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No Time For Sorrow; One-shot
Topic Started: Oct 24 2016, 06:58 AM (263 Views)
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((Brendan Harte continued from Haunted House))

Brendan had stopped running after a while when he was sure that Michael wasn't following him anymore. He glanced a few times behind him to make sure that he was safe for the time being. Michael was not there. Screaming at him. Threatening to kill him with that axe. Maybe he went back to that guy's body. Brendan was feeling nauseous. He didn't think he would do something like that. But now..... There was no way that he could get Jerry's body out of his head. The blood was still stuck in Brendan's head. He knew that he was going to be on the next announcement. A lot of people were going to think that he was a threat.

A killer, a murderer, a low-life, a scumbag....

You did the right thing, Brendan. You saved that girl's life.

Yes, he did. He saved a girl. But who was she? He didn't even know who she had been. What if she had been killing people? Playing this sick, twisted game? What if Michael and the other guy had just been trying to avenge someone who was dead by that girl's hands? What if Brendan had just make the wrong choice? What if he never saved someone who was innocent?

He couldn't handle it if he had.

Brendan pushed open the door of the group therapy room and he almost dropped the spear in his hands. There was another body. A girl's body. He turned away as he could feel himself wanting to puke. He was taken by surprise by the site of the body. It wasn't someone that he knew. It didn't make him feel better even if he didn't know her.

He glanced back into the room. She was still there. He had hoped for a second that she was just a hallucination. Why was this happening? This wasn't right. She looked a lot worse than.... the guy that he killed. He lowered the spear in his hands. He had noticed that it was a broomstick that had been sharpened. He felt terrible for even holding it. He couldn't even take it back as the boy wouldn't even be able to use it now.

He was still staring at the girl. He took a few steps into the room. The smell suddenly hit him. He realized that it was a bad idea to go inside. He had to stomach it somehow. He couldn't turn back. He had to see her more closely. His curiosity was getting the better of him. He really did feel like he was in a horror story. But he knew better. He knew that this was reality. And not one of his made-up stories. People were really dying. He had killed a person. He couldn't deny it anymore.

At least you don't have to worry about this girl, Brendan.

Why would he think something like that? That was a horrible thought.

Brendan didn't want to stay there anymore. He backed away from the corpse. He turned around. He couldn't bear to look at her anymore. He had to find somewhere else to stay. To sleep. Get his health back. He doubted that he would be able to rest. He was going to have a nightmare about that boy he.... murdered.

His vision was starting to get blurry. No, he couldn't cry right now. He didn't deserve to. He blinked back the tears. His hands were gripping around the spear more tightly. He didn't deserve to go home. Students who had blood on their hands. They should never been allowed to go home. Even him. How could he even face his family after what he had done? He couldn't bear the thought.

He was not looking forward to hearing his name on the announcement. He could also find out the name of the guy. He didn't want to know. But he would have no choice. What would his friends think of him after they heard? Would they think that he was a monster? Someone who deserved to be taken down?

Brendan shook his head a little and he rubbed one of his hands over his face. He didn't want to think about it anymore. He had to leave this horrible place.

So he did.

((Brendan Harte continued in Devil's Choir))
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