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Devil's Choir; Morning, Day 3
Topic Started: Nov 2 2016, 06:12 PM (1,851 Views)
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(( Michael Crowe continued from Karma Chameleon ))

Michael stared at his bandaged hand as he walked away from the asylum. The pain had simmered down to a dull ache, and now all he could do was contemplate the fact that he was missing one of his digits.

It was kind of interesting in a weird way, he could still feel it. Not in the sense that the stump hurt, coz' it still did, it stung like a bitch if he accidentally touches something with it, but outside of that, it still felt like his pinky was still there. Like he could wiggle it, close it, all that shit that a normal pinky does. He could feel it still there, even if it wasn't there.

He placed his axe underneath his arm as he tried to see if he could touch his other hand with his ghost finger. He didn't really feel anything on either side. His pinky obviously went through his hand, but neither one could feel each other. He felt himself wiggle his ghost back and forth.

Man, this was so fuckin' weird...

He looked up and saw a chapel in front of him. Knowing how much of a dick Irony was, one of the big killers were hiding out here. He laid his axe upon his shoulder and walked towards it, imagining some dramatic fight with Holy Diver playing in the background. The Dio one, not the shitty Killswitch Engage one.

He stopped outside the doorway, and looked at his reflection through one of the stained glass windows. Shit he needs to fix his hair. His revenge conquest had to wait a moment, as he pulled his comb out and got to work.



He overheard a commotion within the chapel, something about "speaking up or gee-tee-eff-oh'ing". If there were people in there, maybe they could also tell him the whereabouts of people on his shit list.

Well, that was his cue.

He pressed his foot against the door, and opened it with the laziest of kicks. After all, who needs arms with legs like these, right?

It was casual enough to not be over-dramatic, but dramatic enough to not be boring. It meant he could totally stomp the door open if he wanted to, but he didn't really feel like it. He treated it like kicking doors open was an everyday occurrence for him. He had made his appearance known, he had shown that he had no fucks to give, he had shown that...

Oh shit he fucked up.

Crybaby with a pickaxe to his right. Mall goth with a crossbow to his front. Two more people a little ways ahead of him.

No matter his position, he was right in the kill zone. He done goof'd. He could only stand there silently after announcing his big entrance, just staring at them staring at him.

There was two options now, back out slowly, live, but look like a bitch. Then there was stand your ground, still look like a bitch, but less of one, and probably die.

This wasn't a movie, the smart option was option one.

Michael stared blankly before speaking up.

"Fuck y'all lookin' at?"



He hadn't learned from the various other times he had picked option two.
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Everyone was speechless for a good five seconds. Option two looked mighty tempting at this point...

Then Asha spoke up. She made a joke. It was...aaactually pretty funny. Michael cocked his head to the side, a light smirk forming on his face. He pressed his tongue through is teeth as he let out a small chuckle.

"Well, I don' know about 'hero' but, I ain't the for-"

And then Jojo McDodd from Horton Hears a Who told him to fuck off. Michael's grin disappeared as he put a single hand on his hip.

"Really? Can we not? L-l-like, can we fuckin' not?" He glanced over towards Alessio, who was already halfway out the door. Well, so much for that piss-baby. He took the time to scan the room behind his sunglasses, before pacing left and right. Looked inconspicuous enough, and a moving target was a harder target.

Min Jae told him to fuck off again. Man, you give a dude a crossbow, and suddenly his dick grew three sizes that day.

What was up with him and Dr. Seuss references? Well... Wasn't his fault they based the emo Who off of that poor bastard's face. Speaking of it, damn he looked fucked up, like someone kicked the shit out of him.

Didn't he appear on the announcements, beating someone else to death? That's not how you use a crossbow, if that even is your crossbow, friend...

Michael continued pacing. He felt like shit for this, but...

His pacing moved over towards the right a little bit. He had to get Asha between him and Jae. Not like, use her as a shield or nothing, just... collateral. Min wouldn't shoot one of his own right? Wait, did Min Jae even have friends? He had killed once already...

It wasn't fucked up for him to do this right? I mean, he wasn't holding her hostage, he was just... positioning himself. Yeah. Fuck, he hoped they didn't know what he was planning, he wasn't getting any closer to them or anything, all he was doing was making himself a harder target. That's it. If Min Jae shoots, it's on him. Min would be okay with having blood on his hands anyways if he's willing to shoot... Michael wouldn't feel bad at all about rushing him if it came to that. Those crossbows take time to reload, and if Min missed... Then again if he hit her, then Mike'd feel guilty for standing in that spot. But still, it wasn't like- man just open your mouth and speak, get the fucker to lower his arms!

"Woah, woah, woah... That's the thanks I get? Fuckin' hearin' screaming and shit, come in for the rescue, and you get all pissed off at me?" Michael pointed at his own chest for emphasis. Use your words, play the empathy card. Gotta get the fucker to lower the gun.

"Hell, I should get a 'thank you' for scaring 'Spooks Bloodyfuck' off. He probably woulda' put his pickaxe in one of your friends here if I didn't come. It's like fuck man, the only other sane person I know gets pig-sticked, and everyone else has gone off their fuckin' Adderall. Like shit dude, I had a real shitty day, I lost the only friend I made on this island, the ones from back home are getting killed by scum-sucking fuckers, my fuckin' pinkey gets lopped off, and I can't even get a place to sit down and get me a fucking refreshing drink of piss-warm bottled beverage."

Michael shook his head, pacing. His heart was jumping. He could feel his veins wanting to burst out his skin. His stomach felt like it was in one of those high-g force machines astronauts ride for training. Michael was scared as shit, and he was moving to desperate measures. He was disgusted in himself for the cowardice he was performing right now, using someone as a sort of blockade like that. He had to though. He could try to turn and leave, but at this point, Min Jae might shoot him in the back. Goddamnit, you can't do anything around here without digging yourself in a deeper hole.

"Is there anyone I can get a normal chat with? Like at all? Anyone willing to talk like a normal person for once?"

That was all he could hope for, getting them to talk. That's it, that's all he wanted. It wouldn't be so risky turning around then...
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This... Wasn't working. Really, shit these people were ice cold! Wouldn't even let a man get a drink! Well, fuck 'em. Ungrateful motherfuckers, he only went in because they were screaming about Al. Al's a punk, dude, like shit, they were afraid of that?!

Michael continued to pace, this time placing his axe over his shoulder, shrugging at Asha's comments.

"Well... you got me, shit. Least I got you guys talking outside of a few words and shit. I'll go, but you tell that attack dog over there to put his shit away first, I trust the fucker as fast as I can fuck him, and I sure ain't gettin' in his pants any time soon..."

And talk he got. Especially from Jae. Michael could bend that fucker in two. Hell, if he talked to him like that in any other scenario he would. He'd hit him in the kidneys till he pissed blood, he'd kick him in the stomach until he caught IBS or Crohn's or some shit. He'd fuck him up.

"Man, shut the fuck up you hypocrite! You're only talking all that shit coz' you stole that crossbow from a dead kid. Damn sure wasn't self defense from what I see neither, no arrows in you. You ain't even got the balls to look me in the eyes back in Kingman, always staring at the floor when I walk by. Now, you're suddenly some badass motherfucker?!"

Then he mentioned Jerry. That motherfucker mentioned Jerry. Even worse, he knew, that meant he was with Brendan. Brendan was here. They way he talked shit about Jerry though... Michael didn't like none of these people. Fuckin' hardasses, even worse, they think they're in the right. Just gonna sit and wait to win. He wondered how long before Min Jae would take before shooting them both in the back...



Hold up.

Michael had a plan. Playing the sympathy card for himself did not work. However, the trust card was different. How much could Min Jae's friends trust him.

"Yeah, you're right. Jerry deserved to die right? Totally, I mean, all he wanted was to avenge Scarlett, and when we find the bitch that did her in, she's putting a damn corkscrew or some shit in another kid's eye. Yeah, he deserved to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when some petty fuck wanted to get back at me for saying mean words at him, I ain't even touch the little bitch!"

Michael grinned, flicking his tongue through his teeth as he twirled his axe and pointed it at Jae.

"I deserve to die too, for avenging him. But y'know..."

He pointed to Thing One and Two in front of him.

"If I kill them, then that'd make me innocent by your logic, right? Nancy's innocent. You're innocent too! Tota-fuckin'-ly."

He laughed.

"Hey I'll make you a deal! Three choices!"

He pointed again at Jae.

"Door number one, you put your money where your mouth is, and you come down here to me, show me what you did to Sammy, eh? Only one of us has to die..."

He spun his axe again, mocking some circus ring leader.

"Door number two! You shoot me! Easiest option right, ain't even got to look me in the eyes when you kill me! But... You best not miss, or you better hope I don't get back up..."

He pointed towards Asha and the other girl. His grin disappeared, he wasn't fucking around.

"I'll kill them both, then kill you. Brendan and Nancy only lived because they ran away. Door's behind me. You do the math."

He continued pacing, not speaking for dramatic effect.

He intentionally relaxed his posture for door number three.

"Or door number three, you put that shit away, I walk out, and nobody's gotta go six feet under. How much you give a shit about your buddies there Jae? How much you trust your eyes, you fast enough? Smart enough? You really wanna risk it? I'm not like pussy pickaxe. When I lose a game, I don't lose gracefully, I flip the fuckin' table. That's how I roll man!"

To be honest, he was scared as shit, but desperate calls and desperate measures are a thing after all. These people weren't the good guys anyways. Following under some murderer like that, like he's got the moral high ground. Fuck him. Michael was certain he'd kill Min Jae later, but right now, he had to play it cool. He continued pacing, making himself a harder target, his movements more erratic. If Min Jae fires, it meant he didn't give a rats ass about his two compatriots, and they'd realize it. Michael preferred not to be the doomed moral victor, because y'know, he'd still be dead. But given the chance to screw over the guy who wants him dead, he'd gladly take the chance. Crabs in a Bucket.

His eyes darted between the three people in front of him, hidden by his shades. Asha, other girl, Jae, other girl, Jae, Asha, door, Jae, Asha, other girl, door, Asha, Jae, other girl looked spooked. It never occurred to him that someone might be behind him.

"Shit I even tried to be nice at first to you ungrateful f-"

Who the fuck is Iz?


Oh shit...
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Michael slowly craned his neck behind him. Isabel's the one who left that body by Alex and his Droog isn't she? He barely caught a glimpse of it as he laid there, the pain in his hand wouldn't let him focus. But he saw enough. The face of it alone would have been enough to make him nauseous, had he not had other things to focus on. He prepared to turn and swing on her, and use the confusion to fuck off.

When he turned around, however, he realized she wasn't there. The 'omg look behind you' trick. Easiest fucking trick in the world...

Clever Girl...

He turned back around to realize Asha had moved to the little screaming raptor's side. Jae had the clearest of shots he'd need. Well shit... This day keeps getting worse and worse. What exactly had he done to deserve this shit, he couldn't even find anyone who wasn't some stick up the ass holier than thou, psychopathic killer, or sneaky ass coward. He hoped Jon was doing okay... Maybe he got the luck?

Here they were, turning his phrases against him, like he feared some taser. Really? He had his own, and he was sure his felt worse after testing it on himself. Yeah... Right. You hit me and I'll simply hurt, I hit you...

He looked at his axe. If it weren't instantaneous, they'd bleed out in pain later on anyways. That gave him some confidence, if he had to flip the table when he started losing.

Jae wasn't saying shit. Figured that meant he was as good as dead. Staring right at him. That was the first time he'd looked him in the eyes since he got here. Michael stared right back, twisting his face into a grimace Jae wouldn't forget.

Choose option two motherfucker, I dare you... Remember, I won't go quietly if I ain't dead by the first shot...

His breath rattled as Jae finally spoke. It was time to leave.

It clicked. He won.

Min Jae knew exactly what would follow if he shot. The threats worked. Here they were, all cuddled next to each other. Michael's crocodile tears didn't work, so gave his crocodile grin instead. Here min Jae was, talking all that shit just five seconds earlier. Now he could barely utter two sentences. Michael's theory was right. All Min Jae amounted to was a chihuahua pretending to be a pit bull. He'll bark at you through the fence, but once he's outside of it?

His smile came back. He twirled his axe again, and placed it on his shoulders, casually bending his knees before straightening them.

"Alright, I'll fold. Got more chips on my table anyways..."

He turned and walked to the door, his eyes locked on Min Jae's. His shit eating grin wouldn't falter now. He opened the door.

"Got all I need from you guys anyways... Thanks for letting me know Brendan's close." He took his sunglasses off, just so Min Jae would see his eyes directly.

"Maybe I'll throw his body through one of these windows the next time I visit. Maybe you guys can fit him in one of the caskets here, eh?"

He slammed the door behind him, his laugh audible behind it.

He realized they couldn't see him anymore at this point. A sigh of relief escaped him as he slid down the door.

Holy shit, he almost died there! Wouldn't that have been a bitch?! He was alive! He was aaaaliiiiive! Hahaaa! Eat shit you fuckers!

He got back up, laughing like a hyena as he walked away.

Even as he laughed however, he couldn't help but look behind him every few paces...

(( Michael Crowe continued elsewhere))
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