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Real Human Being; and a real hero
Topic Started: Feb 25 2017, 11:35 AM (369 Views)
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(( Jonathan Gulley and Michael Crowe continued from Nightcall ))

So this is what giving up felt like? To just say 'fuck it' and let the powers that be choose for them. To be honest it felt kinda nice. They didn't have to worry about when their time came, they didn't know. There wasn't this clock they had to rush to beat. They didn't have to fear their friends all dying, because they were already dead. They didn't have to fear their own deaths, because in a way they were already dead when they got here. With all of that worrying thrown away, it meant they just had time.

And with that time they spend the entire day traveling the island, just talking about what had happened, and what had happened before the island. They reminisced, talked about their hopes and dreams, and for once, they felt happy. It felt normal. It wasn't real normalcy, but as long as it felt like it, that was all that mattered, right?

It was late at night, and they were sitting on the docks.

"I still don't get how you came across almost every player on this island, and the only one who did anything was Alex..." Jonathan couldn't help but wonder how Michael managed to do that. The stories he told him sounded so fake, like the bullshit he used to make up back at Kingman to impress him. Jon knew he was lying most of the time, but he liked to humor him. What surprised Jonathan was that this time, he believed him.

"Well, they're all fuckin' wimps, man, back home I'd kick all their asses if they talked to me like that, 'specially Min Jae, fuckin' lil punk ass Onceler, lookin'...punk bitch." Jonathan laughed at the Onceler comparison.

"Remember back at the skatepark? That shit you wanted me to scream at him?" Jonathan looked towards Michael, waiting for his response.

"Oh yeah, I was like, 'Hey Jon, tell the Onceler to fuck off." Jonathan laughed, "Yeah, I remember I told you to do it." Michael laughed, then cupped his hands over his mouth, yelling into the ocean.


Jonathan giggled, hoping Min Jae wasn't slowly sneaking up behind them right now.

"Ow, that hurt like hell to do." Jonathan looked up to see Michael sticking his tongue through his cheek slash.

"Eww, stop doing that shit! That's friggen gross!"

Michael laughed, then slid his tongue faster, grinning as he watched Jon cringe. "I'm not kissing you if you keep doing that."

"Fuck, that shit was funny. Darius was there too, shit he was rolling around like a retard when I said it."

Jonathan shook his head, "Yeah, he was kind of an asshole, but he was our friend." Michael shrugged. "Yeah, 'course he's an asshole, but he was our asshole, like shit, a whole third of the Men's Hair Club is gone without him."

Jonathan tilted his head at the Men's Hair Club line. "The fuck?"

"What? Men's Hair Club. Coz' us three had the best haircuts out of everyone else." Jonathan's face curled in disgust, "I wasn't told of this name, I didn't vote for it!" "Yeah? Neither did Darius." "So wait, Darius didn't vote for it, and I didn't vote for it. Why's it our name?"

"You want Darius picking a name for us?" "No, I don't want a name in the first place!"

Michael tilted his head back. "Coooome ooon! It'll be like The Warriors!" Michael shifted around, as if he was looking for something. "Shit, I uhhh... I can't find any bottles. Damn, that means I can't do the reference. Fuck."

Jonathan watched Michael search around, before he decided to change the subject. There was something he's always wondered. "Michael, why do you style your hair like that. No offence, but it looks like a bird's planted it's ass on your head."

Michael looked legitimately offended. "You didn't seem to think I was bad at hair styling when I helped spike your hair!" Jonathan laughed. "Well, it didn't stop me from being afraid you were gonna turn me into Duran Duran or something!"

"Still, I like my hair. It's better than those stupid coffee hipsters with their fuckin' undercuts, curly mustaches and beards, and shit."

"But Michael, you are a hipster." Jonathan poked his tongue out. Michael stuttered, dumbfounded. "N-no I'm not! I fuckin' hate hipsters!"

Jonathan didn't stutter when he replied. "That's what every hipster says."

Michael tried to justify himself. "But they all look the same! I hate facial hair, and I hate coffee!"

Jonathan was winning this fight. "Every hipster thinks their different!"

"But I'm not a fuckin' hipster!" Was all Michael could whine, he was practically defeated at this point.

Jonathan forced his voice into a deep rasp, mimicking Hagrid. "You're a hipster, Mikey!"

"Stop it!"


"AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII- God, you're fuckin' mean!"

"It's funny! My parents were afraid of you, they thought you were the mean one!" Jonathan giggled. Michael's fake rage disappeared. "Yeah, my parents were worried about me hanging with you too."

Jonathan looked up, raising an eyebrow. "Why's that?"

Jon saw Mike's grin come back. "They thought... They thought that you were gonna turn me gay."

Jonathan felt a grin curl up on his own lips. "You know... our parents are probably watching us right now... Wanna. Wanna piss them off?"

Michael didn't even get a chance to react before Jonathan planted a kiss on him.
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Five days.

It was five days since now. Five days of nothing but pain, fuck ups, misery, and... not much else.

But this...

This moment?

Michael always had lived in the moment. The past was full of shit he didn't want to remember, and he usually had no idea what was happening next. You wanna know something funny? If the future was like anything happening now, then all that pain all that suffering. Hell, throw out the future for a second, let's just talk right now.

All that shit that happened, he'd go through it all again if he had a choice.

Honestly though, he wished this moment would never end. If time froze right here right now, for eternity? Michael wouldn't even be mad. Of course this moment had to end though, they all do. It's just whether or not they'll end now or later.

After all, good times never last.

And this one was no exception once a ghost spoke up.

The world stopped for Jonathan when he heard a voice shout to them. It was familiar, and it shouldn't have scared him.

But it did. Jonathan turned his head and realized why.

It was Alex Tarquin. Michael said he killed him. He saw his face, and thanks to some nasty flashbacks of Hostel, he could understand why he thought that.

They stood up, and it felt like Jonathan had to help Michael up. He could feel his arm, he was shaking. His eyes were wide and twitching, and it looked like his lips didn't know if they wanted to smile or grimace. He was whispering something under his breath.

"You're dead... I. Killed. You... I killed you!"

This was it then?! Are you fucking serious?! This bastard was still alive! He was still alive, and now he had all of his weapons on him! After everything that's happened to him, and this bastard didn't die?!

"Fuck off, hemorrhoid face! I'm not playing your bullshit, go find someone else who gives a shit!"

He's made you a fool, destroyed your face, and nearly took your life. Now he's after you again to finish the job.

"I give up fucker! You hear me?! I'm through! You wanna go around cutting people, fine! You leave me out of it!"

Then who's next? Jonathan?

"You turn the fuck around right now! I made Will run his puss-ass away, and I already killed you once! Two on one, and I won! Even with all that crap on you, you won't beat me asshole! I'll stay to finish the job this time if you don't leave!"

Naaah. This petty fuck... He knew what he was planning, he knew. He knew what the intentions were with that smug fucking yell of his. He was gonna try to take Jon first, to take everything away from him. Out of reflex, he pushed Jonathan behind him.

"I'll give you a chance to turn around, I really don't wanna deal with your kiddie shit right now! Just walk away!"

Jonathan could hear it in Michael's voice. He knew Michael. Michael would never let his fear show. He knew when he was scared. That wasn't what made Jon scared though. What scared Jon about it, was that Michael couldn't hide it in his voice. Tarquin did all of this to him, and Jon knew Michael couldn't pretend it was no big deal. He could tell it hurt him worse to realize that it wasn't over.

That even after they tried to leave the island behind, it came back for them.
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Jonathan watched as Alex called Michael a coward, as he ranted on about striking first. How it somehow made him the good one.


He looked back and forth between the two. At first, it seemed like only Alex was getting angrier. Then he saw Mike's face twitching, that rapid breathing that was so familiar. He's seen Michael fight back in Kingman, and one of two things happened.

He'd either sucker punch them when they didn't see it coming and be done with it, or if they did see it coming, he wouldn't let them off the ground.

Jonathan was sure Michael was gonna choose the latter.

"Bullshit! You fuckin' hypocrite! You wanna talk about honor and cowardice or whatever the fuck it is you jack it to, but your only fuckin' kill was a damn girl with nothing on her! That's all you did! You hadn't fought anyone else, hadn't beat anyone else either! You're not some fuckin' warrior, you're not a badass! You're forgettin' each time you got me I wasn't looking at you! I was focused on someone else!"

Jonathan watched Michael practically explode on Alex. He told him everything he thought about Alex's idea of 'cowardice'.

"You wanna play the big bad wolf then go ahead, I grew the fuck up out of it! But I want no fuckin' part, you hear me? I gave that shit up because it was pointless, but it looks like you're too stupid to realize it either!

'Oooooh look at me, Big-Bad fuckin' Tarquin, here! I killed one little girl and now I'm hot shit!' Fuck off! Nobody knows your goddamn name, Mr. one kill! Someone like Alvaro, Nancy, or Isabel would eat you and shit you back out you fuckin' wimp!"

Michael cocked his head, before unzipping his jacket.

"I quit that shit because I knew it was pointless, I'd rather spend my time with the ones I care about! You got anyone you care about, Alex? How about Jeremy? What happened to him, huh? You don't got anyone do you?

Just yourself.

That's all you got, ain't it? It's just you. That's why you gotta play like that, you're afraid nobody's gonna mourn you, so you want people to remember you. Alright, fine, I'll get people to remember you."

Michael took off his jacket and handed it to Jonathan. It didn't take but a second later for Jon to stop him.

"No, what the hell are you doing?! After everything, you're just going to go back?"

"I don't have a choice. If I don't, he'll go after you. That's the way he plays, the fuckin' hypocrite."

"You're hurt though, you might not win this!"

"So's he. I scrambled his brains with a shock knife. That's why half of him looks like a baked flatbread."

Jonathan saw Michael crack a smile, it helped to ease his worrying, but not by much.

"You're really gonna fight him?"

"Nah. I'ma dominate him."

Michael turned back to Alex. He began walking forwards, pulling his sunglasses out of his shirt pocket. He was halfway to putting them on, before he realized he didn't need them anymore. He didn't need the mask anymore.

Oh... and it was also some time after midnight. That too.

The shades made a small clink sound as the hit the docks while Michael walked past them.

"Maybe you're right though. Maybe I am a coward. I beat Nancy, I beat Alessio, and I beat you. Didn't kill none of you. Guess I was afraid of getting blood on my hands, right? Maybe I might be to scared to kill you now.

Don't matter though. I'll just pop your other eye out and let Will do the rest for me, okay? I dunno, depends on how I feel I guess. Y'know you could always leave. Ain't no shame in changing your ways if it's for the better."

He grinned watching Alex's good eye twitch. That one got him. Heh.

He stood above his axe.

"You gonna let Jon leave if we do this? He don't need to see what I'ma bout to do to you."
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This was it then.

"Yeah, that was different, that was me or you. Like it is now. It helped, kinda. Made me realize this whole thing is pointless, being so close to death. It was either me or you, and either one didn't matter at that point. Now... Now it does."

This fucker wanted to talk about differences? Why they were the same but not. Why Alex was the villain but also the hero because 'muh honor'. That non-existent honor he's got a real fetish for. The same honor that lets him cut someone on the ground, or target the defenseless first. At least Michael gave him a warning before he attacked him. He could've killed him three times before today. He didn't.

The difference was, was that even though Michael used underhanded tactics, even though he intimidated, interrogated, and insulted his way here, he did it for his own idea of justice. Sure, it got corrupted along the way, but the difference was Michael realized it. He gave up, because he wouldn't let this island change him. It wasn't gonna take who he was away from him. I think, therefore I am, and all that jazz.

Maybe, maybe he was lying to himself a little bit. He gave up because spending his remaining time left with Jonathan was a better alternative for him than dying alone in some shithole. He had his own selfish reasons, but really, what difference would it have made. If he stayed on the road he was on he'd have died horribly. Maybe he left because he thought he could find some peace in his last days. Not like it mattered though. He left the garbage, but it was right there waiting for him in the end. Cue M.O.O.N- Dust and the chicken reaper telling him he fucked up or some shit.

Alex said Jonathan could leave. If there was anything Michael could take comfort in, it was that.

Jonathan protested almost immediately.

"No! No, Michael, I'm not leaving you here, you're coming with me! You tell him to fuck off, to find someone else to kill!"

He grabbed Michael by the arm, he wanted him to turn around, to look at him. He held his hand, and only then realized his right pinkie was missing.

"Jon... It's gotta be this way-" "No it's not, you're just saying that because you're afraid of what's gonna happen to me! You shouldn't, we know it's over anyways, we're as good as dead, you don't have to do this for me! W-we could just... we could turn around right now, drown ourselves in the ocean and not even give him the satisfaction for it!"

"Jon... I know I told you I gave up, but... This last day we had. I'd go through everything again ten times just for that one moment again. If I gotta fight one more time to do this again, to be with you again, I think it's a fair trade, don't you? I'm not afraid, I won't lose. T-this ain't over."

"Then why are you crying? You're afraid you're never going to see me again aren't you. Michael, we don't have to do this..."

"I-I know we don't. But I do... I've given everything for you, and if you think I won't do it again, you're wrong. It don't matter if I die here, I've been dead for five days now. Today though, the day I spend with you, it was my one day alive. I've been dead for five days, and today I live. You've given me everything I could have ever wanted. You were worth it all."

"Stop it! Jus-just stop with the action movie bullshit! You're giving him exactly what he wants! Please Mike... Don't leave me."

"I. I-I'll never leave you. No matter what happens tonight, I'll never leave you. Don't worry Jon... It's just one last fight. Not for justice, or freedom, or anything we'll never see again. This one's for us."

Jonathan realized he wasn't going to get to him. He walked in front of Michael just for one last thing.

It was another kiss.

"I'll wait for you."

Jonathan ran away, not looking back.

Michael stood unmoving. He didn't even get to tell him he loved him.

Here he stood, tears dripping down his eyes, torn up mouth quivering, he tried to smile. It didn't work. That was his last chance at happiness, and it was gone.

There were nothing wrong with emotions. It was okay to be afraid, and okay to feel sad. You wanna know what courage is? You get up and fight even if you're scared of what'll happen if you do, because you don't give up. And if you turn that sadness into anger, you're putting your feelings into a productive use. He wanted to see Jon again? Well then he'll fight for it. He'll give this fucker all he's got because he won't let Alex take away everything from him. Not now, not when he's finally found some semblance of peace. Alex wants a fight? Then he'll fucking get one.

"Lemme tell you something, now that he's gone. You talk all this shit about differences, but let's go to the similarities. I'll tell you a big one. I see two dumbass glory hounds facing each other on a dead end road, ready to tear each other apart for some chance at glory or justice or what the fuck ever. No matter what happens though, neither of them are gonna get what they want. You wanna see the difference? One of them was smart enough to realize it, but he realized it too late. The other won't hear any of it."

Michael took two steps back, drawing a line on the docks with his axe. He wouldn't move past this spot. He didn't care to hide the fact he was crying. Hell, this was the first time Alex saw his eyes since he woke up on the island. It was fitting really. If he went out, he wasn't going out as a facade. He was leaving as him, on his own terms.

"I've got no regrets..."

He pointed his axe at Alex.

"Let's dance, fucker."
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Jonathan continued forwards into the woods. They mentioned that if they got separated, they'd regroup at the vehicle depot. He was afraid for Mike, but it's what he wanted.

He had hope though. He looked at the emblem on the back of Michael's jacket. He's been through worse than this. He'll make it out alright.

He continued to move through the forests until he heard a faint echo.

He froze in his tracks, unsure of who it came from. He wanted to turn around, he wanted to see.

He forced himself not to, he had hope.

That's all he was running on at that point.

(( Jonathan Gulley continued elsewhere))

Unbeknownst to him, however.

Michael Crowe was killed in his fight against Alex Tarquin.

B011- Michael Crowe- ELIMINATED
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