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Always and Forever; Austin, Texas
Topic Started: Feb 17 2017, 05:03 PM (81 Views)
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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"Okay, how was that P.D.?"

"It looked great, Odessa," P.D. said, pressing the stop button on the camera.

"Turn the camera around so I can see myself," Odessa said to P.D.

"You saw what you looked like before we recorded."

"And now I want to see myself again. Come on, girl," Odessa said, raising her large, acryllic nails to P.D.

P.D. nodded, then flipped the camera screen so Odessa could admire herself. Odessa's eyes widened, and she began to touch her large, permed wig with her hand.

"Oh bitch, she slayed this video," Odessa said.

"You sure did, Odessa," P.D. said, turning the camera back around.

P.D. continued to fiddle with the camera on the tripod as Odessa stood up. Odessa reached for the nearby table and grabbed a Red Bull, taking a sip from the straw in it.

"You think this'll look good," Odessa asked P.D.

"Of course," P.D replied. "People are going to be shocked you actually remembered this kid."

"I told you, Odessa never forgets," Odessa said, walking towards the large standing mirror in the corner. "It's why I still wake up at night thinking of Nora in that hideous gray and green ensemble. Seriously, for a bitch named Nora Easter, you think she'd look less like a nor'easter went through her dressing room."

P.D. chuckled a bit. This wasn't the sort of assistant job he expected to get right out of college, but working for Odessa Arlington had been quite a trip. He was like any graduate in need of work right after getting his undergrad: willing to look at Craigslist for work. Fortunately, he had found a position that would pay well enough to keep him in Austin. He had seen Odessa Arlington perform at his school once for a charity drag show his friends took him to. She was a pretty good dancer, but also entertaining in how she could randomly talk about things and keep a hilarious bug-eyed expression the whole time. So, when he saw she needed an assistant, he used his journalism degree to pass himself off as a decent personal assistant who could revitalize her social media brand and provide new content for her YouTube channel.

That had kept him busy in the last three years. He was scraping by at times, but he did get to travel a lot and meet interesting people. Hell, just being on the road let him hook up with some hot guys he wouldn't have met if it wasn't for Odessa. Odessa's views and social media presence had gone up since then, so she was willing to keep him around and discuss new ideas with him.

The day before, Survival of the Fittest was announced to have returned. Odessa found a website describing all the abducted kids, and while reading through it, found one boy to be somewhat familiar. The website mentioned he had a web show, and once Odessa had watched a few videos, she sent P.D. on a mission. P.D. spent the next few hours going through hundreds of photos on Odessa's Facebook page from various meet-and-greets, and had finally found him.

Noah Whitley. They had met at a show in Las Vegas a few months back. Odessa had remembered the little twink who nearly cried when he met her, and sure enough, he was one of the abducted kids.

It was P.D.'s idea to make a video to the boy's family. Odessa had made some videos promoting solidarity to victims of natural disasters and homophobic discrimination in the past, so acknowledging a fan being abducted by a group of terrorists had seemed like the natural thing to do. Thus, they wrote a quick script, printed the photo from the meet-and-greet out, and recorded the video.

"Okay, I'll start to edit it and upload it to the channel," P.D. said, hooking the camera up to the computer.

"Great," Odessa said, "I'mma go get ready for tonight's gig."

Odessa pulled the hair bow out of her wig and walked towards her closet in the other room. P.D. began to play with the video when Odessa called out to him.

"Has Jazz called about tonight's show?" Odessa asked.

"No," P.D. said. "Presumably it's still the same theme and all."

"Good," Odessa said. "I don't need Miss Jazz Melody screwing around with the programming or whatnot when I'm trying my best to look sickening."

"You always look sickening," P.D. said. "Besides, if what Fortuna said is true, Jazz learned her lesson last time."

"I know," Odessa replied. "I mean, changing the set list for Fortuna's birthday show? I'm like 'bitch fo' real?''

"Yes, 'bitch fo' real' indeed," P.D. said.

P.D. continued to click on the computer, then finally hit enter.

"Okay," P.D. said. "The video is now uploading. Once it's up I'll tag it and send it out."'

"Don't forget to tag Miss Pina's account," Odessa said.

"I won't," P.D. said. "Have you got almost everything for the show?"

"Just about, girl," Odessa said. "Let me run by something wit' you first."

Odessa emerged from the room. She had removed her wig and the chiffon dress she wore for the video. Her makeup was still on, but on her head was the wig cap. She was now wearing a large t-shirt with her website logo printed on it. In her left hand was a bust with a blonde wig in pigtails on it. In her right hand was a leather cat suit on a hanger.

"Does this look good together?" Odessa asked.

"Sure. Why do you ask?" P.D. asked.

"Because I thought I'd pay homage to Miss Pina Bucket tonight."

"Really? Why?"

"It just seems right," Odessa explained. "I don't know how many gay kids they abducted from Arizona, but I'm calling attention to one and by extension the rest. I think it's something important to do. At least before World of Wonder posts about the abducted gay kids."

"I see," P.D. replied. "Are you worried you might make things too political?"

"Girl," Odessa said, deepening her voice, "drag is political. Besides, the theme is "Rebel Rebel" so I think I can do this shit right."

"Alright, I'll pack it with the rest of the stuff," P.D. said. "What song would you perform that to anyways?"

"'Really Don't Care' by Demi Lovato."

"And yet you want to honor the missing kids?"

"Okay, Miss Percival DeMarcus," Odessa said, using P.D.'s real name, "no shade towards Miss Demi tonight. Just get that shit all ready so we can go. We need to leave in an hour."

"Alright, Blake," P.D. replied, using Odessa's real name. "The video's about uploaded anyways. I'll post that then help get you ready.

"That's good," Odessa said. "Thanks a million."

Odessa walked back into her closet while P.D. continued to work on the computer. He began to post the video to Odessa's accounts, and made sure to tag Pina Bucket's account as well.

"There. I hope they like it," P.D. muttered to himself.

He got up from his chair and walked to Odessa's closet to help her get ready. They had a long night ahead of them, and now that this obligation was out of the way, they could focus on their personal matters. They had no idea that, in a few hours, the subject's stepmom would watch the video in a movie theater bathroom stall, and would have a very ecstatic reaction to it.
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