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Topic Started: Jan 3 2017, 01:23 AM (2,320 Views)
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That's Just Crazy Talk
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Okay, from top to bottom, we've got:

1) Tom Guthrie (V4)
2) Madeleine Smith (V4)
3) Jimmy Trejo (Adopted, V3)
4) Harold Fisher (V4)
5) Rachel Gettys (Adopted, V4)
6) George Leidman (V4)

To put it simply, I really loved playing a guy who knew that something was screwy with his ally, but didn't want to abandon him or rat him out for fear of losing the advantage of numbers. Tom Guthrie, I think, could have gone in a lot of interesting directions if I'd had the chance to play him longer, since I wanted to play him as comic relief, trying to lighten the mood with bad jokes, but there was never an occasion where trying to interject a joke wouldn't have seemed really awkward and/or forced. Still though, of all my V4 islanders, he got the most use out of the time he had, and his death was an amazing setup for Aaron Hughes. As the comic relief, Tom was always going to be a dramatic foil for someone else, and I think he fulfilled that role quite well.

Madeleine, after her first kill, had basically her entire plot mapped out for her. Killing Jonathan Jarocki and promising to find Anna Chase essentially gave her the motivation she needed for the rest of the game. Having a socially-inept artist girl become this sworn protector would have been a neat juxtaposition, I felt, but things weren't going fantastically in my personal life, so I had to leave her to be adopted, at which point she just turned into an outright player and the moment was lost. If there's a character who I wish I could have personally run to the finish, it would probably have been Madeleine, and of the characters I left for adoption, she's the only one I have true regrets about.

For Jimmy, I feel like my inexperience definitely showed with how I approached him. A lack of finesse in writing, a lack of skill in conveying action, and so on all combined to make his stay on the island seem really forced and weird. Still, I loved Jimmy. I loved the challenge of writing someone who could only discern shapes at best, and trying to cope with the island when you have a disability like that. Besides which, he had some good emotional moments on the island and I liked his death the most out of any of the characters I wrote for. If I had the skill and knowledge that I do today, I think he would have been considerably more polished and presentable.

Harold Fisher, I think the problem was that I was too hasty in using my Save. Harold was always intended to be a joke from the start, a fat, arrogant slob who could never have the bite to match his bark, but the manner in which I chose to kill him turned him from a joke to an outright embarrassment. The reason why I ranked him higher than the last two on my list is because I had fun writing the guy, even with his intentional inadequacy. He had a weird attitude and a love of eating that gave him some additional quirks besides a simple desire to become a player, and I never found myself lacking for what to have him say or do, which is more than I can say for the next two.

Rachel Gettys was an oddball to begin with. Framed as a delusional religious zealot who had this weird idea that she was going to be spirited away from the island, she immediately presented several barriers to any kind of coherent thread interaction. The fact of the matter is, I didn't know what direction to take her in, whether to have her experience an epiphany and realize how crazy she was acting or to just descend headlong into madness. And as a result, I was a-okay with making her someone else's problem.

Finally, George Leidman, who can best be summed up with the word "CARLY!" Lovesick George was a mess from the word go, since everything he said and did just creeped people out in his threads, and his entire motivation began and ended with finding Carly Jean-Dooley, and once she got She Bopped on the head, effectively his story had ended, but I had to keep going with him. As a result, he became a despondent wreck who eventually turned to killing, and then I handed him away at the same time as I did Madeleine. Good riddance on that one, because it was getting to be a chore to find something for him to do.
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