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Hunter's Season
Topic Started: Feb 4 2017, 08:07 PM (127 Views)
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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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((Caedyn Miller Continued From The Latest Story Etc. Etc.))

She was going to go back to Jazz. Absolutely going to. She knew the way, and she could find her any time, she just, just needed a moment or two. A couple hours. A day. It was fine. Just time. Jazzy was used to her taking off every once in awhile, she knew not to freak out right, right? Everything was okay.

Sure, this was way more fucked up than getting lost in her art for a weekend, and sure she'd maybe killed somebody a little bit, but she'd understand. She'd always understood. That's why they worked. All the weirdness that came with being with her seemed to wash off Jazz without much of a problem. She didn't feel like a freak with her, like with...

Another swig from her water as she stared at the gun. The tin was empty between her crossed legs; chicken pot pie that she could have sworn was still steaming when she got up here and uncovered it. Back home she could have come up with a million things wrong with it if she was feeling bitchy, but after this place it was the best thing she'd ever eaten. She should have brought it back with her. Jazzy would have loved it.

It was okay. She didn't have to know. There was a lot Jazzy didn't know, and it'd never hurt her. So this would just be one more small thing on the pile.

She couldn't know the truth about Bridgette anymore than she could about Johnny or Jeremy or Lily or any of her other fuck-ups. It'd make her look weak, and she needed her to be strong. As far as Caedyn was concerned, that's why Jazzy tolerated her in the first place. So now, more than ever, she couldn't be weak. With the heavy, fuck-off handcannon in her hands, she sure didn't feel weak. Everyone would know what she was after that announcement. There couldn't be any more hiding or pretending she wasn't involved. But they were vermin. Their understanding meant nothing to her.

But Jazzy would understand. Jazzy always understood, because Caedyn always told her exactly how to when it was really needed. As long as she listened to her, everything would be fine. Perfectly normal.

She just needed a little more time. That was all.

((Caedyn Miller Continued The Scarlet Garden))
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