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Topic Started: Jan 3 2017, 01:23 AM (1,995 Views)
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Just in terms of a general how much I liked writing them and how successful I think their stories were:

Deanna Hull (v5) > Andrea Raymer (v4) > Kaitlyn Greene (v6) - tentative > Jesse Jennings (v5) > Eris Marquis (v3) > Ricky Fortino (v4) > Imraan Al-Hariq (v4) > Carly Jean Dooley (v4) > Badass Johnny Lancer (v3)

Dee stands way above for me because not only was she totally disparate from the selfish asshole kids I usually tend to do, but she worked even better than I could have planned and made me a hopefully better, speedier, more confident writer going forward. Andrea's my longest-running charrie and I could probably write about her forever. She has a lot of v4-era problems and was an obvious flagship type, but eh. Kaitlyn could easily move up depending on what she ends up doing. She's a fucking blast and a half.

Jesse was a success with an easy voice even if he broke no new ground. Eris was completely fun and I look back at her fondly even though she's got a ton of my terrible youthful junk in there. Ricky was basically a dumber, lesser version of all my good characters.

Imraan was a fucking nightmare to write and almost drove me away from the site entirely. Thankfully I'm not that kind of drama queen anymore but OH MY GOD I hated him. He's better in hindsight but his voice was impossible to ever find and I loathed where he ended up going. Carly Jean was a nothing character I always knew would be early swap/hero fodder and I never tried with her. Badass Johnny was a goddamn dumpster fire. Okay, he's probably not quite as bad as I've claimed he was especially since what the hell would you do if you'd adopted him as your first ever character and were still in your youthful bad writing stage, so.... no, he's still a horrorshow.

G058: Kaitlyn Greene aka Katy Buried - Horse Tranquilizer and Syringe
She Knew She'd Found Freedom - Questions - Fools - Barons - Opportunities - Sideshows - Dawns - Gulches

G038: Deanna Hull - Replica Freddy Glove - DECEASED
From Sea to Sky -Smoke--Sun--Tiki--Nine--Repeat--Talk--Now--Drift--Hunger--Valley--Fall--Rust--Paper--Heart--Sky-
B023: Jesse Jennings - Riz Action Figure - DECEASED
From Vision to Glory -Vision--Summon--Time--Plan--Length--Sleep--Cause-

B006: Ricky Fortino - Trowel - DECEASED
B022: Imraan Al-Hariq - Remington 870 - DECEASED
G036: Carly Jean Dooley - VASE D: - DECEASED
G077: Andrea Raymer - Gunpowder - ?????
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