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ONE MILLION TROOPS; wow! extremeee
Topic Started: Dec 14 2016, 07:25 PM (549 Views)
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((The Ken Mendel Experience continued from God in Three Persons))

Finally, they could rest from carrying that disgusting body. Darius was looking forward to rest.

They went to the Pub. Then they noped the fuck out, since there seemed to be people inside. People who were alive.

Here, in the library, was nobody. Not even a dead person. Even though it smelled very terrible in here. As if there could be a corpse for them. Huh, for them? What a weird wording.

Well, it would be another free collar for them. Hopefully they could find it. They were competent enough to find more corpses or objects to use.

"So, who of you wants to help me to throw this corpse into the Radio Tower?"

The group was a good one. Everybody had a job. Darius was the leader. Jonathan was not the leader. And Lili was not Jonathan. And Natalie was also there.

"Also, let's see where Jonathan and the others are, after doing that."

He announced 'the others' as if he had an army.
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"Well, then let's go ahead and find our crew."

He looked back at Natalie.

"Take care of our stuff while we dispose the body, cool?"

Darius was happy to leave this area again to dump the body and he expressed that outloud to the girls.

"Man, I'll be glad to get rid of this fucking weight. Then we won't need to carry corpses anymore, hopefully. Then we'll just have to do pleasant parts of the plan."

He grabbed his part of the corpse with Lili and the two of them moved out of the reading circle to leave the room. Going from bookshelf to bookshelf, out of the center, nearing the door.

But whoa, there was a movement. A sound. No?

"Lol, I think there is a person here."

Fuckfuckfuck. If there is someone here, they are here to kill them. Why would someone hide in here and be friendly? Darius did not want to be killed so close to escaping.

"Lili, I'm sc-"

He dropped the body and raised his fists. He was ready if they came out of the dark.
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"There are more pleasant parts than carryin-"

Woot. Lili had a lightsaber.

W00t. A tall brown-haired girl emerged from the dark. She dived into them, but stumbled away. Missing them. Darius was skilled at not getting hit. He was just skilled.

Darius considered punching, Darius considered picking up the corpse again to take it with him, but all he did was to run away in the direction of the door.

Fuck everything behind him, fuck his plan with the corpse, he just wanted to not be murdered by Leslie right now. Priorities.

((Darius Van Dyke continued in Demons Dance Alone))
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