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Demons Dance Alone; Open
Topic Started: Jan 7 2017, 12:09 AM (781 Views)
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[[Taking Over]]

She told him to stay. She glared at him, and looking into her watery eyes startled him. Back then. She was leaving. For a bit, as she said. And Johnny agreed, as he said. He didn't want her to leave, but he didn't want to stop her either.

And there was a shimmer of hope somewhere in Johnny. Something about how Raina really was just going for a bit. How she would just need a walk in the fresh air. To collect her thoughts and then come back.

Time passed, and by then Johnny knew that it just wasn't true. Lili had a plan. Raina had a plan, too. Maybe. A plan she went on to execute, and it was a plan without Johnny. He had a plan, as well. An inkling of a plan in either case. Didn't work out that much anyway. Not anymore, at least.

Johnny had waited a little bit longer. He had still hoped that, if he just kept his composure and waited, he would go right back on track. Raina would come back. That would be fine. Then he would be happy. For a moment, at least, until something else happened.

Raina had asked for him to not follow her. Finally, he chose to disrespect her request.

[[Johnny McKay, continued in Wait, don't be hasty]]
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