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Let it Die
Topic Started: Feb 22 2017, 05:20 PM (258 Views)
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((Jonathan Gulley continued from Idiot Launch ))

Jonathan sat by one of the tables, his hands over his face. He didn't know what to do anymore. Hell, he didn't even know what he wanted to do. He still couldn't believe it. Brendan had lied to him twice, after he gave him the benefit of the doubt. He believed him, and he was just lied to again. For reasons he still couldn't guess, he forced himself to the pub.

Maybe. Maybe he thought that he could light the place on fire. He didn't care if rescue came, he just wanted this to end. How many of them were left? Probably less than half by now. Maybe only a quarter. Even if help came, they would be too late.Out of almost three hundred students, only thirty made it out that one game. Who'd make it out in this one? Six, seven?

There just wasn't much chance to it happening. The people rescued might even be the same people who kept appearing on the announcements, the ones killing everyone.

At least he could say he tried though. Maybe the smoke inhalation would get him before the fire would, or maybe the terrorists would be nice enough to blow his collar. Maybe.

He got up and moved towards the bar before the door opened behind him.

He saw someone he thought he'd never see again.

(( Michael Crowe continued from Lord of Lunatics ))


Jonathan stared at him. There was no way he was real. He took a long look at Michael's face. He...didn't even look human anymore. Jon actually recoiled when he saw it. He looked like one of those nightmares you've had when you realize how much you could've messed up. He looked like a zombie, a husk. He forced himself to move closer. His hand reached up. He wanted to take those stupid sunglasses off. To just yank them off and throw them to the wall. Let me see you, damnit!

He grabbed them, and slowly pulled them off of Mike's face.

His eyes. His eyes were the same as they always were. They were the only things he could recognize, but it made it clear.

It was him. But it hurt.

It hurt to see him like this. To watch the whites of his eyes slowly turn pink. To see his torn lips start quivering. Michael broke down sobbing into his shoulder before Jonathan could even give him a single tear.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Wha-what happened to you? Who did this?" Jonathan looked Michael in the eyes. He wouldn't look away.

Michael had just wanted to go to the pub. Where it all started. He wanted to see what it was like before it all went wrong. How finding your friends turned into some stupid ploy for attention and glory. He didn't expect to find Jon there. Jonathan couldn't even look at him when he walked in. He was afraid of him. He... he shouldn't have come. He shouldn't have tried to find Jonathan. He couldn't look him in the eyes. All he felt was shame. He fucked up. Simple as that. He didn't deserve to see him again. Jon should have thrown bottles at him, told him to get out.

He'd have deserved that.

Instead Jonathan embraced him. He asked him what happened. Even now he still cared. Who really did this?

"I-I don't know. At first I thought it was Nancy, for starting this whole shit storm. Then Brendan for killing Jerry... Then everyone; everyone that didn't agree with me."

"It was me. I did this, a-and I'm done. It took me this long to realize it.

None of this matters. Nothin' I did would'a changed anything anyways."

Jon recognized what Michael was feeling. He didn't know what to say, but he knew to hold him tighter. They both messed up. Neither of them could have done anything right. Jonathan found himself crying. He found himself apologizing, it's all he could do.

In the pub, there were two failures who wrapped each other in an embrace. In all of five days, it was the only thing these two could have done right.
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Michael looked up. First, he saw Maria's blade. Then he saw who was carrying it. Fucking Alessio. Al has Maria's blade, now how could that be?

Audrey you fucking idiot!

Al was running right towards them, Jon was between him and Al. Not now. This couldn't be happening now. After everything, he finally found what he was looking for, and this rat fuck wanted to take it away from him?! No, it ain't gonna end like this.

Jon was startled when he heard the footsteps coming up behind him. He tried to turn before the world decided to spin for him and toss him to the ground. He didn't know what happened. He had to look around before he realized what was up.

He found Michael laying on his side, red pouring down his jacket. No... Michael didn't. Michael had pushed Jon out of the way and took Alessio's sword to the hip.

Alessio was standing above him right now. Jon couldn't let him kill Michael like that.

He reached up the bar and grabbed a nearby bottle, chucking it at Al.
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Michael put pressure on his side, trying to crawl back. This wasn't good. Al had Maria's sword, and they had nothing. Back away from Al, find something nearby, and get up. Fight one last time if you gotta. He bumped his elbow against his bag.


Oh yeah, the table legs. The ones he got from this shithole actually. Damn, good timing.

He slid the bag towards the left, towards Jonathan. He nodded towards him before looking towards Alessio. He looked towards the closest table, pulling himself up with it.

Jonathan didn't understand why Alessio was backing away. He could attack them when they weren't looking at him, but now he seemed afraid, cautious.

Michael slid his bag to him, nodding like an idiot. What the hell was he supposed to do with this? It's a bag- oh. There's... What the hell is he supposed to do with these. Wait... Were they gonna have to kill him?

Jonathan was confused as hell. Michael was standing up, but he gave him the weapons? He watched Michael stand up, waiting behind the table. He gave him the weapons but- He just realized what Michael was planning.

No you idiot! Don't you dare do that shit to me!

"Come on motherfucker! That all you got?!"

Jonathan stared in disbelief at the absolute dumb-fuckery his boyfriend was attempting. Only one minute in after not seeing him in forever and he was trying to get himself killed!

Jonathan felt like he could do nothing but hope that whatever stupid idea Michael just thought of wouldn't kill him.
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"Y- you what?"

That was it? All it took was getting back up? Well shit. Had this been a day earlier, Michael would've done some suicide blitz to beat Al's ass. He got a free hit in after all, he shouldn't get a pussy pass. From that sword he also probably killed Maria too. Hardee harr, you were right again!

But it wasn't a day earlier. Someone else got to play that justice game, Mike was through. Mike wasn't there when or if Maria got iced anyways. Only thing he coulda done to stop that was drop Al. If he did kill her, there'd be some irony to it, hell, it'd be pretty funny if it turned out Audrey died too. Not 'haha' funny, more like frog and the scorpion funny.

"Aight, I didn't drop you from the bell tower, you don't put that shit through my back when I turn to leave. We're square." He nodded to Jon, they were leaving.

Jonathan couldn't believe what he was seeing. Alessio just ran up, cut Mike, then backed away and told them to leave. Michael then mentioned some shit about the bell tower, what in the fuck did he do? Did they have some past grievance or something?

Jonathan felt angry. He was angry at Al for trying to kill them, and he was angry at Michael for nearly committing cop assisted suicide right there. He started putting pieces together, and realized that there was a chance a lot of Michael's injuries could've been avoided. He'd have to talk to him somewhere more private, he couldn't believe he was acting this dumb.

"Michael, you're lucky he didn't kill you!"

"Well... it's a good thing I was born with thick ski-"


"You're bleeding all over the place!"

"...Thick coat?"

Jonathan pinched his nose and grabbed Michael by the front of his jacket. They were going somewhere else, and Jonathan was gonna patch up Mike's cut. He couldn't understand how Michael acted. One minute he looked like he wished he'd never been born, and the next he was having a casual conversation with the douchebag who tried to kill him. Was he aware of how stupid he was?

"Let's go. We're going."

Jonathan practically dragged Michael by the arm out of the pub.

(( Jonathan Gulley and Michael Crowe continued elsewhere.))
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