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TFW you will never find out what's in the basement; pm me your basements for entry
Topic Started: Nov 2 2016, 11:32 PM (842 Views)
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((Lillian ‘Lily’ Caldwell continued from Let's Awaken, By The Day.))

‘Maybe there was something in that helicopter.’ That had been the thought that brought Lily here. Focusing on that over anything that had happened. Over a flash of red that she only realised she’d seen once she’d already fled Nancy.

All she’d done was run straight from one murderer to another. From Sabrina’s killer to Tina’s. Lily had heard the yelling coming up the stairwell. She hadn’t recognised the voices. And now she saw a broken mess of a corpse, and Isabel standing over him.

One second.

Nausea. Revulsion. An odd sense of thankfulness now that Tina had been killed first, because between Conrad and this… at least Tina’s death had been fast. Simple.

Two seconds.

Logic. Calculation. Isabel had no gun. Isabel was dangerous, but not the long-range threat Nancy was. Isabel could be killed, if Lily had her own gun.

Three seconds.

Isabel was wearing Tina’s scarf. Tina’s scarf. The one that Lily had made, had knitted with care and given to Tina as a present. And Isabel was wearing it like it belonged to her, like it’d been given to her.

And in that third second after seeing Isabel and the ruined corpse that Lily couldn’t put a name to, Lily felt a wave of cold but potent rage. And it felt good. It made everything else so much easier to ignore. Lily touched her bag, thinking of the mirror shard within.

But rage did not mean she was just going to charge in.

Lily backed away, retreating down the stairwell but keeping her eye on Isabel’s back as long as she could see her.

No-one would blame her for Isabel’s death. They’d all know that Lily was in the right. But more than that… Isabel just plain deserved to die.

So Lily retreated down the stairwell, looking for a place to hide. And she’d hide. And wait. And when Isabel left, Lily would be right behind her. And Isabel would never know until there was a chunk of glass sticking out of her back.

((Lillian ‘Lily’ Caldwell continued in Violence Is Usually The Answer.))
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