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Alone Again (Naturally); Two-shot
Topic Started: Jan 5 2017, 07:44 PM (149 Views)
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((Alessio Rigano continued from 70's Horror Movies II))

He should have went back to the room, to grab Alvaro, to let them leave together. But Alessio did not dare to go back to Michael. Al was outside the door, waited for Alvaro to come, but Alvaro did not come.

That's when Alessio left. That's when he left Alvaro alone with Michael and Maria. Who knew which one of these 3 will die in a confrontation?

It was better for Alessio to let them alone, to let them fight, to let them die.

Even though Alessio had a need to talk with someone, a friend, like Alvaro. But it was too late now, and he needed to resist these irrational, emotional needs.

Still, through the night, as he walked through the Asylum, he had still curious thoughts. What had Alvaro experienced? He had a gun, how was it having a gun? How was it to wield so much power, to have so much control.

Did Alvaro also know his pain? No, Al's pain was just experienced by him.

Alvaro had a date at Sadie Hawkins, Al did not. Al was just awkwardly there with Rene and Cristo and...ugh. Alvaro had Lily. Al wanted to know if Alvaro liked Lily as much as Al did like Vanessa, but no. It did not matter. Lily and Alvaro probably just went there as friends. Alvaro had no girlfriend, or had never told Al that he had one. But yet, Alessio felt jealous of Alvaro. He went out with a girl at Sadie Hawkins, while Alessio will never experience such a thing. He'll die on the island. Alone. With nobody at his side. He can't turn back time. Won't make friends on the island, won't make friends in Kingman.

He wanted someone to spend time with. But he just had himself. And the only people who know what he felt and what he had done were the terrorists watching. But he wanted to voice his feelings to his friends as well. But he had none. None alive, none that will be alive once the game ends.

He went up again. The Rooftop. What a place to sleep. Like yesterday. Fuck, 24 hours are already gone. Time flies. There were lots of other thoughts Alessio had before he fell asleep, but he forgot them when he closed his eyes and dreamt.
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The rain was heavy and the sound of the rain were on one hand calming down, but Al getting wet was making him not feel warm. He had nothing to use as a bedsheet other than his bloodied hoodie he put over his body to cover his face from the rain. Water rained on Al, but he was not getting clean.

In fact, it just made him dirty. His name just began to become dirty.

After sleeping comfortable, but also waking up from time to time, the announcements woke him up.

Danya announced Alessio as if he was a monster he likes, a favourite contestant because he had killed, but Alessio did not care a bit what Danya thought about him. He just cared what Vanessa now thought. Hopefully Vanessa had heard it, her best friend being dead because of him. Because of her. Because of her not wanting his help to find Cam. Because of her another person died, Henry. If the two of them had stayed together, things would have been different.

Very different.

Anyways, the announcements were over and the Asylum was not a dangerzone.

That was all that mattered now. He supposed he could also think about the fact that Alvaro was a dangerous fucker who had killed Jasper, but Alessio was way too tired to think about that. Oskar also died. But Al was sleepy.

The announcement was just an annoying alarm clock. On a sunday. That meant that Alessio could continue sleeping.

So he stood up, threw his wetted hoodie on the ground, with the rubik's cube falling out of it. So he laid on the ground, that was still wet, but less wet than the night. He closed his eyes and slept the hours he had woken up the night.

He was too exhausted to react when footsteps neared him while he slept.

But when he opened his eyes it was too late.

All he could see were ugly black shoes with neon shoelaces that went directly to his face.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Hang in There))
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