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Topic Started: Jan 3 2017, 01:23 AM (2,323 Views)
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1. Shawn Bowe-Crooke (PV2)
2. Karl Chalmers (SC2)
3. Sandra Dyer (V6)
4. Nancy Kyle (V6)
5. Corey Esposito (V5)
6. Augustus McDougal (SC2)
7. Jennifer Su (V6)
8. Valerie Fitzroy (TV2)
9. Clair Belvedere (Virtua)
10. Christopher Schwartz (TV2)
11. Yukiko Sakurai (V5)
12. Nancy Morris (PV2)
13. Vivian Cathwell (Virtua)

Shawn: This is almost a tie between Shawn and Karl, but Shawn edges out very slightly for being more fun to write, even if the way he died wasn't too great. Planning for things around Shawn was probably the most fun I've ever had.

Karl: Even though Karl is slightly below Shawn, that amount is almost infinitesimal. I still feel that his start was a bit weird, but by the end things really clicked together. Besides, Toben complimented me on my portrayal of Karl, so I can't be doing all bad.

Sandra: Tentative, as I haven't been able to put my plan for her into action yet, but I'm enjoying writing Sandra a lot. It looks like things are about to look up, too, so we'll see where she goes from here.

Nancy K.: Not the strongest killer this version, I'll be the first to admit. But I'm having fun writing Nancy getting into fights and causing tension. The problem is that when she's not doing so, writing her is kind of slow.

Corey: I had Corey's voice down, and that was fun to write, but the problem with Corey was that his momentum in threads slowed to a crawl near the end. I enjoyed writing his death, though. It's just that the thread before killed his flow.

Augustus: Similarly to Corey, Augustus's voice was fun to discover. The problem with Augustus was that he lasted for all of three threads, and by the last thread I wasn't sure what direction to bring him. Had I found where I wanted to take him, he could have been a much stronger character. Oh, and not getting rolled so early might have helped, too.

Jennifer: This is all Espi's fault, just so you know.

Valerie: Valerie wasn't conceived as a background character, but in the end that's what she ended up being. I guess it's ironic that the leader of the band ended up be the least significant. Had I kept her alive... maybe I could have made something of her, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Clair: My biggest mistake with Clair was swapping her out for Vivian. She had so much potential, but unfortunately I was newbie to SOTF at the time, and I ended up flagshipping Vivian instead, which... yeah, you'll see what I think of that in hindsight below. Had Clair survived longer, there were so many good places I could have taken her, but it never happened. SC2 will hopefully rectify this.

Christopher: Christopher was supposed to have been affected by his girlfriend's death so much that he started killing (which is kind of what ended up happening, thanks Mini_HELP!), but at that point my motivation for SOTF was low, and, combined with a bout of frustration due to death planning, made me lose the will to write in TV2. In the end, I gave him up for adoption, but no one took him, so he was inactive'd. In the end, he did accomplish something, but it wasn't by my hands. Poor results all around.

Yukiko: Oh, Yukiko... you were supposed to turn out way better than this. I think my biggest problem with Yukiko was that, while I thought I knew where I wanted to bring her arc, it turned out I only thought I knew. Her killing of Stacey was my attempt to bring her in that arc direction, but I couldn't gel with it after the thread, especially with what ended up happening in the thread. So I offer an apology to Aura for such a contrived death.

Nancy M.: literally who

Vivian: hahahaha
Let's show that private threads still aren't necessary! I pledge not to start any private threads on the island in V6. If I started a thread in-game, you are welcome to join it.

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