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Topic Started: Jan 3 2017, 01:23 AM (2,212 Views)
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In descending order (Best to worst):

1. RJ Roger Jr. (V5)

2. Ashley Namath (TV2)

3. Davis Todd (TV2)

4. Venice Pennington-Johannes (V5)

5. Vincent Holway (adopted from Bikriki) (TV2)

6. Marcus Leung (Adopted from Solomir/backslash) (V5).

I have soooooooo many gripes with RJ it's not even funny, but I do have to admit he's the closest I've done to getting the ideal SOTF run down. Most of my negativity towards him does come from pre-game/profile, and that's purely on it's quality, rather then content. It's just bad writing. In-game, I was fortunate to share a couple scenes with two of the best chars in v5 (Joe Carrasco and Madeline Wilcox), and it's needless to say those are the ones I'm most proud of, along with working Iceblock in Lauren's death. And admittedly I do think I sorta powered up in the jump to the island, in terms of sentence structure/grammar/etc. It's nice to see your own improvement.

Ashley would probably be number one if I had treated her with more respect. She's the type of character I kinda don't like, in general, and maybe that's why I had too much fun writing her, and didn't get as serious as I could have. Of course, maybe that's partly why she even worked in the first pace. The most important thing was that she was a learning experience, and that's especially true in hindsight.

Davis is probably the kid I have the least problems with. Not just cause he was the first to die in TV2 either. I hadn't planned for him to go that way, but it still worked out, which is pretty much what I hope for with all my characters. There is still the whole business with his fight with Gabriel not being explained very well, which I do regret, but I actually don't think it's that bad in comparison with my other kids.

Venice was...me wanting to write a second character in V5. That's pretty much why she exists. Well that, and I felt I needed to try and improve on/take a break from RJ. So on that level, success! She didn't really do a whole lot though, and that factors into why I'm such a fan of winging stuff these days, since pre-game plans fell through. Her island time was rather short too and she can come off as a bit naive, and suffers the most accidental of accidental deaths.

I loved Vincent in TV2, and when Biki asked me to adopt him, I was more then happy to. But the following threads weren't all that spectacular (he dies in the second thread I write for him) in the grand scheme of thing, and I eventually swapped him for Ashley when she got rolled the first time. I kinda wish I hadn't. It was fun and I liked writing him, I just feel like I should have done more.

Hnnnnnnnnng. Marcus is hard to talk about. As a writer, I really enjoyed what I did with him on a conceptual level and would probably do so again, but as a reader there's a lot of stuff to not like about him - and that stuff is something I can only properly explain outright, which is a super huge flaw on my part. That includes tone, dialogue, thread titles...it's something that can be enjoyed in the moment but something that really falls flat on repeated reads. That goes double for the death thread, and triple for the death post.
V7 relationship thread! Say hi to my kids!
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