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Forlorn and Forgotten Knowledge; Evening, Day 3
Topic Started: Dec 13 2016, 04:00 AM (808 Views)
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Well, that was fruitful. Also kinda how things always worked out; she didn't have any sort of plan for this, she just kind of said things and then people got upset and fucked themselves over and everything worked out for her. Jazzy's timing was perfect for a pouty stormout too. "It's okay, Jazzy," she mumbled as she turned towards her, "I think we should go..."

Blair was out there, alone and weak and pissed off. She was practically already dead, and now Wolfie was all turned around. There was probably something she was forgetting, but as she took her girlfriend's hand and started to pull her away, she could only smile herself and shrug it away. Her work was done.

((Caedyn Miller Continued The Latest Story That I Know is the One That I'm Supposed to Go Out With))
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Well, that just happened.

Blair just up and walked out, looking pretty pissed while she did so. Then Jasmine showed up, sounding even more confused about the situation than she did. And then for the hat trick, Caedyn walked out too, even more abruptly than she had arrived.

That was probably the best way that Rene could sum up the sequence of events that had just occurred. Once Caedyn had told her story, everything pretty much moved in fast forward. With the room emptying as quickly as it did, and the odd interruption of Jamsine's arrival, Rene wasn't feeling too comfortable hanging around any more. Plus, with her only known remaining ally storming off, she had a good feeling that not dropping that one connection as in her best interest.

Rene turned to Jasmine. "Yeah, I think I'm gonna go now. Nice seeing ya." She pointed out the door before following her own direction and walking out, hoping to catch up to Blair before she was out of range.

There was probably a dead body or something hidden under all those books anyway.

((Rene Wolfe continued elsewhere...))
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Jasmine felt anxious. Real anxious. She felt like she was intruding on a private phone call or something, somebody else's dirty laundry. Her head spun around just as Caedyn turned to leave. Her eyes darted between Rene's face and Caedyn's back. Finally Kay was gone, and that left Jasmine and Rene to stare at one another.

"Um yeah," Jasmine said, suddenly feeling herself to stare at her feet. "See ya, I guess."

She watched Rene walk off. Then she glanced over her shoulder. She was glad Caedyn decided to leave. The bloodstains were awfully offputting and if Rene had walked in a few steps further inside, she would have definitely seen Joshua's body just hangin' around.

Jasmine sighed. Then she rushed after Caedyn. The anxiety was working its way up her throat. She needed to catch up with her and find some place to settle down. Where they won't be bothered. Just the two of them.

(Jasmine Reed continued in Kiss Land.)

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