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Topic Started: Jan 3 2017, 01:23 AM (2,319 Views)
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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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I'm gonna totally bite off Goose and put my current kids in italics too because I'm a shameless thief who should be stopped before she gets her hands on all the jewels in Candyland.

1. Gabriel Munez
2. Caedyn Miller
3. Joachim Lovelace
4. Ty Yazzie
5. Alda Abbate
6. Irene Djezari
7. Garrett Wilde
8. Vahka Basayev
9. Abby Floyd

Bottom to top:

Oh Abby. You were doomed from the start. Abby was my attempt to write a full on good person, and I struggled with her a ton during pre-game(she was almost left home entirely instead of Isaac), but I felt like I started to get the handle of her at the beginning of her game. But I gave myself a condition early on in her planning for Abby full on snapping, and that was "Cristo dies in front of her before anyone else." I figured it would never be fulfilled. Spoilers: It super was. As a result, I cut Abby's story short, and I feel like her story is probably my weakest for it. One of two I consider a failure of execution.

Vahka was kinda a hot mess. He was more of an idea than a character and I think a lot of his interesting character notes that I really enjoyed in pre-game ended up sacrificed to that character without proper development, which was a big dropped ball on my part. He's the other character I consider a failure of execution.

Garrett has a lot of obvious first character roughness to him, especially in the beginning and middle of his story. I do feel like he really picks up around Jaq's death and I'm not as hard on him as I used to be. His death scene is still probably my favorite I've been involved in.

Irene's my slow roller right now. I'm not really sure where I'm going with her, just that I'm enjoying what's up and I feel like she has potential to be a good support going forward. She's this low simply because I don't really have a good picture of what her story's gonna be like, but I love her.

Alda was just a blast to write. I didn't have her for very long, or at least it doesn't feel like it looking back(I'm sure checking dates would disabuse me of this notion), but every post with her was a joy. I feel like her story ends up kinda one dimensional because of the focuses I chose, but she's probably the character I remember most fondly.

Man, if I'd done this a couple weeks ago Ty would have been at the bottom. This last thread has done a lot for my will to write him though, and I feel like he has a much clearer arc going forward now that I can focus on. I'm really vibing on it. Snaps to Grim and Courtney for dragging my sorry ass to an interesting narrative space XD

One of the number one fangirl moments of my life was Riki asking me to write Joachim. I feel like that pretty much speaks for itself as to why he's up here.

Disclaimer: I am almost definitely super, suuuuuuuuuper overrating Caedyn here. She's just a blast to write and I enjoy getting real fucked up with her.

Gabe is the one character who I feel everything went right for. There are no threads, pre-game or game, that I look at and feel like didn't fit or broke his flow or he didn't belong in. He's got a nice, tight story that ends in a place that I feel is pretty obvious from his conception and was exactly where I always intended for him to head. I love the grumpy little son of a bitch, and my only regret is that I never got to expand on and explore his deeply repressed sexuality at all, because obviously we're a community that's just starved for sad gay boys, haven't seen one of them in these here parts since '86.

Honorary shout-out to my greatest character ever, Pink Voice.
SotF Characters

the highest honor i'll ever achieve

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