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Rank (Your Own) Characters!
Topic Started: Jan 3 2017, 01:23 AM (2,309 Views)
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Only gonna do characters who I controlled for their island durations, and I'm not really considering pregame in these. Otherwise, I'll have at.

Great Tier:
1. Jeremy Frasier (V6) - Admittedly he was probably the worst of my three kids come the start of V6 but I'd say that I was able to turn that around by World Belongs to the Mad and I was able to turn him into the best of my three around Noland the Liar. Happy with what I did with him, happy that I was able to turn him into what he became, and I'm happy that I was able to do the majority of the things I wanted to do with him since before the game began. Although I still wish I didn't get hit with him when I did I was able to turn that around and win BDA, so there's not really much that I can fault with him.

Good Tier:
2. Alvaro Vacanti (V6) - I was debating whether to put him in this tier or to place him above into the great tier but I feel that he fits better at the top of this tier. He was basically my "baby's first player" character and despite hiccups (Coming Out The Closet, the Irene kill) I'm just generally happy that I was able to do basically everything I wanted to do with him. The reason he's here though and not in the above tier is that he sorta waned off near the end of his story - I had him repeat himself too much and he really, really needed to die when he did, otherwise he probably would have become a lot worse.

Decent Tier:
3. Jasmine King (V6) - Yeah to be honest she was sorta just fodder. I did have long term plans with her but they were more a case of what would happen if she made it further rather than when her story hit a certain point. She also got the most drag out of threads, with me having to bail on two threads before I felt like I could due to OOC reasons and probably having the least interesting interactions out of all my cast. Still, I like the oneshot + her death, and she sorta did teach me how to use parallel structure, so I can thank her for that, at the very least. Maybe if there is a next time for her I'll make her a little less one-note a character, and maybe take her island story in a different direction.

Meh Tier
4. Michael Robinson (TV2) - Hey, kids? Here's a good piece of advice: don't adopt someone as your first character. I'd say that there is some good in his story (I hit my stride with him in Red Sun, and apparently Toben thinks Michael's one of the best deaths of TV2 so hey, there's that) but he's sorta bogged down in the issue that I didn't really know what to do with him or how to write his voice and his arc turned out to actually be pretty inconsistent in places.

Bad Tier:

Shit Tier:

Feel free to disagree/tell me why I'm wrong/etc. These are just my own thoughts.
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