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Topic Started: Jan 3 2017, 01:23 AM (2,295 Views)
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High Tier
1. Bridgette Sommerfeld (V6/SC2) - Bridgette's probably the only character of mine I'm happy with, and feel like is a 'good' character. She was a fun mindset to get into (partially done bc of feedback I got from Toben on Tori a while back) and an interesting exercise in writing a player. Only regret is being unable to make her a real player in both her runs.

2. Leah Bissard (TV2) - I personally feel like Leah is an average character, but I'm satisfied with her short run in TV2. It's a nice and self-contained storyline that works for her.

3. Jasper Bustamante (V6) - I don't have too much beef with him. I think I have him a solid character voice, and my only gripe is that I didn't get to end his storyline myself (not to knock Cicada tho).

Middle Tier
4. Samuel Howard (V6) - I have no real feelings for Samuel. He had the least planned out of my V6 crew, and in retrospect, I should've swapped him with Haley Juarez. Fun to write, but ended up amounting to a whole lot of nothing.

Went Too Long Tier
5. Tucker Hopkins (TV2) - I'm going to talk abt Tucker and Veronica in the same thing bc I'm lazy. I feel like both of their storylines went far too long, and by the end, had little substance. At least Tucker's better written.

6. Veronica McDonald (V5) - Same problems as Tucker, but more prolonged and arguably worse.

Low Tier
7. Jason Meyers (V5) - Not the best writing relative to other characters, but he was okay for a character slated to die in pregame.

8. Tori Gavlik (PV2) - Tori's writing was particularly capricious, and didn't make sense in retrospect. Also ended up dying a cheap collar detonation death. Overall fairly unhappy with her.

9. Natalia Kowalski (V5) - A boring girl who went terminally inactive. Definitely my worst.

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