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Ni eht dnal fo sdog dna sretsnom, ehs saw ydobon; hi im lolita
Topic Started: Nov 17 2016, 05:16 PM (169 Views)
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This fic is a Reader/Riz(SotF), don't like? Don't read!!!

It was the first time that you were alone with Riz. He was so handsome, you couldn't BELIEVE your eyes.

Even better, he was there and he needed your help, oh gosh you felt your heart bloomed when you watched him smile and crack when you saw him cry.

He was glistening in the sun, his teeth reflected the light and his smile, oh his smile, could make any girls laugh.

And he asked

"Dad, what the fuck?"

Lolita was in the middle of writing her half-assed bait fan fiction to attract some butthurt Kimmy fangirls when she saw the wi-fi icon on the top of her cellphone flicker from 3 bars to none.

She knew he would cut the Internet, he always did it at 9 pm which she hated, but 8 pm?

That was a fucking hate crime. Plus, she was in the middle of a Skype chat with her friends! He knew she was doing something important and he still played the Internet lumberjack, what a fucking dick.

Lolita jerked her head backward, not like the girl from the Exorcist or anything but more a gymnast trying to touch her nose with her feet.


She hated that word but her dad always answered her whenever she used that appellation.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?"

His voice echoed.

It sounded close.

Was he in the basement?


He answered again, this time closer.

Lolita got up from her bare mattress. She felt her heart pound as her feet touched the wooden floor. She squinted into the darkness that her door let in her room.

That door was supposed to be closed, right? She closed it all the time, it was creepy to sit in the darkness with a door open for whoever to peek in. Her heartbeat slowed down as her eyes adjusted to the darkness. A figure was forming, one of a man.


The figure walked toward Lolita. She was ready to claw its eyes out and fight. However, her shoulders relaxed, it could just be her dad, right?

And it was. A man with gray hair and soft beard, his feature proving his age. He looked bony but strong, a really scary skeleton he was.

When she was a kid, she feared him. She preferred mom, she was nice. She had to leave because her house was under reparation and, after much begging and weeping, he finally let her stay in his basement until the construction was over.

"I went through your computer. I can't believe you are still watching it."
me by naft
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"Oh, okay," she said softly.

He did it sometimes, either out of curiosity or out of spite. Lolita wasn't sure what he did but he checked out her laptop for sure. Or maybe it was her android phone she didn't pay the bill for like a while now?

Nah, she only used it to check out her mails and YouTube videos. Unless he went through videos like "Top Ten Worst Way to Die" or like "How to fake your death with style?" and he had questions about it. The girl was pretty clear about how to change names and stealing a car though, but maybe he wanted to know about the reasons why she watched it.

She sneezed and her dad answered with a "bless you". Her back started to hurt from the position she was in, being the girl from the exorcise wasn't fun at all. Maybe climbing on walls was but the whole circus thing wasn't.

He was to about to speak when she cut him, dazing the old man with starry eyes and a pouty mouth,

"Is that why I don't have wifi?"

Her father crossed his arms around his chest. He lowered his sight on his girl's face. His daughter sneezing again and he gave another round of "bless you"'s.

"Geraldine, you've been watching it again and we are running out of bandwidth," he told her, pinching his nose. "Can't you just watch like clips instead of the live idea or live stream or whatever?" He used to monitor his daughter's habit more closely, but he gave up at the tenacity of his daughter. He accepted it and whatever that meant for her.

It ended being the pink elephant in the room when he was still in a relationship with his mother.

She'd talk during dinner about this tv-show, about its plot and everyone knew what she was talking about but nobody questioned her further about it. Everyone at the table knew about Kimberly and Liz, Amaranta and Summer, Mariavel and Bryan. She would speak about them, about how dramatic their interactions were. How she watched them, on her bed, her eyes locked on the screen of her computer. They manage to shut her up when there was guests over but couldn't control her when she was alone with them.

Lolita cringed at the mention of her name, she didn't like it. It sounded old and boring. Lolita was funnier, it sounded young and vibrant, and had a shock factor.

"So yeah, okay. Is there anything else you need?"

"No." Her father answered but then he was reminded of something else, "Actually, yes, do you mind coming upstairs sweetheart?"

"Sure. I mean, I don't mind."
me by naft
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Why did her dad need her? He never asked for her help unless it was an emergency such as the fire alarm was ringing for no reason and he needed a 6'2" person to wave a pillow in front of it. If that was the case, she would be hearing the siren resonating inside her head, echoing endlessly and bouncing around her mind.

She slowly stood, avoiding to create a dizzy world by standing too fast. Her dad was carefully looking at her, expecting for to roll her eyes into the back of her head and mouthing him off. That part was coming soon enough, however.

"Can we get going? I was busy until you decided to play the scissorman with my internet connection."

Her dad tilted her head to the side and squinted his daughter down. He didn't understand a word she was saying. It was obviously a reference to a movie or a story of some sort, but the meaning of it escaped him. He did understand that she meant she was angry at him for cutting off her internet connection.

"Okay babydoll, whatever. I need your help."

Lolita hated when her father called her that. "Babydoll" was a cute name, but it didn't it her. She wasn't a baby, she was old and she wasn't innocent but she liked the "doll" part of it. Dolls were cute and pretty like Lolita.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm coming."

Her dad exited her room and Lolita followed him. The basement kinda smelled like cat litter right outside of her room so Lolita had the reflex to pinch her nose and to breath in by her mouth. Her father just made a disgusted face and hurried up the stairs. Lolita, wanting to stay away from the smell that was invading her body, so she quickly climbed up the stairs while pinching her nose. She didn't know why they were keeping a cat in the first place. Lolita hated cats and her dad ignored it. They still fed it and all of that and they didn't beat him but he could probably live a happier life somewhere else.

Lolita arrived on the first floor, greeted by her dad. He was surprisingly warm, he extended his hand toward her, waving it. Lolita suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

"We are doing this for your own good, okay?"

Wait, what?

"We"? Who was the other someone or did they have more than that waiting for her? Lolita's mind jumped to one conclusion to another. Was it an kidnapping? Did her mother tried to kill her dad again and they needed to be protected?

Her father grabbed her hand and slightly pulled her toward the living room. It's been awhile that she went to there, she spent most of her time in her room, only going up to go to the bathroom or get a snack to eat.

As Lolita was getting dragged toward the room that was oddly quiet, she wondered what could she do to escape the situation she didn't even know she was in. It's not like she did something bad or she got in a fight lately. She had bit very quiet, watching clips from SOTF with her earphones, going on websites related to it and discussing about the current version to other fans. If it was about her internet consumption, her dad could have just scold her downstairs, like he always did, but instead he dragged her to a room that she rarely went in.

Her dad turned his head toward her, forcing a smile. He wasn't trying to reassure her, he was trying to reassure himself. Her father was the one worrying, Lolita was just confused. So instead of smiling back to the old man, the tall woman asked him a question.

"What's going on?"

Her father's smile stayed on his face, unwavering. His eyes were telling another story, a sadder one. Lolita had the urge to fight back, to kick her dad and run away. She fought it off and commanded her father to unhand her. Her dad kept trying to drag her so Lolita put all of her weight in her heels, stabilizing herself repeated.

Her father snapped.

"Get in the fucking room, now."

Lolita flinched then barked back.

"Go fuck yourself, that's why mom dumped your ugly ass."

Her father was about to reply to her comment, something about her being a failed abortion but someone from the living room spoke first.

"What the fuck, guys? First of all, don't say that to your daughter and, please, that's not why we divorced."

Her mom. That's thing that was in the room. It wasn't the only thing that was there there though. Another voice, a more feminine and mature voice was raised.

"Should I just leave? I don't think I can do anything, I'm sorry."

Sister. Henrietta was here too. Damn, Lolita assumed that she was dead in a ditch or something. It's been like 6 months she received no news from her so she just assumed she was dead or went to Mexico under a new identity but apparently she was wrong.

Lolita rushed inside the room, bumping her dad away. There was another person, someone she didn't know. Lolita squinted and opened her mouth, about to question the man about his identity and why was he here but, as if to dismiss Lolita, he raised his left ham and waved.

"Hi, I'm Mark Murray. I'll be your interventionist."
me by naft
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