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Demons Dance Alone; Open
Topic Started: Jan 7 2017, 12:09 AM (674 Views)
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((Darius Van Dyke continued from ONE MILLION TROOPS))


A smelly Darius came from the dark, to Lili. He did not know how she found him, but he was glad she did. It's better that she found him than Leslie finding him. In the night the island with such a shitty weather was a pain in the ass. Darius eventually found shelter, slept, woke up and waited for the announcements. After the announcements he finally went to the dangerzone, without a corpse.

and well, in the radio tower there was still nothing. However, when he walked through the former danger zone, he stumbled upon something very sweet.

A corpse of a mexican boy.

And guess what?

His collar was still intact.

That was all he wanted. Now he knew - collars won't be detonated when you're dead. Or, rather, when the terrorists think that you're dead.

Now he just needed to find a way to play dead. A way where he can lie in a danger zone without the terrorists blowing him up. A way to fake his death. A way to survive this bullshit.

How? He could think later about it. Now all he wanted was a drink and a smoke.

"Do you have a cigarette?"
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Lili grabbed him and pulled him and what the fuck. She searched him. What an idiotic girl. He could just silently agree when she hit her head.

"Uhh, girl."

Fuck, what should he say?

"The Library's probably empty or so. Besides, we got a new corpse."

He pointed at the direction of Cristo with the arm that was not taken by Lili.

"We can disable his collar."

Yeah, sure. That was not the plan, but he couldn't go reveal her his plan, right? He couldn't go 'Oh, now that we know that collars don't detonate when you're dead, we can fake our deaths!' That would be dumb as hell. On the other hand, it was hard to fake one's death alone, right?

Perhaps he could kill someone and revive them without the terrorists knowing or something. Like, electrocute them and revive them via electricity. Then they might be free, if the collars are not manually deactivated but automatically.

He needed to figure out whether they are manually or automatically deactivated when someone dies.

That's it.

But first, he wanted a smoke. And a drink.
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"Yeah, but it's way too late now. I think that girl's already gone or so."

Darius shrugged.

"I guess Natalie is able to deal with it. I trust her."

He also crossed his arms. No, he did not trust her a bit. Even if she escaped Leslie, Nat would have no reason to not steal their stuff.

Fucking Leslie ruining his day.

"So why the fuck do you want to go back there? What stuff is important? Do you actually have cigarettes in the bags?"
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"Lili, think about it. People are dying and we have more bags with food than people alive. Rations will never be a problem."

Darius sighed. How can one be so pessimistic?

"Really, I'd agree with you, but then both of us would be wrong."

Darius hoped that they would not meet Leslie again. Because Leslie was spooky. He did not want to know what would've happened if she actually ambushed them without failing. Darius probably would be in a place where no Darius belonged.

But then, Leslie came back. She opened the door and wait that was not Leslie. It was Raina.

"Fuck off! Leave us alone."

Arrogant bitches were not good people on the island.[1][2] Nor were weeaboo bitches.[3] Even if Raina was not a player, Darius' group already had too many members, so there was no room for her to join the Van Dyke squad.[citation needed]
[1] Isabel
[2] Kimiko
[3] Nancy-san-sama-otaku-chan
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There was a line between confident and arrogant. Raina crossed the line. God, what kind of person is she?

"You just look around, huh? Here's absolutely nothing."

He looked closely at Raina and her ugly blue hair and blue-grey outfit. What an otaku.

"Also what the fuck are you wearing, Hatsune? Did Jesus die for these sins as well?"

He pointed his index and middle finger at her as if it was a gun.

"You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Anything you say may be used against you. But give us your damn rations and cigarettes."

He squeezed his fingers.


Improvisation. He had no idea what the fuck he should do. That must look really fucking crazy on the camera.

He looked up. The camera. Oh wait. How the fuck can a camera work without electricity? How can a loudspeaker work without electricity?



Electricity is nice to have. Perhaps to kill someone, perhaps to disable the collars. Who knew.

Still, Raina and Johnny were not good for his plan. He pointed his finger gun at the camera. "You're next."

Then, he turned his head to Cristo.

"What're you looking at? Pointing guns at terrorists and girls entering my door. This is a typical saturday for me."
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This is what Darius was talking about. This. Fucking. Shit.

'Cut. That. Now.'

Lili coorperated with Raina. Fucking hell. There was nobody here he could trust.

"Fine. Then go ahead and do your own escape group. With blackjack and hookers."

Good fucking luck, Hatsune and chinese smoker girl and stoner fucking Johnny.

"I need to piss."

Darius out.

((Darius Van Dyke. Ragequit.))
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