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Rank (Your Own) Characters!
Topic Started: Jan 3 2017, 01:23 AM (2,294 Views)
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These are all very cool and interesting to read! I'll rank mine too, I suppose. Without Lance, cause he's still alive and I'm not sure if I still like him when he bites the dust.

6. Forrest

He was a failed concept not going in the direction I wanted him to go. That's why he has to come back for SC3.

5. Conrad

Who. Writing him was a challenge and pretty hard. I don't think I really made him a good character. I even had less motivation to write him than Forrest and kinda wanted to swap him for Scarlett or Jeremiah, but I had to be stubborn and choose to write him. On the plus site, writing the relationship with Clarice was great and I think the chemistry was written well. Same with the Kizi crush.

4. Darius

Pregame with him was a blast. MFAA was the most fun thing I've written in pregame. Same goes with the island. I really liked writing with CBP! I was hyped to write a proper escape group. However I kinda slaughtered Darius into making him a stupid one-noted comic relief character that could not be taken serious, which is what I'm kinda sad of. Which is why I decided to kill him because I couldn't take him serious myself. I hope Toxie will write him better in SC3.

3. Blaine

I did everything I wanted and he got rolled at the perfect time. Gilbert.

2. Al

My longest living character. I am glad I could execute so many ideas I had. Pregame and Island. The long run did kinda harm him, since Al was very much a mess at the end. But I guess that fits him. I have some decisions with him I regret, but I suppose that's a learning experience of what I can do better in V7.

1. Gene

My very first character that connects me with the best memories. It was very fun to write him and interact with all the cool people. Due to his story being short enough that I did not mess him up gives me good feels. Would've loved to have continued writing him beyond his death though, since I had much more wacky ideas, but whatever. The threads with Yagmur were my favourite threads on SOTF and I hope that me writing with Goose in SC2 will somehow recreate this magic.
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