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V6 Alignment Thread - Slightly Before The Halfway Point Is Still Basically The Halfway Point Edition
Topic Started: Mar 12 2017, 06:01 PM (1,622 Views)
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Benjamin Lichter is Lawful Evil at the moment that I write this. At least I think so - arguments could be made that he no longer qualifies for Lawful, or that his consideration of his actions towards people he doesn't know but is face to face with isn't just out of Lawful adhersion to a moral code or a bid to lessen his loneliness (his treatment of Barry's corpse could be given as an example of that). Nevertheless, I think my choice is the best suited (for now). He has a rather strict moral code that, even through grappling with it, failing to uphold and being understanding of other people not complying with parts of it, he still tries to uphold as best he can, which is why I place him in Lawful. I call him Evil because despite his current loneliness and great empathy towards people he considers friends, he has distanced himself emotionally from all the victims on the announcements he doesn't know and is quite willing to leave the other students (except, at this moment, Maxim Kehlenbrink) to the wolves by avoiding all of them for the sake of surviving (and all that entails).

Staying in his head, the thing I have been calling "the voice" is Neutral Evil, wanting Ben to do anything and everything that would assure their survival, though for a particular and hinted at goal.
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Keith Rogers - You'll find him out with his gang.

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