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If You Had My Love; And I Gave You All of My Trust
Topic Started: Feb 17 2017, 02:50 AM (168 Views)
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Would you comfort me?

((Hazel Jung and Jordan Green continued from The Way the Sun Can Still Burn Down ))

Day five and they were set to meet Jeremy at night. Meanwhile, Hazel and Jordan went quietly on their way around the island, but for the most part did not encounter anyone. This may have been a disappointment, but could also be considered a blessing for them. Afterall, no surprises meant no risks.

There were some bodies along the way and the gym was no exception.

Now and then they had chatted quietly, but going indoors meant the chance for ambush. The pair were silent as a precaution. It wasn't true that there were no surprises though. Jordan's foot hit something and nearly tripped over it. He picked up the plastic case and Hazel looked over his shoulder at the treasure. A CD with "Jenny From the Block" scribbled in sharpie.

They were both at a loss, but there was also another message on the case.


It was too weird to leave behind. Hazel stuffed it into her bag and they left the gym. Coincidentally, the radio tower was where they were supposed to meet Jeremy. Maybe this meant there would be another person waiting for them at the tower or maybe someone from ages ago who worked at the radio tower just really liked J. Lo.

(( Hazel Jung and Jordan Green continued elsewhere ))

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