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God in Three Persons
Topic Started: Nov 13 2016, 05:05 AM (820 Views)
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Cannon Fodder
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((Natalie Winters continued from In A World of Shit))

Natalie was alone again.

She was eating by herself on that bridge. Finishing up one of her rations. She didn't want to finish all of them though. At some point she has to find real food.

They have to have real food, right?

She didn't want to venture in further, but she didn't want to stay either. Venturing further meant possibly dealing with the fact that there may be killers on the island. At leas with the bridge, she can see someone coming from a mile away.

Speaking of...

...She saw two people approaching.

They were carrying someone. Were they hurt? Unconscious? Natalie couldn't tell at this distance.

As the two approached closer, Natalie looked closer at what they're carrying.

Dangling feet, limp body.

It can't be...

...Can it?
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Cannon Fodder
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Natalie heard the two shouting at her.

She recognized one of them by name. Lili, the girl, was a Junior as well. When they called to her, she really didn't know how to react.

Then the boy dropped the bomb on her.

"Have you never seen a corpse before?"

Natalie's heart sank. Her chest began to hurt. Like stage fright, but much much worse. That word was just casually tossed towards her.



How are they so casual about it?

Were they going to attack her?

Natalie hadn't realized, but she'd been slowly crawling backwards as they approached her. As her right hand accidentally grabbed the edge of the bridge, she wobbled her body, only to safely grab onto the railings.

She could've fallen.

She could've died just then.

Then she'd become a...

...A corpse.

Natalie's stomach became nauseous.

"Uh... I'm not gonna jump you. If anything you guys kinda scared me, hehe..."

As they got closer to her, she gulped.

"So, uh... Why um... Why are you two carrying a c-... Why are you two carrying that girl with you, again?" said Natalie, grabbing hold of the bridge railing as she slowly stood up, making sure her bag was in sight, in case they jump her.
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Cannon Fodder
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These guys seemed friendly. Okay, that doesn't answer the part where they're carrying a corpse. They also said it's none of her business, and in the case that they could be cold-blooded killers, then yes... It's probably none of Natalie's business. If she wanted to live.

"Um, well... Rough day, honestly. Thought I'd snack a break and grab some lunch before," said Natalie as she casually dragged her pack back to her.

She slung it across her back as she took a look at the-


That's when the face hit her.

That's the girl.

That's the girl from before, the first girl she met on the island. She's dead? That's her?? They're carrying her, and they're carrying her-


Natalie felt something come up. She'd just eaten too. Oh god... Why...

She puked on the side of the bridge.

"Gk... Glah... Haff.. Huff... Oh god, I uh... I know it's probably none of my business but... Ngah, that girl, w-w-where'd you find her?" she asked nervously, ready to run if they wanted to turn her into a corpse too.

If that's the girl, what happened to her friend? Did they kill her too? She seemed so tough and strong, she could probably take both of them, though if they had a gun, body strength didn't matter.

Oh god, what if they had a gun?

Natalie thought that the question may not have been a good idea now.
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Natalie straightened up.

Did she just hear them right? They're willing to let her join up? There was a bit of conflict in her head. On one hand, they were carrying the corpse of someone she knew... Albeit only for a few minutes.

But at the same time, safety in numbers right?

There's more chances of her dying alone, right?

She remembered her breathing practices. This is how she gets by when she feels a bit nervous. She's always been good with handling things, and this shouldn't be any different.

Don't think of it as life or death, just think of it as going to the next objective.

The next objective now has been achieved, find safety in numbers.

The next objective... food and shelter.

"Alright... So, if you guys are cool with it, I'm sticking with. Where to? Any place we can get some food maybe? That'd be good, don't you think?" she said, each word slowly rebuilding her confidence... Though still not enough to stand next to the corpse.
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Cannon Fodder
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Finally, a group. Natalie was mostly relieved. She didn't really have any other feelings other than that. Relief. It's been a while since she felt that way as well, so even though they were carrying around a dead body, they seemed willing enough to work together that Natalie would just ignore all that.

The pub seemed like a nice place.

Natalie drifted off into her thoughts so much that it looked like they already took off without her. She hurried and ran towards them, noticing a pair of dropped glasses, Natalie picked them up and stored them in her pocket.

((Natalie Winters continued in The Ghost of Hope))
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