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V6 Alignment Thread - Slightly Before The Halfway Point Is Still Basically The Halfway Point Edition
Topic Started: Mar 12 2017, 06:01 PM (1,621 Views)
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I was hesitant to post here cuz I'm not super familiar with DnD alignments, but this is mostly for fun anyways *shrug*

Alan Banks was Chaotic Evil at the end of his time under me. He was chaotic neutral at first, and I considered putting him in that alignment still, but when I relinquished him he'd more or less converted to a mindset of spreading chaos for his personal sake, rather than for chaos's sake.

Asuka Takahara is a lot tougher, but I'd peg her as True Neutral. I can make arguments for Neutral Good, True Neutral, and Neutral Evil--NG because she's pretty strongly committed to maximizing happiness, NE because her conception of 'making other people happy' is really really warped, and TN because despite all that she's too spineless and out of it to actually put any of it into practice. So I defaulted to TN, and will remain there if alignment describes behavior and not outlook/personality/mindset--if it's the other way, I'll have to think harder into this.
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