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Topic Started: Jan 3 2017, 01:23 AM (2,310 Views)
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1.) Cathryn Bailey (TV2)
2.) Juhan Levandi (V5)
3.) Carmina Maliksi (V5)
4.) Damion Castillo (TV2)
5.) Oscar Trig (V5)

From bottom to top:
Oscar Trig goes at the bottom because he got hit by the rolls almost immediately. I'd only adopted him on a whim, and while I feel he could've done reasonably well had he just lived longer, and while I'm reasonably OK with his writing and the way his threads went, he edges out Damion for the bottom because I had no direction for him. And so little happened with him that oftentimes I actually forget that he was a thing.

Damion Castillo is one of my biggest regrets. I really, really wish I hadn't been rolled so quickly in TV2 because I had p l a n s for him that I was very excited about (although I don't regret swapping at all). The two threads he was in were pretty solid, and his death was OK, but I feel he's just a bunch of wasted potential.

Carmina is by far my roughest character writing-wise. However, even though she got rolled out immediately like Damion and Oscar, I place her above them because I actually got to do a few things with her, and I feel I got plenty of mileage out of her time on the island. Also, writing her death scene was one of the smoothest experiences I've had on this thread.

Juhan also had a pretty rough time on the island because of the escape, really, really slow posting, and the crash, but I'm rather attached to him because he was my first character. I feel I really improved with him over the course of V5. Also, his last three threads were wonderful, and I'm really proud of how they turned out.

Aaaaand Cathryn. I swapped her out for Damion because I wanted to try something different, and I got something different. I loved everything about writing her. Honestly, I think part of it was that I got really lucky with how her flow went? Like, I didn't have any threads that went slow until around endgame (lol). And because she was a solitary character, it allowed me to just drift around threads and write with a lot of really awesome people. Also, she's the character whose plotline I feel most satisfied with. Like, I feel like I've done everything I wanted to with her (although I do have some minor regrets about how her story ended).
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I'm gonna totally bite off Goose and put my current kids in italics too because I'm a shameless thief who should be stopped before she gets her hands on all the jewels in Candyland.

1. Gabriel Munez
2. Caedyn Miller
3. Joachim Lovelace
4. Ty Yazzie
5. Alda Abbate
6. Irene Djezari
7. Garrett Wilde
8. Vahka Basayev
9. Abby Floyd

Bottom to top:

Oh Abby. You were doomed from the start. Abby was my attempt to write a full on good person, and I struggled with her a ton during pre-game(she was almost left home entirely instead of Isaac), but I felt like I started to get the handle of her at the beginning of her game. But I gave myself a condition early on in her planning for Abby full on snapping, and that was "Cristo dies in front of her before anyone else." I figured it would never be fulfilled. Spoilers: It super was. As a result, I cut Abby's story short, and I feel like her story is probably my weakest for it. One of two I consider a failure of execution.

Vahka was kinda a hot mess. He was more of an idea than a character and I think a lot of his interesting character notes that I really enjoyed in pre-game ended up sacrificed to that character without proper development, which was a big dropped ball on my part. He's the other character I consider a failure of execution.

Garrett has a lot of obvious first character roughness to him, especially in the beginning and middle of his story. I do feel like he really picks up around Jaq's death and I'm not as hard on him as I used to be. His death scene is still probably my favorite I've been involved in.

Irene's my slow roller right now. I'm not really sure where I'm going with her, just that I'm enjoying what's up and I feel like she has potential to be a good support going forward. She's this low simply because I don't really have a good picture of what her story's gonna be like, but I love her.

Alda was just a blast to write. I didn't have her for very long, or at least it doesn't feel like it looking back(I'm sure checking dates would disabuse me of this notion), but every post with her was a joy. I feel like her story ends up kinda one dimensional because of the focuses I chose, but she's probably the character I remember most fondly.

Man, if I'd done this a couple weeks ago Ty would have been at the bottom. This last thread has done a lot for my will to write him though, and I feel like he has a much clearer arc going forward now that I can focus on. I'm really vibing on it. Snaps to Grim and Courtney for dragging my sorry ass to an interesting narrative space XD

One of the number one fangirl moments of my life was Riki asking me to write Joachim. I feel like that pretty much speaks for itself as to why he's up here.

Disclaimer: I am almost definitely super, suuuuuuuuuper overrating Caedyn here. She's just a blast to write and I enjoy getting real fucked up with her.

Gabe is the one character who I feel everything went right for. There are no threads, pre-game or game, that I look at and feel like didn't fit or broke his flow or he didn't belong in. He's got a nice, tight story that ends in a place that I feel is pretty obvious from his conception and was exactly where I always intended for him to head. I love the grumpy little son of a bitch, and my only regret is that I never got to expand on and explore his deeply repressed sexuality at all, because obviously we're a community that's just starved for sad gay boys, haven't seen one of them in these here parts since '86.

Honorary shout-out to my greatest character ever, Pink Voice.
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Min-jae Parker (V6) > Raina Rose (V6) > Pia Malone (TV2) > Natali Greer (V5) > Sebastien Bellamy (TV2) > Cristobal Morales (V6) > Marcus Leung (V5)

Min-jae and Raina are still tentative of course, but they're definitely stronger in this early part of the game than any of my previous characters at a similar point. Both'll be adjusted accordingly once their stories end. I'm also not including Bridgette in this yet because I've just picked her up and have like three posts with her.

Pia was actually a lot less developed as a concept in TV2 than Sebastien, but once I got the hang of her voice she was a blast to write, and she spent pretty much her whole game with characters that I also adored and had a lot of fun playing off of.

Natali was my first ever character and I was pretty down on her at the time, but having reviewed her story since V5 ended, I'm a lot happier with it than I thought I would be.

I was really attached to Sebastien conceptually, but his character sort of got away from that concept in a way that I feel was to his detriment, and his plotline got a bit bogged down from Gabriel's death to his own. I'm bringing him back for Second Chances and hoping to stay better on course this time around.

In retrospect, I kind of regret swapping Cristo so easily (and also killing Abby by proxy) and I'm still not sure if I'd do it again with the benefit of hindsight. He didn't really get to do anything on-island and I felt like I had just started to really get the hang of his voice by the end of pregame, so he was kind of lackluster. Maybe if there's a Second Chances 3, I'd consider bringing him back.

Marcus was only mine for one thread and as fun as that thread was, I think the high point of his story occurred after the fact once I gave him to Un-Persona, so he sits at the bottom.
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God Tier
Lisa Toner (TV2)

Emperor Tier

King Tier

High Tier
Fiyori Senay (v6)
Joachim Lovelace (v5)
Aileen Abdallah (v5)

Mid Tier
David Zimmer (v5)
Vincent... something (TV2)
Lucilly Peterson (v6)

Low Tier
Amanda White (Program 2)

Fiyori Senay

Version 7
Version 6
Version 5


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1. Shawn Bowe-Crooke (PV2)
2. Karl Chalmers (SC2)
3. Sandra Dyer (V6)
4. Nancy Kyle (V6)
5. Corey Esposito (V5)
6. Augustus McDougal (SC2)
7. Jennifer Su (V6)
8. Valerie Fitzroy (TV2)
9. Clair Belvedere (Virtua)
10. Christopher Schwartz (TV2)
11. Yukiko Sakurai (V5)
12. Nancy Morris (PV2)
13. Vivian Cathwell (Virtua)

Shawn: This is almost a tie between Shawn and Karl, but Shawn edges out very slightly for being more fun to write, even if the way he died wasn't too great. Planning for things around Shawn was probably the most fun I've ever had.

Karl: Even though Karl is slightly below Shawn, that amount is almost infinitesimal. I still feel that his start was a bit weird, but by the end things really clicked together. Besides, Toben complimented me on my portrayal of Karl, so I can't be doing all bad.

Sandra: Tentative, as I haven't been able to put my plan for her into action yet, but I'm enjoying writing Sandra a lot. It looks like things are about to look up, too, so we'll see where she goes from here.

Nancy K.: Not the strongest killer this version, I'll be the first to admit. But I'm having fun writing Nancy getting into fights and causing tension. The problem is that when she's not doing so, writing her is kind of slow.

Corey: I had Corey's voice down, and that was fun to write, but the problem with Corey was that his momentum in threads slowed to a crawl near the end. I enjoyed writing his death, though. It's just that the thread before killed his flow.

Augustus: Similarly to Corey, Augustus's voice was fun to discover. The problem with Augustus was that he lasted for all of three threads, and by the last thread I wasn't sure what direction to bring him. Had I found where I wanted to take him, he could have been a much stronger character. Oh, and not getting rolled so early might have helped, too.

Jennifer: This is all Espi's fault, just so you know.

Valerie: Valerie wasn't conceived as a background character, but in the end that's what she ended up being. I guess it's ironic that the leader of the band ended up be the least significant. Had I kept her alive... maybe I could have made something of her, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Clair: My biggest mistake with Clair was swapping her out for Vivian. She had so much potential, but unfortunately I was newbie to SOTF at the time, and I ended up flagshipping Vivian instead, which... yeah, you'll see what I think of that in hindsight below. Had Clair survived longer, there were so many good places I could have taken her, but it never happened. SC2 will hopefully rectify this.

Christopher: Christopher was supposed to have been affected by his girlfriend's death so much that he started killing (which is kind of what ended up happening, thanks Mini_HELP!), but at that point my motivation for SOTF was low, and, combined with a bout of frustration due to death planning, made me lose the will to write in TV2. In the end, I gave him up for adoption, but no one took him, so he was inactive'd. In the end, he did accomplish something, but it wasn't by my hands. Poor results all around.

Yukiko: Oh, Yukiko... you were supposed to turn out way better than this. I think my biggest problem with Yukiko was that, while I thought I knew where I wanted to bring her arc, it turned out I only thought I knew. Her killing of Stacey was my attempt to bring her in that arc direction, but I couldn't gel with it after the thread, especially with what ended up happening in the thread. So I offer an apology to Aura for such a contrived death.

Nancy M.: literally who

Vivian: hahahaha
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Current kids excluded because obviously they're my best characters ever.

God Tier
1. Dave Russell (V5) - Dave was a very easy character to write, and he managed to be involved in a lot of entertaining/useful scenes. There are some things I'd tweak about him with a re-do, but I think as far as my kids go he probably accomplished the most in the space he inhabited.
2. Gabriella Parker (V5) - Gabby, in contrast to Dave, had a tonne of potential that I looked forward to but didn't actually play out. Although early rolls cut it short, I still feel that she managed to get plenty done in her short screentime, and I found her voice quite engaging to work with. Would play again.

High Tier (aka Jackass tier)
3. Alex King (V5) - I love playing mouthy bastards (not that anyone could attest to that), and Alex really got to run away with it in V5. Sadly, her lack of character development keeps her out of god tier, but I'm still proud of the dialogue I got going with her.
4. Jay Harland (Evo) - A villain with brief screentime (and not all of it visible), Jay never the less managed to keep a consistent voice and had a personality I'd be up for exploring given the chance.
5. Mitsuko Souma (BRAU) - I just went ham with Mitsuko and in spite of having to work for ages to actually score a kill, I had plenty of fun with this gal. Elena, I'm still waiting to write Hirono v Mitsuko.

Good tier
6. Yutaka Seto (BRAU) - Although I don't remember much of Yutaka's scenes, I know I liked writing him and his goofy adorable mannerisms.
7. Sandy Bricks (V6) - The only recent kid on the list; Sandy is a tricky one. I do think he did what I wanted him to do more or less, but he was very draining to write and I don't think he was the deepest character as things went. Not bad, but I'm not in a hurry to whip him out again.

Meh tier
8. Rebecca Long (Program V2) - Becky's a success for me because I promised myself I wouldn't hero or swap out of Program V2, and I was rewarded with just missing the final fight. Unfortunately, I knew fuck all what to do with Becky, and never really got her voice down, so she's not high quality in my opinion.
9. Janet Claymont (V4) - My most successful V4 kid, but I never really felt like Janet accomplished a huge amount. Perhaps there was too much living in her own head with the writing, plus I was young and naíve about what made things work.
10. Amber Whimsy (V4) - Amber had a pretty successful pregame, I think, and her one scene on the island seemed to work well enough for people. Still, she just wasn't long lived enough to place higher on this list.
11. Alice Boucher (V4) - I consider Alice more storyspoiler's than my own character at this point, but in spite of her horribly clichéd character I do think I was starting to get something going in pregame, which I'm happy with given it was early days for me.

Yawn tier
12. Ryan Banks (V5 Pregame) - A boring guy who didn't make it onto murder island. I may be able to get into an introvert's headspace, but that doesn't make them interesting reads if they hang out on their own all the time.
13. Janet Claymont (SC) - I barely remember anything about SC Janet except that she was an unnecessary recycle.
14. Yuka Nakagawa (BRAU) - Sadly, I don't remember much about writing Yuka either except for making her a wrestling lesbian who Elena's gal had a thing for.
15. Lucy Ashmore (V4) - Quiet and timid doesn't make good characters, people, not if they don't actually do something.

Embarassing Tier
16. Jethro Stuarts (Program) - I focused way too much on race with Jethro in my head, so I try not to think about this guy. C'est la vie.
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Jan 3 2017, 06:49 PM
I'm going to massively pretty this up later, but heres my order in the meantime based on some sort of combo of how good their stories turned out and how much I enjoyed writing them:

1. Jacqueline "Cameo" Conroy (Virtua)
2. Aston Bennett (v4)
3. Maxim Kehlenbrink (v6)
4. Ma'afu Tuigamala (v4)
5. Yoshio Akamatsu (BRAURP)
6. Holly Hadaway (TV1)
7. Jaxon Street (TV2)
8. Lyndi Thibodeaux (SC2)
9. Jacob Charles (v4)
10. Anna Kateridge (SC1)
11. Erin Underwood (P2)
12. Brendan Wallace (v4)
13. Janie Sinneave (v5)
14. Yuko Sakaki (BRAURP)
15. Ramona Shirley (Virtua)
16. Preston Grey (SC1)
17. Matthew Payne (P1)
18. Anna Hitchins (TV1)
19. Chanel Martin (P1)
20. Clio Gabriella (v4)
21. Paige Strand (v4)


  • Cameo is probably the only character who went exactly the way I wanted her to - my first round Mini characters were all pretty exaggerated (I think that's the term Toben once used) but Cameo was a case where I felt it actually worked, if only because I had a great cast to work off.
  • Aston/Maf/Maxim were adoptees that really tested my writing abilities and of course there's stuff I wish I could change (probably ending Maf's story in the same place as Nick, getting rid of a bunch of formatting stuff for Aston, haggling better for a hero card for Maxim) but I'm ultimately proud of what I was able to do and the writing opportunities it led to for them.
  • Yoshio I can look back on sort of fondly now that time has passed since his death thread was one of my favourite on-site writing experiences. Holly/Jaxon/Erin didn't last long but I felt I conveyed them pretty well (heroism/sass/menace respectively). Jacob worked out the most consistently of my original v4ers but I felt I could have done more. Same with Anna Kateridge. Lyndi was short-lived because I had my eyes elsewhere but compared to other kids I've handled I actually got to do a lot with her so I'm pretty okay with how that turned out. Brendan was my first character and my SI so he's in here just because.
  • Janie/Ramona/Preston I didn't really do anything or have any plans with so they sort of floundered. Yuko was the first death I wrote even if she didn't do much so she's here as well.
  • I did get to do things with most of my Round 1 Mini kids but looking back they were all waaaaay exaggerated and not my style anymore, Matthew in particular (but writing that scene with Luke was another fantastic site experience so I'm mixed). Anna I'm okay-er on because outfoxd managed to salvage her and bring her comparatively down to earth which kinda proves it was probably just my bad writing and not the characters fault lol. Chanel lol no.
  • I did the one thing I wanted to do with Clio and I'm good with that. The rest could have been greatly improved though.
  • Paige was fodder I have no interest in anymore. Laurels did her better in SC.

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Jan 3 2017, 01:29 AM
As I posted in Discord:

Asa Rosen (TV2) > Rachael Langdon (V5) > Claire Monaghan (V5) > Noah Whitley (V6) > Nadia Riva (V6) > Taylor DeVasher (TV2) > Alba Reyes (V6) > Louisa Bloom (PV2) > Sophie McDowell (V5) > Brigid Paxton (PV2)

Asa seems to be my most successful character and most well-received. Rachael was my personal best for V5, while Claire was one of my favorites to write. Noah, Nadia, Taylor, and Alba all have short stories (especially all except Taylor since they're ongoing), but I feel good writing them, so they're in the mid range.

Louisa, Sophie, and Brigid all had issues during their stories, and while there were things I liked, I was fairly unsatisfied at the end. Louisa has an edge since I wrote more with her, and while she wasn't perfect, I probably liked her the most of the three. Sophie and Brigid being the bottom are why I'm bringing them for SC 2, since I did little with them I liked, and they need a lot of work.

Feel free to debate these.
Updated now that my V6 cast is all gone:

Alba Reyes (V6) > Asa Rosen (TV2) > Noah Whitley (V6) > Rachael Langdon (V5) > Claire Monaghan (V5) > Nadia Riva (V6) > Taylor DeVasher (TV2) > Louisa Bloom (PV2) > Sophie McDowell (V5) > Brigid Paxton (PV2)

Unranked: Sophie McDowell and Brigid Paxton (SC2, both)

With how time has gone, especially with other matter factored in, I think Alba and Noah need to be ranked higher than they were initially. Back when I first made this rank in January, these two were on the complete opposite sides of the spectrum for me in terms of who I thought would be better, who I thought would make it farther, and who I thought the site would be more receptive to. That was before March 2017 happened and Noah died violently to Isabel and Alba had her story-changing game with Kaitlyn in the cove.

Noah I think was one of my better attempts at a humorous character (way better than Taylor, at least), but also a chance to be surprisingly emotional. I'm so glad he inspired so many strange ideas for me and allowed me to explore things I never thought I'd do. He's definitely going to affect me a lot going forward as a writer.

Alba was someone I did so little with in pregame and had no ideas for, but she turned out to be one of my favorite people to write. From Naft's challenge of "athletic girl who loves animals," I found myself pushing a lot of ideas that didn't work for other characters, but translated a lot better here, I feel. One day I realized she was basically my attempt to rewrite Sophie, but had a lot more of a natural arc and grew a lot more. I don't think I ever saw Alba's story unfolding the way it did, but I'm really proud I got to write this person.

I'll add the SC2 versions of Sophie and Brigid here when their stories are complete.
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In descending order (Best to worst):

1. RJ Roger Jr. (V5)

2. Ashley Namath (TV2)

3. Davis Todd (TV2)

4. Venice Pennington-Johannes (V5)

5. Vincent Holway (adopted from Bikriki) (TV2)

6. Marcus Leung (Adopted from Solomir/backslash) (V5).

I have soooooooo many gripes with RJ it's not even funny, but I do have to admit he's the closest I've done to getting the ideal SOTF run down. Most of my negativity towards him does come from pre-game/profile, and that's purely on it's quality, rather then content. It's just bad writing. In-game, I was fortunate to share a couple scenes with two of the best chars in v5 (Joe Carrasco and Madeline Wilcox), and it's needless to say those are the ones I'm most proud of, along with working Iceblock in Lauren's death. And admittedly I do think I sorta powered up in the jump to the island, in terms of sentence structure/grammar/etc. It's nice to see your own improvement.

Ashley would probably be number one if I had treated her with more respect. She's the type of character I kinda don't like, in general, and maybe that's why I had too much fun writing her, and didn't get as serious as I could have. Of course, maybe that's partly why she even worked in the first pace. The most important thing was that she was a learning experience, and that's especially true in hindsight.

Davis is probably the kid I have the least problems with. Not just cause he was the first to die in TV2 either. I hadn't planned for him to go that way, but it still worked out, which is pretty much what I hope for with all my characters. There is still the whole business with his fight with Gabriel not being explained very well, which I do regret, but I actually don't think it's that bad in comparison with my other kids.

Venice was...me wanting to write a second character in V5. That's pretty much why she exists. Well that, and I felt I needed to try and improve on/take a break from RJ. So on that level, success! She didn't really do a whole lot though, and that factors into why I'm such a fan of winging stuff these days, since pre-game plans fell through. Her island time was rather short too and she can come off as a bit naive, and suffers the most accidental of accidental deaths.

I loved Vincent in TV2, and when Biki asked me to adopt him, I was more then happy to. But the following threads weren't all that spectacular (he dies in the second thread I write for him) in the grand scheme of thing, and I eventually swapped him for Ashley when she got rolled the first time. I kinda wish I hadn't. It was fun and I liked writing him, I just feel like I should have done more.

Hnnnnnnnnng. Marcus is hard to talk about. As a writer, I really enjoyed what I did with him on a conceptual level and would probably do so again, but as a reader there's a lot of stuff to not like about him - and that stuff is something I can only properly explain outright, which is a super huge flaw on my part. That includes tone, dialogue, thread titles...it's something that can be enjoyed in the moment but something that really falls flat on repeated reads. That goes double for the death thread, and triple for the death post.
V7 relationship thread! Say hi to my kids!
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High Tier
1. Bridgette Sommerfeld (V6/SC2) - Bridgette's probably the only character of mine I'm happy with, and feel like is a 'good' character. She was a fun mindset to get into (partially done bc of feedback I got from Toben on Tori a while back) and an interesting exercise in writing a player. Only regret is being unable to make her a real player in both her runs.

2. Leah Bissard (TV2) - I personally feel like Leah is an average character, but I'm satisfied with her short run in TV2. It's a nice and self-contained storyline that works for her.

3. Jasper Bustamante (V6) - I don't have too much beef with him. I think I have him a solid character voice, and my only gripe is that I didn't get to end his storyline myself (not to knock Cicada tho).

Middle Tier
4. Samuel Howard (V6) - I have no real feelings for Samuel. He had the least planned out of my V6 crew, and in retrospect, I should've swapped him with Haley Juarez. Fun to write, but ended up amounting to a whole lot of nothing.

Went Too Long Tier
5. Tucker Hopkins (TV2) - I'm going to talk abt Tucker and Veronica in the same thing bc I'm lazy. I feel like both of their storylines went far too long, and by the end, had little substance. At least Tucker's better written.

6. Veronica McDonald (V5) - Same problems as Tucker, but more prolonged and arguably worse.

Low Tier
7. Jason Meyers (V5) - Not the best writing relative to other characters, but he was okay for a character slated to die in pregame.

8. Tori Gavlik (PV2) - Tori's writing was particularly capricious, and didn't make sense in retrospect. Also ended up dying a cheap collar detonation death. Overall fairly unhappy with her.

9. Natalia Kowalski (V5) - A boring girl who went terminally inactive. Definitely my worst.

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Aight hmm this was a tough one but I think I've got it figured out. Ordered best to worst.

Kermit tier:
#1: Everett Taylor (SC2)

Wow okay that's finally done phew.

"Kermit you are the guy in the horror movie that finds a book bound in human skin and decides to read out loud what is inside for fun" - some mean lady named Ruggahissy

i make art i think????

Sadly kermit looked at a mariavel. It was so sad... such a sad mariavel... like him... he only waned a normal life... was that too much to ask? was it?
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Ranking my kids. Oh boy.

Quick Ranking, for TL;DR business

Heeeeere we go.

9. Jessica Sanders

This was the easiest one to place. Jessica has all of three threads in V5, the first spanning several in-game days as she and a few friends hole up in an abandoned convenience store, fortifying the place against possible intrusion... which never happens, which is a real downer when you're looking for action. Her story flounders for a little bit before finally waking up just a little too late to escape a danger zone, whereupon her neck explodes. I was never really into her concept either, her interest in playing the bass being hamhocked more than any defining trait I've ever given a character, and I found myself completely unable to do anything with it. I feel she's my weakest SotF character ever, by a wide margin.

8. Felicia Carmichael

And by 'wide margin' I mean I actually enjoyed writing this character. Felicia had a good thing with Rosa Fiametta going and that angle got a few good scenes out of her, and writing her with the Aislyn group was an absolute treat. Looking back, she was experimental and far from perfect, which is no more apparent than when you check the profile which is an absolute mess (I cringe at how I bring up her bisexuality). Still, my first foray into writing a female student went pretty well, I'd say... which is more than I could say for my SECOND attempt. Lookin' at you, Jessica, you miserable failure.

7. Craig Hoyle

Yeah, listen, Craig Hoyle is overrated.

6. Jerry Fury

Jerry Fury in the muthafuckin' hooooooouse! I was super stoked to write this guy all the way from V4, where the popularity of martial artists was running wild. He was always set to be an experiment that took the piss out of certain qualities and tendencies in SotF that I found a little more laughable and in that regard, the experiment was... both a success and a failure. I had fun with Jerry and presenting his story in a way that made it very clear he thought he was all that and a bag of chips, while the world around him may have had... conflicting views on the matter, but also that the world's opinion meant jack shit because he's Jerry fuckin' Fury, y'all!

Oh yeah and his death was pretty good too. You're welcome.

5. Sean Mulcahy

Or "The one where MK took a character trait and decided to see just how far he could stretch it." It's probably my own obsession with all things related to pirates that caused Sean's own infatuation with them to consume the character in his entirety. I remember giving him other interests to try and make the profile more rounded, but failed to give those other interests decent representation. The attempt to write a character who had detached from reality in a friendly, playful way was wonderful and I thought Sean's slow descent into killing had a great start but by the end of it, too many half-joking, half-serious Brook comparisons were starting to be drawn for my comfort. Sean is solidly in the middle of the group for being somebody who had great beginnings to his story and a tragic end, but somewhere near the middle and later-middle he really started to peter out.

4. Cody Patton

Probably goes without saying at this point that Cody was my best V5 kid. Where Sean suffers from comparisons to Brook and 'shipgarden', Cody got away relatively scott-free without hindering connections and comparisons to a previous character of mine (he and Ivan have little in common aside from being good at athletics and having a general taciturn personality). A large portion of Cody's story depended on interactions both planned and actual with his sister Eliza, which I feel turned out for the better once Skraal took over, and it was a very fun angle to work with. Cody could have been even higher on this list, but he was plagued with external issues including partner inactivity and the great board crash. I had come close to giving up on him entirely, but stuck with it and am still pleased with the end product.

3. Liam "Brook" Brooks

Brook is most famous for his longest thread, but there was far more to him than that. Without that early development, Bloodgarden is honestly nothing but its most negative qualities. This guy probably took more of my pregame energy than any other character I've ever handled. Friendships with Jason Harris, Nathan Choultard and Ma'afu... Maf.... Tamagagu... and Maf formed the core of Brook's early story.

He was always intended to snap but Tiffany Baker's death occurred a little too early for the transition to be as smooth as it could have been (probably the most common criticism of Brook) and there's a marked, extremely drastic change in Brook's story and tone. Some people love early Brook and hate Bloodgarden, and I'm sure there's a few weirdos who don't like early Brook and love Bloodgarden, but I like both haves of him and find each necessary to complete the character. He's pretty (in)famous and so is tied to my legacy, and that's enough to put him in this spot.

2. Coleen Reagan

I never intended to write somebody like Coleen, so I owe 15% of the credit for her creation to NAFT, who gave me the writing prompt of a shy, demure girl with some sort of deformity who loves the theatre and has a great singing voice. All of these assemble the basic core of who Coleen was, but I feel I managed to let these traits set and define her without completely taking her over as they had with Sean. Coleen was out of my comfort zone and a total blast to write given she was so fresh and new. I honestly needed to keep her sympathetic in order to keep my heart in her story, and I think I managed that well enough. If you watched her plight and felt for it or wanted for everything to be okay, or to just give her a damn hug, then I did my job. I'll probably never write another kid like Coleen.

1. Ivan Kuznetsov

I'm willing to bet Ivan is my longest character in terms of word count, thread count AND total time spent working on him and his story. Where he's set back by an overabundance of private threads so I could set all of his ducks in a row and be a complete control freak about his story, I don't think it sets him back so much when nearly half of V4 was private anyway (but to make up for it, I made all of my characters in V5 public-only). Greg was a pleasure to work with as well but recognize the story of Ivan and Tabi could have used just a bit more development on Tabi's end. Ivan, however, developed a ton: from wanting to be left alone to knocking Tabi flat and intending to use her as a meat shield, to killing somebody in front of her and eventually seeking to comfort and protect her, his views on this girl he's been forced to drag around in order to save both of their skins change at a rapid pace. On my sliding scale of serious versus silly writing, Ivan is probably my most serious, devoid of any real sense of humor or happy occurrences to balance out the constant flood of people looking to kill him or his girlfriend. He made it further than any other kid I ever wrote and had a shot to win it all, only to fall in what might still be my favorite action scene I've ever written (though Coleen helping to kill Alessio pulls a near second). And that's just about all I have to say about why Ivan is my top-ranked character, for me.

Albert Brady

V6 Tributes

Spoilers, Ricky didn't win V5

Things We Say
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Okay, from top to bottom, we've got:

1) Tom Guthrie (V4)
2) Madeleine Smith (V4)
3) Jimmy Trejo (Adopted, V3)
4) Harold Fisher (V4)
5) Rachel Gettys (Adopted, V4)
6) George Leidman (V4)

To put it simply, I really loved playing a guy who knew that something was screwy with his ally, but didn't want to abandon him or rat him out for fear of losing the advantage of numbers. Tom Guthrie, I think, could have gone in a lot of interesting directions if I'd had the chance to play him longer, since I wanted to play him as comic relief, trying to lighten the mood with bad jokes, but there was never an occasion where trying to interject a joke wouldn't have seemed really awkward and/or forced. Still though, of all my V4 islanders, he got the most use out of the time he had, and his death was an amazing setup for Aaron Hughes. As the comic relief, Tom was always going to be a dramatic foil for someone else, and I think he fulfilled that role quite well.

Madeleine, after her first kill, had basically her entire plot mapped out for her. Killing Jonathan Jarocki and promising to find Anna Chase essentially gave her the motivation she needed for the rest of the game. Having a socially-inept artist girl become this sworn protector would have been a neat juxtaposition, I felt, but things weren't going fantastically in my personal life, so I had to leave her to be adopted, at which point she just turned into an outright player and the moment was lost. If there's a character who I wish I could have personally run to the finish, it would probably have been Madeleine, and of the characters I left for adoption, she's the only one I have true regrets about.

For Jimmy, I feel like my inexperience definitely showed with how I approached him. A lack of finesse in writing, a lack of skill in conveying action, and so on all combined to make his stay on the island seem really forced and weird. Still, I loved Jimmy. I loved the challenge of writing someone who could only discern shapes at best, and trying to cope with the island when you have a disability like that. Besides which, he had some good emotional moments on the island and I liked his death the most out of any of the characters I wrote for. If I had the skill and knowledge that I do today, I think he would have been considerably more polished and presentable.

Harold Fisher, I think the problem was that I was too hasty in using my Save. Harold was always intended to be a joke from the start, a fat, arrogant slob who could never have the bite to match his bark, but the manner in which I chose to kill him turned him from a joke to an outright embarrassment. The reason why I ranked him higher than the last two on my list is because I had fun writing the guy, even with his intentional inadequacy. He had a weird attitude and a love of eating that gave him some additional quirks besides a simple desire to become a player, and I never found myself lacking for what to have him say or do, which is more than I can say for the next two.

Rachel Gettys was an oddball to begin with. Framed as a delusional religious zealot who had this weird idea that she was going to be spirited away from the island, she immediately presented several barriers to any kind of coherent thread interaction. The fact of the matter is, I didn't know what direction to take her in, whether to have her experience an epiphany and realize how crazy she was acting or to just descend headlong into madness. And as a result, I was a-okay with making her someone else's problem.

Finally, George Leidman, who can best be summed up with the word "CARLY!" Lovesick George was a mess from the word go, since everything he said and did just creeped people out in his threads, and his entire motivation began and ended with finding Carly Jean-Dooley, and once she got She Bopped on the head, effectively his story had ended, but I had to keep going with him. As a result, he became a despondent wreck who eventually turned to killing, and then I handed him away at the same time as I did Madeleine. Good riddance on that one, because it was getting to be a chore to find something for him to do.
V7 Kids
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These are all very cool and interesting to read! I'll rank mine too, I suppose. Without Lance, cause he's still alive and I'm not sure if I still like him when he bites the dust.

6. Forrest

He was a failed concept not going in the direction I wanted him to go. That's why he has to come back for SC3.

5. Conrad

Who. Writing him was a challenge and pretty hard. I don't think I really made him a good character. I even had less motivation to write him than Forrest and kinda wanted to swap him for Scarlett or Jeremiah, but I had to be stubborn and choose to write him. On the plus site, writing the relationship with Clarice was great and I think the chemistry was written well. Same with the Kizi crush.

4. Darius

Pregame with him was a blast. MFAA was the most fun thing I've written in pregame. Same goes with the island. I really liked writing with CBP! I was hyped to write a proper escape group. However I kinda slaughtered Darius into making him a stupid one-noted comic relief character that could not be taken serious, which is what I'm kinda sad of. Which is why I decided to kill him because I couldn't take him serious myself. I hope Toxie will write him better in SC3.

3. Blaine

I did everything I wanted and he got rolled at the perfect time. Gilbert.

2. Al

My longest living character. I am glad I could execute so many ideas I had. Pregame and Island. The long run did kinda harm him, since Al was very much a mess at the end. But I guess that fits him. I have some decisions with him I regret, but I suppose that's a learning experience of what I can do better in V7.

1. Gene

My very first character that connects me with the best memories. It was very fun to write him and interact with all the cool people. Due to his story being short enough that I did not mess him up gives me good feels. Would've loved to have continued writing him beyond his death though, since I had much more wacky ideas, but whatever. The threads with Yagmur were my favourite threads on SOTF and I hope that me writing with Goose in SC2 will somehow recreate this magic.
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Several months ago, if you asked me to rank my two characters, it would have come out somewhat predictably.

1. Lili Williams (v6)
2. Arthur Bernstein (v6)

Recently, however, things have kinda shifted in my head. Not so dramatically that I value Arthur above Lili, but I find that the two are on somewhat more equal footing when it comes to how things played out. Arthur was my "throw a kid in and see what happens" character, but his story wove itself into a narrative that, while somewhat brief, had many moments that I'm proud to have written and scenes I was involved in that I still replay in my head every now and then. His journey was short, but focused, and although I was unable to bring some facets of his character to light, I think that what I did get out was solid enough on its own. Plus, I still have plans for his siblings in Meanwhile going forward, so that's a bonus.

Lili, on the other hand, was a lot more challenging for me to write. I had to try and balance things very carefully in every thread between her coming off as completely having lost it and her being just slightly oddball and strange, and I don't know exactly how much I succeeded in that. She was fun to write, but with this comes the most regret. Things could have gone in entirely different directions than they did, directions that would be fun to explore and still worth exploring in some universe where she has a second chance hint wink wink nudge but overall I think she turned out pretty nicely. I wouldn't call her a comic relief character, but I find myself smiling at her antics most of the time when I happen to recall them. I feel like her highs were higher than Arthur's, but her lows were maybe slightly below.

I don't want to give Kitty a tentative placement. She's not done yet, and I don't know about ranking someone else's kid that I happened to take on for Second Chances at something approaching the last minute among characters that I conceptualized myself entirely.
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