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Flowers Hurt; Time is a treason || Private
Topic Started: Jan 19 2017, 01:20 AM (1,505 Views)
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((Dorothy arrived from somewhere she'd rather not think about.))

It was a first.

For once, she wasn't having a nightmare or a weird dream. Her mind was somewhere peaceful, somewhere were there was no hurt and no evil. She was on a cloud looking at a city from above, the building's lights lit up the scenery, making it festive and beautiful as the snow twirled around them and spreading the snowflakes around on the ants below her.

Is that how it felt to be flying? To be free? Was it how the birds saw her as she trecked around the island with her friends, meeting corpses and killers? She wish she could grow wings and fly far away, somewhere safe and somewhere peaceful. She wasn't blessed with that genetic abnormality, however. If she did though, chances are her parents would have her put down or something. Evolution was a weird thing but she enjoyed it, always made her think of funky stuff that could happen.

If she were to make it out, would her babies grow anti-collar neck? Would they grow something to defend themselves if they were put there like their mother? That'd be super, super weird, and really cool.

A sharp pain from her rib cage stirred the clouds away, making her fall straight to the ground. The haze around her slowly left her body and she was able to open her eyes. She was still where she was sleeping, somewhere that wasn't safe nor peaceful. She took control of her body when her survival instinct stroke her.

First, the pain. It was from her rib cage. It didn't feel like it was broken or pierced. It wasn't bleeding either. Now the source, she saw a shadow crawling away from her. From the sound it made and how it moved, it was either Jae and his leg or if Asha hid an injury. The latter wasn't really a possibility. She maybe was a bit nihilistic but not a machoschist.

She helped herself up, using the bed beside her as a prop. She heard Jae screaming Asha's name. Oh no.

Oh no, oh no, oh no, ohno ohno oh no o h n o o h n o o h n o o h n o o h n o ohnoohnoohnohnoohnoohnoo

It wasn't happening, whatever happened, it wasn't happening. She must have tripped on something or slipped or something dumb and benigh. Dot had to be sure she was fine, and she was fine. She was okay, she couldn't be hurt. It won't happen before Dorothy died. When she'd die, Asha could die. Dorothy needed her, she needed her alive and well. She needed her, she needed her support, she needed her love, she needed her friendship, she needed her help, she needed everything she was.

If she were to die, what would happen to Dorothy?

Nothing. She'd be nothing. She'd be hollow, worthless, ugly, disgusting, trash, lonely, everything that made her worthless and stupid and dumb. She needed her alive, she needed her friend. Asha couldn't leave her like that. Dot would die before then Asha would die so like that, they'd both be fine together.

So it was a relief when she saw Asha, alive, crouching over something.

Alive and fine.

Then why everything felt so wrong? So horribly, disgustingly wrong?
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DOT.EXE has stop working.

A problem caused the program to stop working properly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

That would be the thing written on the screen of a computer if Dorothy was an application of some sort. Like Paint MS or Word, a program that would be use on a regular basis by the user. When that message popped up, the user, after countless hours of unsaved work, would either be upset, angry, or both. They'd scream at their monitor, or cry at the fact that their precious work was eaten up by something uncontrollable like a glitch or bug.

Dorothy was on both end of the mess. She felt like the user working on a project of some sort and when the whole thing crashed down, she wanted to scream. To hit her monitor. As if the most important thing in the world just died. She felt like the program too. Working well, efficiently and letting 1tself be manipulated by skilled hands until the whole thing went down.

Her body felt weak. The sound Asha made was abnormal. The gurgling made her gagged, her body was just a catalog of wounds, it was a proof of Iz's brutality. Even if she lived, Asha would still be unable to do anything. She was sliced up, chances are the blade met some nerves and muscle, causing irreperable damage.

Dorothy's vision started to blur, dots and circles of black started to appear in front of her. The dark void ate up everything she saw: Jae holding Asha's corpse body, Iz running away and the blood. The latter was everywhere. It puddled on the ground and smeared against the walls. Asha's clothing was probably stained, drenched in Iz's and her own blood.

Dot took a step back, her knees felt weak. The darkness engulfed her, shallowing the last remaining bits of her conscience.

She hoped it was just a dream. She wished it wasn't real. She dreamt it was nothing more than a nightmare.

She fought hard to stay awake, but she guessed the shock of seeing her friend died was too hard for her. She was already gone before hitting the ground. The gravity dragged Dorothy's body straight to the ground, falling on her back, hitting the floor hard like a rock. She was lucky to be out cold already because if she wasn't, she would have cried out loud because of the pain of her fall.
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Dorothy was a glacier at this point. Frozen, still, petrified. Her body was locked in her and so was her mind. It had been carefully disposed as she fell, and now it was back to her. Like a lost item that was finally found by its original owner, her mind was a bit tattered. It looked like it stayed in a hallway, that people had seen it as they walked beside it, and a good soul finally bring it to the lost item box. Her mind was glad to find Dot back and it was reciprocal.

Being lost in the limbos, seeing only the darkness and touching only the shadows was exhausting. Even though she wasn't conscious and basically sleeping for a while, she still felt like her body had been ran over by a truck and had to pull five all-nighters after being raised from the dead by a necromancer. Her eyes opened, seeing the rays of the flame-colored sky coming through the windows, announcing the presence of the day.

She had to make sure if it wasn’t a dream. The whole “Asha gets murdered in front of her” thing wasn’t another nightmare she had or a hallucination. The smell of blood and flesh was the first indicator that this whole thing was real. She was the person she saw die. She has seen corpses of fellow students. Wayne’s and a girl’s, but she never saw someone die right in front of her.

The worst part was that she felt like a failure. Asha took Dot’s knife and used it against Iz. Her knife, the one she took and decided to keep was now in the hands of her friend’s killer. If she hadn’t taken the knife, would have Asha and Iz fought? She wasn’t really sure what happened. Asha was with them then she was gone.

She wanted to shed a tear but she forced herself to get going. If Asha was alive, she’d be comforting Dot and helping her to get through this. But she was dead, gone, lost. No matter how much tears she shed or blood she lost, Asha would never come back. She bit the inside of her cheek, feeling the skin tearing.

She had to make sure she was really dead. She slowly walked toward her as if Asha was an animal that could jump on her at any moment. She lowered herself, pressing her fingers against her friend’s throat (or what was left of it). No pulse. She wasn’t even bleeding anymore. If her blood was still trickling, this meant her heart was still pumping but she was empty. All of her blood was now the floor. The pool stopped growing and Dot’s footstep in it made it shake a little.

She didn’t know the official procedure when there was a death at a hospital. Contacting the family was pretty much useless but she tried anyways. She faced a camera near her and she said, her voice shaking,

“Hum, this is, uh, Dorothy Shelley and, uh, Asha Sur is dead. So she was my friend and, yeah, don’t look at the clip of her death if you are, uh, her family or her friends back home, you know? I don’t think she’d, uh, like that? I just wanted to ask if I could take her flower pin, if you wouldn’t mind.”

Her audience stayed quiet. Hopefully the terrorists wouldn’t mute what she said to the camera, she took another glance at the camera.

“Just to keep, you know, a memory of her? Like I don’t like how she’s, hum, like that in the open and, well, her body is hard to watch. Yeah, so I’ll, uh, do it, I guess. If I go back home, I’ll give it back and if I don’t, well, then I’m sorry.”
Her audience, once again said nothing. Chances are the terrorists were looking at her like as if she was the biggest idiot or maybe some pitied her and thought how tragic it was. She mentally scratched that last part: if they cared about her or her peer, none of this would have happened.

She quickly headed back to the room that Asha and Jae were-

Where was Jae? She looked around her. No sign of him. Maybe he went after Iz after she passed out or protected her for a while and decided to leave her because he had something to do. Her heart started beating fast. This meant she was alone and maybe Iz and her shadow were close.

She hastened herself, grabbing the sheet off the mattress. She pulled it, tearing the fabric, making the same noise when a sheet of paper was teared. With the rag she had in her hands, she went back to Asha’s corpse and laid the sheet on her body. It wasn’t totally hiding it but at least her face was covered. She harvested the black flower off of Asha’s body and clutched it.

“I hope, uh, you guys, the family and all that, don’t mind.”

She ran her thumb over the hairclip, an emotion worse than sorrow started running in her body. That was it. Asha was dead. Jae was gone. She was alone and Iz and co. were maybe around. If Iz found her passed out in the corridor, she’d been dead. Maybe that was Asha’s last gift, hurting Iz so much she wouldn’t be able to hurt anyone else.

She mouthed a “thank you” toward her friend. A tear started rolling on her cheek but quickly wiped it off. No crying until you are somewhere safe.

She looked around, trying to stay as far away from Asha. She found her friend’s taser. It had been used but there were charges left in Asha’s bag, that was now Dot’s bag unless Jae decided it was his. The whole map that appeared in her head was quickly thrown away when she saw, beside her own bag, Asha’s laying there. Hers was slightly gapped; it must have been opened when Asha, in the darkness, searched for the knife and headed toward her final resting place.

Dorothy shoved her weapon in her bag and transferred the food and water that Asha had left in her bag. There wasn’t much but she’d be able to stay alive with that. The charges for her electric gun were also transferred into her bag. The flower pin was the last thing that entered, it laid on the top beside the charges and a half-eaten food bar.

With everything she could hold under her arm, she left and swore to never come back.

((Dorothy Shelley left this ugly mess.))
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