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I know my soul's freezin', Hell's hot for good reason; open once boogie gets in here
Topic Started: Mar 8 2017, 10:13 AM (781 Views)
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((Dot stumbled in her ugly dream.))

She gave up on screaming Lucilly's name in different intonations. If she heard Dot massacre her name, she would probably be running up to her and correcting her. That being said, her necklace misspelled her own name so maybe she didn't care. She would find her in due time and get a plan to stop getting separated. She didn't want her taller friend to run around weaponless especially now that Dot took her weapon which happened to be a dirty magazine.

She was tired. She had walked a lot. She was out of shape before entering the island but now she was out of shape and exhausted. The days she spent here felt like years. They never seem to end and when they did, the horror started back again. The vicious cycle didn't help Dot to feel safe which meant she didn't really sleep.

She never let herself fall into the arms of sleep. She stayed trapped in dreams and nightmares, unknowingly confusing her reality. She wondered if what was around her real.

If she turned around, would the world still be there? Would anything still be there? Her parents would still be watching? Her family and friends at home would still be worrying?

She wasn't sure so she kept walking. Heading toward the building that was called the hunting cabin. Maybe inside there'd be bed to rest in? Napping on the ground again would suck but sleeping in a bed would be nice. She wondered about her room back home. She craved those lazy Sunday's that she spent in her room sleeping. Yesterday should have been one. Yesterday should have been a day where she did nothing but eat junk food and talked to her friends online.

Instead she spent the day in a padded room, a solitary confinement of some sort. The person who won the game would probably be sent there. Like, maybe forever. Everyone would go insane from spending too much time here, on this island, hearing about your friends' deaths and their killers. Maybe she was too tired but she didn't care anymore. She just walked and reached for the door.

She heard voices inside. She rolled her eyes. She didn't need that. She wanted a bed and to sleep in it. She twisted the doorknob and pushed the door gently with her blade. Hopefully it wasn't someone too mean. If they were mean, she could just shoot one with her taser and like stab the other.

Or something.

She looked at the blade. She mugged it from someone who she just tased. Was that bad? Probably. Did she care? Absolutely not.

She saw the two people. One was someone she didn't recognize and the other was someone who left her for dead. She peered through the crack of the door, looking at them carefully. Sitting on chairs, looking a bit unarmed and not really threatening. Where was Jae's crossbow and what was the other androgynous person's weapon? Probably in their bags.

She opened the door.

''Hi Jae. You left me for dead. Give me one reason not to tase you.''
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Maybe threatening Jae wasn't a good idea. She kinda liked him, sometimes. He was nice to Asha and she was happy when he was around her so she was glad to have him around when she was still alive. Now, she was dead and Jae was right in front of her. She had no reason to be nice to him. He was a dick to people and he murdered someone. She didn't feel like wasting a shot on him. She needed to reassure the person next to him though.

''I'm not here for you,'' she started smiling, ''just don't get involved, okay?''

Her smile dropped when she processed what Jae said. What a dick.

''Okay you vampire freak. First of all, if I tase you I'll probably sit on you or something so that you can't do that.''

She rolled her eyes.

''And second, I'll chill when I get what I want. I just...''

She took a break.

''I just wanted a...''

Maybe if she wanted an apology, she should have been nicer than like threatening him. Dot remembered he didn't work well under that kind of pressure. Wasn't it the reason why he killed that other guy? Because the guy had a crossbow and he felt endangered? Maybe threatening him was really a bad idea.

She wanted an apology for what again? Leaving her there? He just explained why he did it and she had no reasons to really be angry at him anymore.

''I'm sorry. You scared me and that sucked.''

She pouted. Being mean was hard, she wanted to go back at being nice. She sighed and gave up on that option.

''And the time after that was worse. I tased two people. Someone who was nice and someone else who we met already, Alessio. That's where I got the sword, by the way. Or is it a knife? I don't know anymore.''

She lowered her weapons.

''Oh and he was like really close to here. Like... one of the housing places like behind me. He tried to ambush me but I got him first. He's not dead though.''

She intentionally forgotten about the gun. Maybe she should have taken it but she didn't trust herself with it. That was a mistake. She should have taken it and dumped it somewhere like in the ocean or something. Nobody could touch it there and mess around with it. That was a nice plan. Maybe she should head back and tase him again and get it the gun.

That was a lot of maybe's and if's. She put back her taser in her bag then apologized.

''I'm really sorry. I won't do it again.''

She looked at her bladed weapon.

''I can't put it in my bag because it's, uh, too big and may cut my stuff and like I got some soft stuff in it and I don't want it to get ruined.''

Well, there was two things she didn't want to be teared apart and those were the mementos from her previous allies. Asha's flower and Lucilly's magazine. She wanted to keep them safe. They were, in a way, something that represented them. Well, not really for Lucilly but the irony was hilarious.

Yeah, maybe she needed to chill. She closed the door behind her and then she tried to make small talk.

''Hum so, who is that?''
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Cass seemed a nice person. A bit on the coward side but that was nice. They didn't have any weapons or anything so they weren't a threat. They seemed to be friend with Jae. Dot didn't know them. Like anything about their existence was erased. So much thing happened and she could only remember seeing their face.

He was the opposite of Cass. He seemed aggressive. Kinda pissed. Made sense since Dot literally just threaten him to tase and sit on him. Yup, that was a bad idea. Dot knew about Jae. She knew how he was. When he got angry, he wasn't the nicest person to have around. He killed someone. Hit him until his interiors exploded and die. That was a gross thought.

She imagined how it felt. Feeling something inside of her leaking blood and like dying from the inside.


But something happened. This could have been a normal conversation. Well, kinda. Up until she said about Al, it was just a tense talk between teens.

When she pronounced his name, Jae tensed up. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to tell where she got her knife-sword.

"I guess? I mean, no, I'm the one who left. I left him like in pain and weaponless so I guess it will be fine?"

That last part was a lie, he had a gun. Jae didn't need to know that.

"He's probably still over there."

She realized what Jae meant. She left him there. She let him alive and well. So it was like he walked away and nothing happened to him.

"Are you... are you telling me I should have killed him?"
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She felt shame: deep down, she knew he should have killed him but she was afraid. Her name in the annoucement would be exposing to the island. Everyone would hear her name but it didn't matter anymore.


She was cut off by the words of anger of Jae. She felt horrible. Her guys were twisting inside of her like a worm on a fishing pole as a bait. The mental image of her intestines squirming around almost made her vomit.


Cut off again. Another flow of aggressive words jumping at Dot's throat. She wanted to say sorry or something. But each time she tried to speak up, Jae talked louder and louder. Like a child getting scolded by a severe parent, she looked down and water started to rise in her eyes.

Don't cry.

She dug her nails in her palm. No crying allowed. Not here: there was Jae who could kill her and that other person she knew nothing about. Crying was a sign of weakness. She shallowed it down. It was her turn to speak now. Her voice was shaking.

"One of the staff rooms. Maybe it was block A or block B? I can't remember."

She raised her eyes and locked her sight with Jae's. She pulled her taser out and readied her sword. Her voice dropped an octave and her eyes were empty.

"I'll take care of it."

With that, she left.

(Dot iz gone.)
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