettes in the distance. He moved closer and realized he recognized them.

He recognized HIM.

He didn't step any closer, not yet.

He could shoot Brendan from here, maybe. If he had a rifle it would probably be easier. He wasn't too sure if he could do it with the revolver or not.

He contemplated just walking down there and doing it point blank, and letting whatever happens next happen.

He contemplated just opening fire on them right then and there, not caring who he hit or missed.

He contemplated shooting at Brendan, then leaving. If it didn't work that time, he could try again later.

He contemplated just blowing his own brains out onto Brendan just so he knew how he really felt.

Jonathan Gulley stared out at the group from the trees. That's all he did.

He stood, and he stared.
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Jon watched the group below.

What would he do?

What else could he do?

He... after everything he did. Why'd it have to be so hard. It wasn't hard to shoot Al like that, to just drop him. Why was he having troubles now?

Do it! Pull the trigger, shoot him already!

Jon stared at the reflective metal of the revolver. He stared at the form in the distance, the one he chose.

Pull the trigger. Do it now!

End it. End him.

What in the fuck was he doing.

Jon lowered the gun and turned around, trudging back behind the trees. He sat down, he had to take off the mask, it was choking him. He needed fresh air.

His hands grasped at the nylon wrapping around his head, peeling it off. He felt sick, he leaned to the side and wretched.

Nothing but spit and stomach pains came out.

This was fucked up, he was fucked up! He couldn't do this... He should just go down there, just... talk to him.

He hadn't talked to anyone in a whole day, and he was already losing it.

God, what would Michael think? Barry?

Yeah, he should... he had to just... Talk.

Just talk.

He grabbed the mask and the gun.

That's what he'd do then, he'd go down there, and he'd talk.

He turned back around and walked past the tree he was hiding behind.

Then he saw her.

The girl who tried to jump him, the one who was playing the bait game with Al. The one with the severed head.

She was with Brendan.

The realization hit him like the floor when Alex caught him. It didn't matter what he tried to rationalize, it didn't matter that he tried to help. No matter which way he looked at it, Brendan was with people who tried to hurt him. Brendan helped the people who killed so many others.

Brendan was one of them now, and the only way to really win this was to be like him. If Jon really wanted a chance to change things...

Jon would have to be one of them.

Jon put the mask back on.

He raised the revolver.

He fired.
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(( Also posting ahead due to thread raisins))

It had to be this.


After everything he's done, Brendan's found some way to sabotage it, ruin it.


There wasn't a chance to escape, not anymore.


Not like it mattered, anyone who deserved to escape was dead anyways, everyone else was already killers right?


Can't blame them, it's how they lived to get this far. Might as well start now. Maybe he could still change something if he won?

He lined up his sights, Brendan was getting closer. He dodged around the last bullets, or Jon simply wasn't that good of a shot.

He couldn't miss this one.



Brendan moved his way up towards the tree lines, Jon turned around almost immediately.

Shit he forgot to reload after shooting Al, fucking damnit!

Jon juked left and right through trees. As he was sprinting, he reached into his bag and pulled out some more ammo for the revolv--


Ears ringing, Jon smashed into the ground. Bullets clattered to the ground.

You fucking idiot you ran into a tree!

Jon regained his grip on the revolver and looked around for the bullets. Maybe he had time to reload, he could put em in and end this shit right here and now.

He scrambled, picking up each bullet he could.

He only got to four before Brendan appeared in view.

He heard Brendan yell at him before he decided to get up and sprint off again.

He couldn't reload here, Brendan wouldn't give him the chance, and he couldn't use the machete here, otherwise another Alex situation would happen, or Brendan's group would show up to help.

They weren't with him yet...

As Jon sprinted off, he took quick looks behind him to see if Brendan was still there.

He was.

He was also alone.

Maybe Jon might get him after all.

(( Jonathan Gulley continued elsewhere.))
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