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And feel the blackbird's sudden tug.; Oneshot
Topic Started: Dec 5 2016, 09:32 PM (170 Views)
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(Benjamin Lichter continues from Song For A Warrior)

Ben sneaked past the side of a wooden building. He had moved slowly since leaving the dormitories and was trying to keep out of sight. So far, it seemed to have worked. He had seen no one and no one had seen him. He hoped.

He stopped to survey his surroundings. The building was older than the other ones, and grander for it. It was a... what was the word? Lodge? Yeah, lodge. Old and made of wood, where inside the dashing huntsman stood.

"Really? You're quoting "Nymph of the Cherry Tree"? ", said the voice. Ben pretended to ignore it.

He pressed his back against the wooden wall and looked around him. The ground beneath him ran horizontal for quite some way, then started sloping down and vanished below the horizon. There was an old path that lead down it. That was probably the place to go next. Ben was about to turn and suggest exactly that to Maxim, whom he hoped had been following him, when he heard shouting, coming from the slopes. Instinctively, he tensed, all his senses pointing at where he had heard the shout. His breathing stopped.

Time crept by at a snail's pace. Ben sidestepped along the wall, trying not to make a sound. He never took his eyes off the slopes.

Which is why he saw her immediately. It was Kimiko Kao. He didn't know if she saw him. All he knew was that he was going to make good on his promise, and he ran.

He ran for his life.

(Benjamin Lichter continues in You and me and the devil make three.)
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