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Return of the Manatee
Topic Started: Oct 30 2016, 06:49 PM (262 Views)
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((Darius Van Dyke continued from Just People In A Messed Up Place))

Jonathan and him went back to the place he slept at.

"Look at this."

All the useless equipment that gave them hope.

"Our empire."

This could be their shelter, their headquarter. Temporarily, before this becomes a danger zone. But Darius knew that Jon would be strong enough to carry stuff for him in case they needed to move somewhere else. He looked at Jon.

"We should do this. We should accomplish this. We will be able to get out without being a moron who follow the rules. I have an idea. I know what we need to escape. We have to either scavenge for stuff or look out for important sources like electricity being around here anywhere. On the island somewhere..."

Darius had ideas what needed to be done to get rid of the control they had from the terrorists. But maybe whatever they will find will inspire him to have a better idea.

"Be warned, though. We just have ONE chance. What if it fails, you might ask? If this try fails, I promise you, that I'll play instead."

Darius was not sure whether he would really do that. Playing, that is. He would not kill, yeah, but maybe try to survive, winning with being the last one alive. Hah, if that would ever happen. He was not such a loser to give up that quickly. But, he hoped that this statement would pressure Jon more.

"But if this try fails, we're probably all dead anyway."
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(( Jonathan Gulley continued from Just People in a Messed Up Place ))

So this was the place...

"Darius... It's kind of a shit hole to be honest."

Jonathan wasn't sure what to think. On one hand, they had a lot of equipment to use. On the other, even with power, would it even work? Where would they even get power? But there was a lot of things they could do with it.

Jonathan had already figured out a plan. If they got it working, Jonathan had the tape recorder. He could make deliberate white noise, just loop specific phrases and someone checking the airwaves couldn't mistake it for something accidental. It would be like a Russian Numbers Station, except it's an SOS call.

There was one problem with that, and it was the exact reason he'd use the recorder.

If this worked, it would be guaranteed Jonathan and Darius would die. Their only voice would be the one from the recorder.

But if it did work, people would find them, the terrorists would be found. People would be saved, the Terrorists would be brought to justice.

Jonathan listened to Darius, when he said something that shocked Jonathan to the bone.

He'd play?

Darius did have an idea, and he did have a location to kick-start it. But his reasoning for doing this? It was entirely selfish, he wanted to get himself out of here. It wasn't about the plan to him. It was simply a means to leave...


Jonathan would work with Darius, but he has lost all respect for him.
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((Skipping because of DZ))

Jonathan was interrupted by the buzz of the intercom. Again, he felt that wad of dread force it's way up his insides. This time it didn't stop. Once he had heard Brendan's name, Jonathan couldn't hold it in anymore.

He stared at the puddle of puke as Brendan's name repeated itself over and over in his head.

Not only did he kill someone, from behind.

Wait... From behind?! Oh no... He didn't. He could've... Why?

Why did he go out of his way to take care of him, only to kill Jeremiah like that? Why would he help someone, then murder someone else like that?

Something was up. There had to be a motive for it. Danya said a lot of things, even gave him the best kill reward, but maybe, maybe Brendan had a reason. All he could do was talk to him. Maybe, maybe that would help.

Something else hit him. A beep. Jonathan wasn't paying attention until the beep hit.

Oh shit...

Jonathan wiped his mouth and looked up. Their escape plan had to wait.

"Darius, run!"

Jonathan grabbed his bag and sprinted for the door.

He ran until the beeping stopped, then looked behind him.

Did Darius make it out? Jonathan would have to find him and regroup. Darius might've said some dumb shit, but he didn't deserve to die over saying things.

((Jonathan Gulley, This time I might just dissappear.))
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Shithole? Yeah, it was a shithole. But a useful shithole. So Darius could not appreciate Jonathan losing hope.

"C'mon. Let's do...something with this."

So Darius walked around. Perhaps there were substitutions that could be found on the other side of the island to get the radio equipment to work. Perhaps there was a way to connect to the announcement system. Who knows? Darius did not.

Speaking of announcements. After the two of them stayed there overnight, this dubious 'something' finally happened.



Darius stared at the sky.

"Guess what, you cunt. Kimiko you are fucking."

What was the word for her? He did not know. He was in a tunnel vision though and it was not helping that his collar was beeping.

He took his bag and stuff, walked out and did not have a clue where the fuck Jonathan walked out to.

((Darius Van Dyke continued in My Human Gets Me Blues))
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