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Welcome to Survival of the Fittest, a RPing board loosely based off of Koshun Takami's Battle Royale, with its own unique plot and spin on the 'deadly game'. We've been around quite a while, and are now in our thirteenth year, so don't worry about us going anywhere any time soon!

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Topic Started: Jan 3 2017, 01:23 AM (2,307 Views)
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My lads (sans Astrid and Bryony since their stories are still ongoing)!


And some thoughts on such!;

  • Second Chances Glen is probably the most writing I've done in conjunction with the most complete story in addition to being someone I had a lot of fun writing. It wasn't a hard decision to put him at the top.
  • Lucia, Amelia and Carlyle were all characters who had their own various flaws, some more noticeable than others, but that, again, had what I felt was a complete, rounded out story as well as being just fun to write. Francis had nowhere near a complete story and was killed off way too soon in hindsight, but I feel my writing with him was really solid.
  • From Mia to TV!Glen we have characters I still enjoyed writing but have much more prominent issues, whether they're visible in the text itself (Owen suffering from SI-Favouritism, TV!Glen being my early and crappier writing) or whether I have personal issues with how they turned out (There were a lot of OOC issues that led to me being very dissatisfied with how parts of Bunny and Mia turned out)
  • Aileen I feel really bad about, and I'm probably being a lot harsher on myself than necessary, but I don't think I did the character justice to Kami's original version, even ignoring her very short span of living.


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