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Topic Started: Jan 18 2017, 07:26 PM (311 Views)
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It was shitty and Darius walked through the shithole.

He was not alone in the room.

There was a person sleeping in a bed. As a result, they also left their bag unattended. That was a thing. So, he looted the bag and found delicious food. Actually, it was not delicious, but it was food nonetheless. Can’t have too much of it.

Ah, a snack would be cool. So he bit on it.

Oh shit, that guy on the ground opened his eyes. Darius looked at him and recognised that ugly face. He showed him the bitten bread of his.

“Were you gonna eat that?”

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Fucking hell. Will punched him. He was so aggressive, although he did nothing. Gah. And he touched him. God fucking damn it, why did he want to grab him?

“Fuck off, don’t touch me.”

That was his initial reaction. But he could talk himself out of that.

“Hey, sorry man. It’s just that I’m hungry, y’know?”

Really, punching someone just for eating food? What the fuck.

“Calm down, dude. There’s no need to be violent and upset.”

Hm, now that Darius thought about it. There probably was.

Will and Rea. Asshole and total bitch couple. Both were terrible people.

“Anyway, how’s it being single? Feels good? Being freed from Rea.”

He chuckled.

“I mean, Rea was an annoying bitch, wasn’t she?”

It felt good talking about something silly and non-SOTF related like his classmates. Just like back then.
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“Jesus, don’t Samuel L. Jackson me”

((Darius Van Dyke continued from Kiss the Bottle))

Where did the fucking gun come from? That scared him. And that lunatic shot.

“Chill. Let me just enjoy my meal.”

So he continued to devour his midday snack.

Will was no killer. He was a fucking prick and a huge asshole, but is no killer. He’s an idiot, too for firing off the shot. Now real killers might come for them here.

“You don’t need to be so soulless just because your ex decided to become a ginger.”

He chuckled.

“actually, y’know what? That’s it! Your Irish! You’re into irish people, no?”

Makes sense.

“fucking hell, you incestious motherfucker”

Dariush had to giggle at that thought.

“speaking of mother. Your mother played tetris all day.”

Darius was a master at imitating a blowjob face.

“if it fits it disappears.”

Jesus Christ, a joke streak. Bradley would’ve been proud of him.

“Is that how she died? OH GOD MY HAIR BURNS SOMEBODY PUT OUT-”
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Boom. Headshot.

Boy 23 - Darius Van Dyke - Dead

Bye bye, hell.
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