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All I Have To Do Is Dream; Open
Topic Started: Mar 11 2017, 02:44 PM (267 Views)
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((Alessio Rigano continued from Wait, don't be hasty))

The next trap was simple. You walk through the dormitories, search the rooms, find a gun lying on the floor of a dorm room (who doesn't want a gun in this situation?), pick it up and before you can react you're attacked from behind by Alessio. Then you die or something.

That's the plan.

Al still did not know how to kill with the sword in an efficient way, because it seemed like you need to brutally stab someone to die. That could turn out to be dangerous, but people who desperately want a gun probably have no way to hurt Alessio, when surprised. Perhaps they do, when they have enough time to react to his attack. He should not hesitate. He probably will, though.

The sword not being able to kill faster is an issue for both Al and the victim, thinking about that. Al couldn't recall having killed someone fast. It takes some time to die. Did it make a difference for the victim? Definitely. It is more painful than just dying and being freed from the pain. But could he do something about it? No. If Al dies, he wants to die fast, though. Either way, he should strike the visitors of this room and hit them hard. And he should not hesistate. Perhaps he will, but that's not something he can stop. He's a guy who thinks much. But after thinking, he should strike. Kill them or something.

That's the plan.

Alessio wasn't proud of it, but it will do. Using his fake gun as a bait so people will go into the room and he can appear from behind, having hidden behind the door, will do. It will lead to deaths. It will lead to supplies.

But quite honestly, he was tired and sick. Of this. Of all of this. This survival game. He thought it lasted too long two days ago, but today it was even longer.

It was monday, the announcements had announced. It was monday again. It was monday, and nothing had improved. He was sick of this. He didn't want to do anything. He wanted to die. But he was too afraid to. He wants to go home, but he was too weak to. He couldn't come home. He will never come home while an Isabel is armed and kills people, also wanting to go home. He will not outlive the other people here. If other people could survive until today, why would Al be able to outlive them?

He wants to go home, go to school, sleep without being afraid of dying, eat, without being afraid of dying, walk, without being afraid of dying.

Alessio felt like he felt on the first day. He wanted to lie around, do nothing, ignore anything, ignore the fact that he's going to get killed in some hours. But he had hopes. Hopes of a new life.

Hopes of a lonely life.

The night was lonely for Al, too. Another night he did not sleep much. He wandered, sat down, slept a bit, woke up, walked, waited, saw the smoke coming from the library, listened to the PSA regarding the fire, waited until the sun came out again, then waited for the announcement, then walked to the dorm room and slept a bit, but woke up, came up with the idea of using the gun as a bait to surprise people. Then, he waited behind the door, waiting patiently. Thought about everything.

Patience. That's what he learned here. Patience sucked, it was torture, but perhaps he would be better if he was more patient. He had to be patient, learn to be patient. An adult was patient, Alessio was not patient on the island. He was not patient at all. He just wants to get out. Immediately.

That was not going to happen. God, it was monday. He wants to get out of here, just leave now. His head felt heavy from these thoughts letting his nervousness spread.

His thoughts drifted. Distract from the island. But it drifted again.

Silly thoughts, like that he thought that murdering was bad, but that killing was kinda natural. In some way, it was natural. Murdering was bad for sure, though, perhaps killing was bad as well. He did not know. His cats kill. Animals kill. Humans kill. Yes, cats and tigers killed...but they don't kill their families and friends. He discarded these thoughts, though, because it did not matter what he was doing was right or wrong, because the outcome would be the same. He either dies or gets die'd. He cannot compare this situation with any other situation. He was in a hypothetical moral dilemma of a philosopher. He was in some silly ultimatum, where there were just two options, both outcomes not being nice. Becoming a murderer to live? That's an ultimatum many people would choose. Some people wouldn't. Abby wouldn't. She believed in afterlife, probably, she would've never been an harmful soul.

There was a thought that the terrorists wouldn't even release them once they killed everyone, but kill him, too, just for the sake of terrorism. But that thought let his stomache hurt.

Another thought he thought about was, that he could be hunted. Alvaro, Nancy are dead. He could be hunted, too. It felt weird that Alvaro was dead. Not only because he remembered him from the cafe and that he would never be able to play chess with him again. Not only because Alvaro, as a person, with his feelings, with his experience, with his big chess brain, was gone. It also felt weird, because Alvaro saved Al from Michael. If the two of them would've sticked together, Al didn't know what would've happened.

Alvaro was a good guy, he had a gun, but did not kill everyone he encountered, otherwise Mike, Maria and Al would be dead. So he probably was killed by someone who wanted to kill him. Well, Mike and Maria were now dead, too, so the outcome would've been the same.

But Al was a killer now, too. He couldn't trust people. The more people he kills, the less people can trust him.

Then, he thought about how long it took for a human to be raised. Here are 17 and 18 year old students. It took 18 years for the parents, environment and friends to form a personality, a person, a character, but now, in these five days...This island kills a lot of humans. It just takes a minute to let seventeen years go away. Away it will go. It felt like the terrorists were felling trees. Trees that were hundred of years old, just gone in a day.

Alessio wished there was another way, to let the people live on, that their memories can be captured, that they could live on, but there was no way. Alessio could only wish that this terror ends soon.

It was conflicting that he should kill, should be the one to let the game end faster. Imagine him not being there. Four people would've been alive today. Four more people would be required for the game to end.

But that did not excuse that he killed futures. He killed dreams. Everybody had dreams. Everybody. Al wanted to become a rock star, a vetenerian. Cam also had a dream. But he crushed it. With every move he'd make, he will crush futures, he will crush the dreams of everyone.

He killed Cameron's dream of becoming a superstar. He killed Henry's future, his future where he could explore the world, experience more stuff, gather more information he can save in his superbrain. Maria will never be able to cook again, or party again. The terrorists destroyed their futures, too, yes, they were the reason they died, but Alessio...Alessio...was the person. He was the one who decided that they will not be the one survivor. He realised that he was an individual who chose who would survive and who would not. This relevation was shocking for him. He never looked it at that way. They all had a chance of being the one. They all had the chance of being the one surviving. There could have been the chance that if Al had not killed them, that no one else would have killed them either.

Alessio felt guilt. He waited too long behind the door. He had too much time to think.

Fucking hell, somebody just come in now.
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((Dot's dream continued.))


She voluntary mispronounced the girl's name. She found it cute. Lilly was such a cute name, it reminded her of a flower and it was neat. Was Lilly spelt with only one ''l'' though? She questioned herself. Lucilly's name was spelt with two ''l''s but her name wasn't Lilly.

Wasn't that a bit comparing oranges and apples?

Dorothy had walked quite a bit. They must have been seperated when she had to go use the bathroom and forgot her way. She screamed her name but there was no responses. Nothing but the wind, quietly musing about the girl.

''Lucilly! Where are yoooooouuuuu?''

Maybe yelling wasn't a good idea, it could probably attract unwanted people. Like Iz or Kimiko or someone like that. But she still yelled. Lucilly must be near, they weren't that far away. She saw some corpses on the way to the building. She wondered if she could avoid them in the future, seeing them made her feel closing to death every seconds she laid her eyes on them.

''I won't tase you again! I swear!''

She giggled.

''Seriously though, where are you?''

She started to think about the announcement. One of her enemies were dead, Michael, and one of her numerous bordeline rivals killed him, Alex. Michael had threaten her and she couldn't care less about him now. He probably had it coming, probably starting screaming insults of something dumb and got his ass handed to him back. She just hoped it was painless.

Hopefully, he was on a little cloud, screaming at angels or whatevers and doing something he loved. She wasn't sure what to think of it, to be honest.

Iz did it again. Twice. Killed another Luz - she wondered how many of them were still alive, they kept showing up in the announcements - and killed a girl named Astrid by blinding her. The possible identity of Iz follower was also revealed, Lily something. She wondered if her name was spelt with two ''l''s. She may just ask her if she meets her. Before she tases her or after even. Either way, she was going to find if it was spelt Lilly or Lily. Or even Lili. That was kinda cute too.


Nancy Kyle also died and Kimiko killed her. She should also thank Kimiko before tasing her for putting Nancy out of her misery. She wasn't doing too well. She wondered what was Kimiko's weapon. Maybe it was something like a knife. She needed one back. Asha took hers and it was gone, she needed it back!

The place where there was the fire became the danger zone. Aw that sucked, she wanted to go check out the ashes or the firefighters. She bit the inside of her lips, thinking about the blaze. Hopefully when she met up with Lucilly, they could go check it out from a distance that was deemed acceptable by the terrorists.

''Lu! Cil! Ly!''

She walked past the building she was targetting so she slowly walked backward.


She opened the door to what appeared to be the kitchen. The place looked like a mess. She kicked a chair. Then another one. Then the first one. She giggled. She stomped the chair that was on the floor and kicked it again. Her workout for the day being done, she walked in the building. Searching for her friend.

''Lucilly! If you aren't there, I'll go find a boat and get out of the island without you!''

She was obviously not there. Well, that was worthless. Maybe she was like at the chapel or something. That was also a place of interest, especially for Lucilly. Wasn't she like super religious? She wasn't sure, she knew her vocabulary was like out of this world but did that make her religious. Or was it because she was a moron? Since when that was a religion, anyways.

Then something caught her eyes. A gun. Laying there. On the ground. Right there.

A part of her wanted to jump on it and keep it for herself but another part of her was reminded of her trigger happy self. If she had a gun instead of a taser, she would have killed Lucilly and she would have been dead. She would be on the announcement with a kill she didn't want to be on the announcement. The only times she would be on the announcement were right before the end and when she killed Iz. Those were the only two times. Not more.

Something felt off about it, though. Where was the corpse that went along it? If there was a weapon, there must have been a corpse.

That's how it worked.

Weapons were left beside corpses.

That was like the ''1 + 1 = 2'' of the island. Unless someone ditched it, but who would do that. Nobody in their right mind unless they were done or whatever and killed themselves.

But wouldn't be a gun a faster and more efficient way than stabbing yourself in the throat or whatever.

Then she realized what it was. Someone must be here too, either using the bathroom or hiding under the bed when they heard Dot's screaming. Oh no, she didn't want to scare anyone unless they were Iz. She wanted her to be afraid because she was coming for her.

In their haste, the person must have dropped their gun and hid somewhere. Unless they were Iz, and it wasn't her since she didn't anyone by shooting them, she didn't want them to be feeling bad.

''Hey, I'm sorry for like entering your place! I mean, I don't think I'll tase you! I'll just leave! And quietly! Don't worry! Have a nice day! Unless you are Iz, I hope you choke on your guts, bitch.''
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Steps. A voice. Alessio breathed. And that girl did not step in yet.

She knew that he was here. She felt his presence. She was talking to him. No chance to surprise her. But she didn't know where he was.

He just needs some time. Just some time. Just some time before he attacks. He was going to do it. Kill the girl. The voice was familiar. But who it was not important. He was afraid of failing, dying.

He leaned against the wall, sword ready in hand, ready to strike. He needs to mentally prepare.

In ten seconds, in ten seconds, he's going to strike.

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Nothing? Nothing.

She stepped forward, cluthing her bag and taser.

Breathing. She heard breathing.

She felt breathing down her neck.

She smelled the breathing down her throat.

She slowly turn around









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The person stepping in turned around. Trembled lips, red eyes shot wide open, face looked like she stared at a zombie.

Lucilly was in front of him.

No, Lucilly was the name she shouted. Her name was. Unimportant.

Asha. Michael. Chapel. That was the girl. Now he was bloodier. Now he was a known killer, not a presumed one. Explains her shock.

He stared at her, considered sliding forward, but that second it was just a consideration.

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Dorothy tried to step backward.

But she tumbled on her own feet, she didn't know how she did it. Her heel connected to her ankle or something. She fell backward on her butt right in her front of his sword.

She could see herself in the reflection. Her distorted face was shaking.

Was it from fear? What is from stress? Was it from happiness?

She didn't know.

She did know who it was in front of her. The boy at the chapel she mouthed off after he walked in with a bloodied pickaxe.

That was bad.

She swallowed, staring at the face of the monster.


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Now the consideration turned to an action. He slid forward, Dorothy fell, Alessio could move his sword forward.

Alessio took a deep breath. He was prepared.


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The timer above their head was lowering. Getting ever so closer to zero. Getting closer and closer on the ending, closer to the sword splitting Dot's head in half.


She wondered what sound it would made. Like an apple you cut or like a juicy fruit's inside splash everywhere when took a bite in it. She wondered how it would smell. Meaty, obviously. Like a raw steak or something. She always ate her steaks cooked perfectly, she hated the taste of copper in her mouth. She shouldn't really be a reference to know how raw steak smelled like because she actively avoided it.


It would look horrible too. The brain would probably fall on its side. Crumpling like a tree that was half-cut with its little branches crashing down. Her brain wasn't a tree though. She wondered if she would see it fall. Like if it would just plop on her forehead or roll away. Gross.

Maybe if she was to be stabbed in her guts, she'd them fall. Those things weren't supposed to be touched by sunlight. Dot was glad to be inside somewhere because she wouldn't want someone to see her exposed like that and the smell of her organs cooked by the sunlight would be too much.


Enough dark imagery for the day, she thought. She took action. To avoid the incoming blow, she slammed her back against the floor, getting away from the arc of the sword. She hoped it would be enough to dodge the sword.


With a quick hand, she raised her taser. She squeezed the trigger, aiming for the chest of the boy.


The boy was about to swing the blade when the jolt touched him. Dot smiled slightly. She wondered how it felt to have electricity running through your body as your were a wire.


Her smile grew wider.
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The robotics club member did not want to know what it felt like to have volt injected through you like a robot. But he was in pain, in shock. He backed away, wanted to avoid the shock, lost balance.

He thought he was stabbed, he thought he was dying. He thought he was bleeding from the stomach. He did not expect that move.

He was down on the dirty, dusty floor, staring at Dorothy. Sword lying next to him, his hands covering the imaginary stab wound in his torso.

Then he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Or, at least tried to.
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She sat back up, put one of her knee on the ground and stood up. People aren't so scary when they are tased. She was scared out of her mind when she turned around and saw the boy with hair on his chin, but when he was on the ground he wasn't scary anymore. It was just like staring at someone in a costume after they tripped on their outfit.

Like that one ghost from that one Halloween. The memory made her smile.

''Well, thank you for that.''

She lowered herself, grabbed the curvy knife or maybe it was a curvy sword. She bit her lips when she wrapped her left hand on the handle. It was kinda heavy. She didn't like it because of that. Carrying it around must be tiresome for the arms. Well, beggars can't be choosers.

She hold it. Feeling its weight and all of that. Knowing she could kill Al right now was a rather disturbing thought. She could just drop the sword on his head and he would die. Bleed out or something. Like that, she could kill someone. Killing was really easy, maybe that was why Iz was doing it. She rolled her eyes and removed the wire that sent the boy in a shaking fit.

She could do like that one time a bird smashed into her window and she had to crush it with her heel to make sure it didn't suffer. He must be suffering a lot but was it lethal? No, so no reasons to crush him under her soles. It was his lucky day.

''You must be thinking I'll kill you right now with your own blade or with like your own gun. You get to keep it, by the way. I'm not heartless.''

She needed people to kill other people if she wanted to leave the island alive. That was the truth. She wanted to kill only one person and survive. Like that, people would like her. They'd think about how she's a hero or something and they won't hate her. She was glad someone like Iz was killing people for her. She didn't need to kill them then.

She started to walk away, leaving through the kitchen. At the door she turned around, he was still laying on the ground in pain. She was hoping he learned a lesson about ambushing someone. To not do it again or something like that. That was rude. She cleared her throat and told him,

''I'm hunting down someone. Get in my way and I'll slice your achilles heels.''

She was about to take another step but she was stopped again by herself.

''Seriously though, don't fuck with me.''

She walked out the room. In the kitchen, she saw the tipped over chairs and decided it wasn't a good idea to kick them some more. She stepped out of the kitchen and left the building. She didn't know how she felt. It was maybe the adrenaline but she felt good.

''Lucilly! You won't believe what I just did!''

((Dot dreamt far away.))
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Alessio did not understand the words that were said. He was too much focussed on the shock.

All he knew was that she left and after some minutes of lying on the floor, his head was clear again. He was not stabbed. He was alive.

But his sword was gone. Now, he was back to zero. He picked up the gun. This gun, this useless gun and his bag he hid in the room were the only things left. No sword anymore.

He wouldn't kill with his bare hands. He had to think of something else to make a weapon with. He'd figure out. This gun would keep him safe, hopefully, though. He took all of his stuff and decided to move somewhere else. He was curious about a thing, though.

Why was Dot so shocked when he saw him? He looked through the window to look at the island, seeing the reflection and distortion of himself.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Forklift Driver Klaus))
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