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Topic Started: Jan 3 2017, 01:23 AM (2,301 Views)
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1.) Cathryn Bailey (TV2)
2.) Juhan Levandi (V5)
3.) Carmina Maliksi (V5)
4.) Damion Castillo (TV2)
5.) Oscar Trig (V5)

From bottom to top:
Oscar Trig goes at the bottom because he got hit by the rolls almost immediately. I'd only adopted him on a whim, and while I feel he could've done reasonably well had he just lived longer, and while I'm reasonably OK with his writing and the way his threads went, he edges out Damion for the bottom because I had no direction for him. And so little happened with him that oftentimes I actually forget that he was a thing.

Damion Castillo is one of my biggest regrets. I really, really wish I hadn't been rolled so quickly in TV2 because I had p l a n s for him that I was very excited about (although I don't regret swapping at all). The two threads he was in were pretty solid, and his death was OK, but I feel he's just a bunch of wasted potential.

Carmina is by far my roughest character writing-wise. However, even though she got rolled out immediately like Damion and Oscar, I place her above them because I actually got to do a few things with her, and I feel I got plenty of mileage out of her time on the island. Also, writing her death scene was one of the smoothest experiences I've had on this thread.

Juhan also had a pretty rough time on the island because of the escape, really, really slow posting, and the crash, but I'm rather attached to him because he was my first character. I feel I really improved with him over the course of V5. Also, his last three threads were wonderful, and I'm really proud of how they turned out.

Aaaaand Cathryn. I swapped her out for Damion because I wanted to try something different, and I got something different. I loved everything about writing her. Honestly, I think part of it was that I got really lucky with how her flow went? Like, I didn't have any threads that went slow until around endgame (lol). And because she was a solitary character, it allowed me to just drift around threads and write with a lot of really awesome people. Also, she's the character whose plotline I feel most satisfied with. Like, I feel like I've done everything I wanted to with her (although I do have some minor regrets about how her story ended).
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