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MW's Lyric-Based V7 Character/Trait Prompt Atrocity
Topic Started: Feb 17 2017, 06:48 PM (797 Views)
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Heya, folks! With NAFT's blessing I am shamelessly ripping off his V6 prompt thread except with a twist. Basically how it works it this: you ask for a character prompt and I'll give you one, in the form of excerpted lyrics from some song or other I enjoy/hate/am aware of. I slept for four hours last night and this seems like a super great idea.

I'm making a preemptive Q&A with the hypothetical concept-requester because it's easier than explaining in a sane fashion.

V7 is a long, long time away. Why this thread now?

People in chat keep posting weird stuff and going "V7 concept!" so clearly the future is on folks' minds! Also, by getting in early I ninja everyone else who might have some similar idea, and I make sure folks actually have time to take my challenges into consideration.

What on earth does a prompt in the form of song lyrics look like?

I'll give you some lines, like maybe 2-10 or so, that speak to me in some way as a thing to spin into a character or part of a character. I will strive to pick descriptive stuff ("I never got along with the girls at my school/Filling me up with all their morals and their rules/They'd pile all their problems on my head/I'd rather go out and fuck the dead") as opposed to wiggly and vague artsy stuff ("Strength and courage overrides/The privileged and weary eyes/Of river poet search naivete/Pick up here and chase the ride/The river empties to the tide/All of this is coming your way"). Obviously this is not gonna be as comprehensive or total as most of NAFT's stuff.

Why on earth are you offering prompts in the form of song lyrics, instead of something more normal/user-friendly/whatever?

It was early in the morning and I randomly had this idea and now it's afternoon and I haven't talked myself out of it so here it is. It combines two things I enjoy: meddling with other people's characters in the conceptual stage without putting that much work in and subjecting the unwary to my musical tastes. Also, I think it captures the idea that these threads aren't necessarily super duper serious.

Isn't this awfully strange/pretentious/unhelpful/self-indulgent/whatever?


How are you planning to assign stuff to people?

Several ways. If I know your writing, I might drop you something that I think will push you to expand your boundaries, or will play to your strengths. Or I might give you something that's been stuck in my head all day. Or I might pick something utterly random. I will not tell you which method of determination I used, if any. If I've never read your stuff, of course, things will almost always be arbitrary.

What if I don't want to use whatever ridiculous prompt you assign me?

That's cool. You're under no obligation, official, unofficial, social, or otherwise. This is me having goofy fun and maybe you having goofy fun too. And that goofy fun doesn't necessarily require you to follow through.

If I don't like your prompt, can I have another?

No. No rerolls. One per customer. Imagine I am a magical merchant. Some of my wares are good and others are unadulterated garbage. Whichever you receive, the second you step outside I flip my whole store into a briefcase and head for the border, leaving you to plant/eat/throw away your magic beans. But you can't bring them back and say you wanted magic peas instead. I am already halfway to Spain.

What type of music are we talking here?

I like stuff like this and also stuff like this and most points in between and off to the side. By virtue of the thread concept everything will have words, ideally ones that suggest or describe a character of some sort. That means that some of the really obnoxious stuff I dig is out.

What will these look like?

Probably like this

You thought it was a joke
And so you laughed
You laughed when I said
That losing you would make me flip my lid

Right? You know you laughed
I heard you laugh. You laughed
You laughed and laughed and then you left
But now you know I'm utterly mad

They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! - Napoleon XIV

I might drop the bolding if I get lazy. I'm not gonna embed stuff because that makes threads take ages to load on bad connections and the point of this is the goofy lyric prompt; any link to actual music is a bonus to be perused only if you so desire and may be unavailable in your country anyways.

I reserve the right to drop this project like a bag of scorpions if I get bored, decide it's extra dumb plus when I'm better rested, or simply suffer a fit of pique.

I think that's everything!
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Sure, why not.
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Hi. Already have 5 V7 concepts but I wanna see how this works in action.
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Ooooh. I'm always a slut for adding to my heaping mountain of character concepts!


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...alright hit me with your most pretentious.
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Alright. Go for it!
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I love this holy shit, sign me up for one
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yes yes yes yes
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Sure. I can try one.
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here's my v7 planning thread or whatever



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its early can all of you chill wow

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yaaaaaaaaaaaas plz <3
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