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V6 Alignment Thread - Slightly Before The Halfway Point Is Still Basically The Halfway Point Edition
Topic Started: Mar 12 2017, 06:01 PM (1,592 Views)
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Mr. Danya
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Nate Turner: Lawful Good - Follows a strict moral code and cares deeply about people around him. Has put his own life on the line to try and save people who have blood on their hands, and often reflects on his Methodist upbringing to try and make sense of things.

Vanessa Stone: Chaotic Good - Vanessa was a close call between neutral and good. Although she's currently primarily driven by the rather morally iffy subject of revenge, most of her actions so far have been quite benevolent without any real reason (helping Jae and Nancy being the standout), and she hasn't shown a particular interest in getting violent (no thanks to the Kaitlyn team up, after all). She could easily tip over into neutral if she starts jumping off a slippery slope, though.

Sandy Bricks: - True Neutral - You might argue neutral evil, but ultimately Sandy just wanted to be left alone and cracked under a stressful situation where a lot of people acted threateningly towards him. Jasmine was an accident (though one that was easily avoidable), and the attempt on Nancy's life was in self-defence, so I just don't feel there's enough to label him as evil.
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V6 Amigos - Spoilers!

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