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Rank (Your Own) Characters!
Topic Started: Jan 3 2017, 01:23 AM (2,302 Views)
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i'm not upset
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After a lot of very painful inner debate and soul searching I decided to give my ranking list

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i'm not upset
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Ah fuck it, I'll do a real one. I liked Dodd's method of starting with the worst and getting progressively better so I'm stealing that. Also I have roughly 10 things I'm procrastinating on one of which is feeding myself. Like Adam as well, this will be long,

17. Michael Sekooler (Program)

This was garbage and I think at the time I had too many characters across the various games and I just gave the fuck up here. It's not a bad concept at all, especially in the Program-verse. Just like....God, I did not try. He lasts two threads, does nothing and is killed by Bcarve who beats him to death with a shovel, which is the best thing Michael ever did. I purposely keep him out of lists of my kids and it's become a running joke for Courtney to bring him up so I can remember how poorly I did.

16. Norma Jean Torkleson (TV2)

Mimi convinced me to be in TV2 so she wouldn't be alone and also said I should try to make a character not based on someone I know. Norma happened. She was also my attempt to write someone dumb. I honestly don't remember anything about her. Seth had to remind me that he killed me because I couldn't even remember how she died. So forgettable that I can't recall anything she did and I was the one who wrote it.

15. Liz Polanski (Second Chances)

I had to do a ton of work to overhaul Liz's profile to make it suitable for uh, someone giving it a better critique and she died in the first roll. She just kindda didn't have enough time for me to get a feeling for her. Oh well.

14. Sally Connelly (V4)

Kindda fun, but ultimately shallow character. My first character to die ever. The death holds up alright, but she was also Reiko's first kill which I regret with the benefit of hindsight. Actually she was made entirely because Rocky asked me if I could make an ice skating rival for Rieko. Good dry run for some parts of Mara's personality later? This is probably the least emotionally complex character I ever wrote. But hey, real!Sally was cool with being a flat villain as long as she was 5 pounds lighter than real life in her profile.

13. Jeanette Buendia (TV1)

I made this character in part, again, because Rachel who was playing April wanted a friend for her character. I'm starting to see a pattern with these kids I'm not so proud of. Wacky, weird and with an attempt at some depth and emotion at the 11th hour. This concept was a little too thin for me to work with and I didn't go in with a plan so she tends to be kind of annoying and doesn't contribute a ton. I had some idea of having her be a player that kind of lulled people into a false sense of security with her goofy behavior. I heard that second chances Jeanette is good though? So at least something came out of this.

12. Sally Connelly (Second Chances)

A slight improvement! Still nothing to write home about though. In this iteration her rival is not Rieko, but Nick Ried. I don't know why I felt she needed a rival every time. She lasts um...two rolls longer, but she shows that there's a little more to her than just a vapid, mean girl. Not a lot more, but a little more. Truly what second chances is all about.

11. Autumn O'Leery (V4)

I adopted this girl from Mimi when she went inactive. Autumn had this insanely complex, sprawling soap opera backstory, much of which wasn't even written down in the v4 pre-game but that I had to be told about via the different participants. There was so much to remember to juggle with Autumn that it was difficult. I can juggle a lot with my own children because it's like starting with one ball and then progressively getting tossed balls until you're juggling 6. If someone throws all six at you at once, you're gonna fuck it up. Toben said that fact that she out-lasts all the other players in that drama makes her feel a bit displaced, which I agree with. I will say though, I love the hell out of her death. Weak story, excellent death.

10. Kendra (Program)

There must be something about the Gregory sisters. They were my two most successful mini entrants. I think Kendra is my guilty pleasure. Her plots were not terribly strong, she did not forge strong relationships and sometimes she was a bit forced (why did you break out into a ballet routine in the middle of a death game?) but I liked her character. She was a cute ballerina with the mouth of a sailor that was just a bit bewildered by the whole situation. Maybe if she was less abrasive people would have stopped running from her.

9. Hazel Jung (v6)

We have now entered into the "okay zone." Hazel is okay. I adopted her from Sansa and her scene with Min Jae at the car port and the one at the end are strong, but I'm not going to lie to you. Zarina was carrying more of the weight there. That's kind of Hazel's problem. Again, I struggled to get into this character's head and she's bolstered up by the fact that everyone around her is carrying more weight. Jeremy and Jordan and wonderful as are Min-Jae and Nate and they elevated Hazel. I couldn't recommend her on her own, but if you get recommended any of those people, Hazel doesn't drag anything down or distract in any way.

8. Mary-Ann Warren (v4)

This is my favorite adoption, if that counts for anything. I was the FOURTH writer to take her which may be an SOTF record? However, I was also the one who had her the longest. Mary-Ann was blessed with having a very compelling romance with the superior RJ Lowe when I came in, so my job was easy. Their romance chugs along well, but when he dies the narrative meanders until you get to a really upsetting Peter Sui death that I think still haunts Rattle to this day.

7. Isabel Guerra (v4)

Hey it's me. This was my self-insert and the first character I submitted. I think I was too self-absorbed when writing this character. She's full of self-reference and sometimes that locks you out from what other characters are doing. I didn't have time to pre game with her so her story is littered with flashbacks that ultimately don't matter. She has a blue text voice that follows her sometimes telling her that she sucks. But once she got into the escape plot things start to roll and she comes out of her shell a bit more. Super rough start, pretty good finish (though she is an afterthought in the labyrinth of scenes that is "Monsters"). Most improved sticker.


6. Paris Ardennes (v5)

We're slowly creeping up into the "good zone." I love Paris. He was some of the most fun I have ever had writing a character. He was twisted, crazy, evil and charming. He was very experimental in that I felt that it was hard for me to manipulate people if they knew what the character was thinking so I just cut that piece out and he spent all of pre-game scamming and lying to people without anyone aware that he was malicious. As the game went on, the other writers began to have their suspicions he might not be on the level until it's revealed he tricked someone into committing a murder for him. He is not without problems, major major problems. One, that he never had a proper opponent so we never got a chance to know if he really was so good at manipulating since everyone he encountered pretty much just took him at face value and trusted him. Two, which Mara said, sometimes his dialog tended to sound overly artificial. Three, his death was a bit of an anti-climax which is due in part to really bad OOC stuff taking the wind out of my sails. By the time he was rolled, I had had to deal with a lot of unfortunate OOC things that made me want him dead as soon as possible. He probably deserved better, but again, I hear that his Second Chances run is phenomenal. Dreams do come true.

5. Ethan Kent (v4)

I waffled as to whether to put Paris ahead of Ethan or Ethan ahead of Paris and Ethan won out for having a more consistent story. Aside from facilitating the escape, I like how weird a character he was. Like, a computer nerd with the arrogance and confidence of a jock who was also an insatiable ladies man that would probably die from one of his millions of allergies and asthma. Weird. But it worked? He's borderline a villain that's only redeemed by his relationship with Feo as well as his desire to prove how awesome he is by blowing himself up. He's like a math rock star.

4. Michelle Wexler (v5)

When I make a character I tend to use a person I know as the base-concept of the character and then they kind of grow and change on their own due to their experience as well as my own personality getting in there. Michelle is based on my best friend in the world who I would die for, which is probably why she turned out the closest to the real person. It was very hard to try and capture the essence of the world's most adorable human, but I made a good effort. Special shout out to Espi as Gwen in making the group great. Her story is heartfelt, tragic and engaging (though she has a really bad dream-sequence I wish I could erase). Oh and a death that made a bunch of people cry. Go hug your pet.

3. Taryn Gregory (Evolution)

My first character EVER to be in a game. Evolution started a bit before v4 did. Taryn has all the classic Rugga staples: cute girl, emotional problems, family issues. She's kind, but no-nonsense and ruthless because of her desperate attempts to beat the clock and win before her mother dies of terminal cancer (her family was on the way to the hospital and she got nabbed buying a drink from the gas station while they filled up). Evo is very short, but I liked her mother-like personality and her relationship with Kate as well as the slight twist at the end regarding her motivations for saving her new friend.

2. Caleb Daimond (v6)

Naft disagrees with me here and ranked Caleb # 1. I like him, but not more than the top two I think. He's this paranoid, low self-esteem mess who creates a lot of his own problems and hides behind jokes. Positives: very short story, almost no fat on the narrative, well constructed. Even his weird side-trip with Maria serves the purpose to explain more about him and demonstrates the toll the insomnia is starting to take. Cons: not a lot of time to flesh him out. However, maybe he didn't need more time. Maybe he's fine as is, which is something that he never thought about himself.


1. Amaranta Montalvo (v5)

Uh, I think she's well tread ground. She won. The best thing about her is how she starts as this broken person and then eventually morphs and changes in to a different kind of broken person that still maintains the same core. In Adam's read through I think he said "I hated her in the first three threads and then I started to like her" which is how I feel too, I think. She started as someone whose own sister was psyched to hear she died in a plane crash (Amaranta's is by far the most fucked up family of any kid i've written), but by the end you're kind of rooting for her.

1. Nick LeMonde (v4)

When v4 ended and v5 started I was very worried that I would never make anything as good as Nick LeMonde again. He was largely ignored at the time of v4 despite coming in 20th place out of roughly 1,204,324 kids because in a sea of Maxwells, Emas and Reikos who wanted to read about a goof built like a fridge with a doomed romance? He's a kid with Aspergers who loves everyone with all his heart, but wants to live so he enters into a player alliance with Teo and Gracie and kills, feeling terrible about it the whole way through. The alliance is thrown out of whack when a girl with a crush on him named Jessica shows up and he has to figure out how far he's willing to go to live. His death is also somewhat experimental but I've always like it. A nice end for a nice boy.
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