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This Was My Dream, My Wish. It Didn't Come True. So I'm Taking It Back; I'm taking them all back -- Oneshot
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(Kaitlyn Greene continued from Dark Necessities)

Day five.

Kaitlyn sat on the docks and crammed yet another protein bar into her mouth. Delicious. Absolutely fucking delicious. When she got out of here, she was gonna get the recipe for these things and patent them and make a fortune.

It was wrong.

Was complete bullshit was what it was.

'Cause she didn't cry. Didn't chicken out. Didn't blink.

So when she didn't go after Vanessa and make her pay; when she headed back to the chapel in the morning, got more than halfway there before she stopped, and stood there for what felt like an hour in fuming indecision before turning back around and leaving Alan Banks behind forever, it wasn't any of that. Couldn't be.

Kaitlyn idly ran a hand down her side. No. Cause fucking look at her. She was lean. She was fit as hell; the few pounds she must have lost over the past few days had been a total boon, getting rid of that stubborn belly flab she'd occasionally been self-conscious about on those rare moments she'd worried about her appearance. Tensing her muscles. Focusing her mind. She was probably in the best shape of anyone left on this island. She was loaded with food. She was armed to the fucking teeth. She wasn't nuts, wasn't going around wasting people willy-nilly.

She was the odds-on favorite was what she was, at least if the terrorists had any sense.

"Odds-On Kaitlyn Greene..." she muttered to herself.

Fucking hell. That was way better that Katy Buried.

She'd never liked Katy anyway.

...But she wasn't there yet. She wasn't there yet because she. Just. Kept. Fucking....

No. Blinking.


She dropped the wrapper off the edge of the dock and watched it float there. It bobbed for a few seconds, then Kaitlyn nudged it with her toe and made it go away. God, the ocean. She loved Arizona, always had. But this... this she'd missed out on.

So Kaitlyn got up and headed north. Knew just where she had to go.

(Kaitlyn Greene continued in Dysthemia Morte)
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