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We Are Monsters; Day 7; before the announcements (Open!)
Topic Started: Apr 2 2017, 05:45 PM (685 Views)
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((Dot continued her dream journey here.))

Sleeping on the island was an issue. It was a necessary need but it was so hard to get the required amount every night due to the setting. She would kill for a bed and a place where it is safe. Just somewhere where she could close her eyes and not jump at every noise coming from the darkness.

Yesterday was the hardest. Sleeping alone, curled up in a corner with her taser and knife in her hands was not good. She woke up several time when she felt the tip of her blade penetrating her thigh. She wondered if her vaccine against tetanus was still active.

Seven days on the island and the lack-of sleep was getting to her brain. It felt a hazy fog in her vision, forcing her to close her eyes to regain composure. She jabbed herself on her arm to stay awake.

Her eyes wouldn't open so she sent her fist flying once again on her left hand. She kept muttering to herself to wake up, to stay awake, to get moving, to stop crouching.

She pressed her blade against her left hand and threaten herself.

"Get going or I'll cut this finger off."

Her body didn't move.


Dot pressed a little harder, pushing the teeth of her blade against her skin.


Her body was frozen.


Her body was thawing. Like a bug awakening in Spring, it started to scramble and to shake to remove the frost out of its body.


She walked around. Not going anywhere. She had no aim until she would hear the announcement. There was no point into finding a place to rest only for it to become a forbidden zone by the cruel terrorists.

She heard voice and she immediately crouched. One of the person speaking was unknown, the other was someone familiar.


She slammed her hands against her mouth. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.
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Dot carefully stepped in the direction of Brendan, doing her best to hide Iz's head behind her. One hand behind her and the other with a taser ready to shoot.

She bit her lips. She didn't want to think about but will Brendan try to kill her?

He killed Bernadette, he killed a mutual friend from art club, does this mean he will try to kill her too? Ty was probably angry at Brendan. A part of her thought about it and she wondered how he reacted when he heard about her death. Maybe he was like Dot when she heard Lucilly's name and started to weep or maybe he will be like Dot when he finds Brendan and tears him apart limbs by limbs.

She thought about herself too. She killed someone who killed her friend. She stabbed Iz because she killed Asha, does that mean that Dot will have to stab Brendan because he killed Bernadette? A part of her was resentful, a part that wanted to put down Brendan, to stop him from killing a friend.

If she killed him, wouldn't that mean she would need to kill herself for Brendan to receive justice.

Mental olympics were never her forte and she didn't like thinking about her friend like that. If she had to kill him, she would. She would stab him or tase him and get his weapons and search for Jae.

Oh, about him. She wondered where he was. Probably still at the cabin with the androgynous person or maybe he left them to find Dot. What really caused a problem however was the relationship that Brendan and Jae had.

She remembered when he saw Brendan for the first time on the island, how Jae was threatening him with a crossbow. They couldn't cooperate or get along. Dot had to choose one and stick to them. Brendan would probably be more forgiving than Jae but she wasn't sure about that. Perhaps it was a fight gone wrong and Brendan knew that there would be no consequence if he killed Bernie.

She was sure of something: Brendan couldn't be trust. Well, kinda. She could trust him but she would need to keep ah eye on him. If he were to do anything fishy, a quick tase me shot and then she'd run.

Yep, that's what she's going to do. Still hiding Iz's skull behind her, she confirmed her presence.

"Yup, thats me. I'm a bit... bloody so don't freak out, okay? I'm going to walk toward your voice, don't be scared."

She realized the tone she was using was bad. As if she was talking to a dog that attacked a kid or something and she had to come near it and try to deal with the problem.
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Dot, for the first time of the island, genuinely feared for her life. The other times, she was just scared. This time, someone shot at her. A stray bullet could have hit the side of her skull, vomiting blood and brain on the side, adding a kill to the shooter.

She defended herself, in a way. When she heard the gun shots, she crouched. Dropping Iz's head and her taser but covering her head with her arms. She wondered if she was the target or if it was Brendan and his friend. She felt guilty thinking about it but it was probably her friend that was the target.

The shooter could have been Ty. He could have been the one shooting at them. If it was him that shot at them, she hoped Brendan knew what would this mean. He shouldn't beg for mercy when he confronted him, but for a quick death. At best, Ty would shoot Brendan in the chest a couple of time then landing a bulet inside of Dot's head and the other boy too. At the worst, Ty would tear Brendan limbs by limbs then whack her with his limbs until she died.

However, against all odds, it didn't happen. The person she assumed to be Ty ran away.

Something else that surprised Dot was Brendan's reaction. He could have just left too. Well, he did that but he went for the shooter. Was he trying to be the good guy? Nobody on the island could be a good guy as long as there were more than one person alive.

The second that two lives coexisted here, it became a war.

A battle for survival until a single student won.

Brendan, of all things, didn't do something selfish. Perhaps she was wrong about him, maybe he wasn't so bad. He did kill Bernie but maybe she had it coming. Maybe the same way that Iz deserved to die after she killed Asha. She bit her lips. She tried to remember her before all of this but nothing could come up. Like a dry spell during an exam, her mind was empty.

She realized her life because a before-and-after. Like the people who lost their legs in an accident. These people had lives before they lost their limb but it totally changed when they lost them. Their lives were before-and-after's.

That was the thing that was happening to her. Her life before SotF was normal. She lived a boring life. Kept a boring diary and a boring Tumblr blog. She studied boring school stuff. She hated every single seconds of it but she didn't know it, yet. She enjoyed those boring things. Boring biology, boring Internet, boring mom, boring college plan, boring everything.

When she landed on the island, it changed. Everything change. She learned things about her. How she hated her life before all of this, who she was, the person she had become was much more interesting. That "after" Dorothy was a survivor. She killed someone. She cut her head off. She carried a taser and a knife, and she knew damn well that she could kill again. She was something so much more... fun. It wasn't the right word.

This whole thing wasn't fun or amusing or anything like that. It was horrible. But the "before" Dorothy was worse. She never complained, never spoke loudly, never screamed or swore. She became someone who was free despite having her wings cut off by a collar around her neck.

She opened her eyes. They were gone. The boy, Brendan and the shooter, all left. She reached out for her taser and stared at Iz's head, leaving it propped up on a rock.

"You know, I wonder if we could have been friends if we had a second chance," she said to the head, "I'd probably hate you anyways but I would probably not cut your head off."


She understood what she was.

She had became a monster.

((Dorothy went to Hell!))
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