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Be Prepared; Now Private
Topic Started: Oct 14 2016, 07:25 PM (989 Views)
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Isabel's face expressed a wide variety of emotions once she realized that Danny tried to take her halberd.

Betrayal. Fear. Disappointment.


Isabel's arm moved by itself and sunk the sword into Danny's chest, a snarl of rage escaping her lips.

Despite having a sword stuck in him, Danny was oddly quiet. She thought they usually screamed. Conrad screamed.

"I..." Isabel looked briefly between Danny's face and back and the sword. "...I guess I couldn't trust you after all," Isabel said. "You could've just gone along with me. You wouldn't have a hole where your liver should be that way."

"You made me do this."

Isabel twisted the sword in Danny's chest, the pained chokes escaping his lips filling her with the same rush that she had gotten before. Both times before. Yanking the sword out from between Danny's ribs, he fell to the ground, writhing. Completely at her mercy. She sunk the sword into a different part of his chest, a smile forming on her face as Danny gasped and coughed.

Out and back in the sword went. Stabbing vital organ after vital organ, the squelching noises emitted by Danny's body becoming more vigorous until suddenly, it stopped. Isabel stopped, her breathing ragged.

She had lost control again. She let the feelings overcome her again, but in spite of that realization, she shook with excitement as Danny breathed his last breath.
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This wasn't meant to be how it went.


There'd been all these budding thoughts about fixing... stuff. Maybe tracking down people and fixing his old mistakes before they all kicked it. Just starting thoughts, but not there yet. He'd always thought 'there'd be tomorrow.' Figures that the day he finally realised that wouldn't always be true would be the exact day it wasn't true for him.

Thought wasn't as coherent as that for him, though. It was hard to feel specific, eloquent regrets when someone had a sword in your... spleen, maybe? Fuck if he knew. There was just this shitload of fear tinged with sadness.


He tried crying out. This time, definitely for help. But something had punctured, and now he couldn't make any noise except a raspy gurgle.

The fear was slipping away. Replaced by the weird numbness spreading across his chest. That was... nicer, he supposed, but he... he didn't want to go like this, he couldn't go like this... there was so much he hadn't done...

Squelch. Squelch.

Danny stretched his arm out, finger tips touching Tuney, some muddled, bloody thought that he could make up for this if, perhaps, he just smashed that over Isabel's head like he'd tried to do to Sandy.

That would have been a much better idea than grabbing the halberd. And so Danny managed to cram in one final regret.

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Something was up.

Bridgette realized if the moment she heard his muffled voice down the hallway, definitely not talking to himself. She slowly rose to her feet when she heard it, slowly creeping towards the door frame as she strained to listen. There was a second voice, a feminine sounding one she couldn't put her finger on. Her mind jumped to the three worst possibilities

Isabel, Nancy, Jasmine...

Then there was a scream. Bridgette jumped when Danny shouted her name, and then a flurry of movement sounded down the hallway. She froze as she listened to the sounds of a fight.

Normally a person would've come to his aid: he'd just called her name, after all, and you should always help a friend in danger. But that sort of thinking was for idiots, altruistic fools that would certainly get themselves killed. Endangered ally or not, Bridgette herself was still in a very dangerous situation. Her mind worked fast, picking between fight or flight

And Bridgette chose to fly.

She spent a moment standing in the doorway before leaping into action. She swirled around and scrambled towards the corner of the room, scooping up Danny’s backpack and slinging over it her shoulder. She immediately spun around and bolted towards the door. She could hear the fight fully now in the hallway, the sound of sputtering and coughing underlying an unholy symphony of tearing flesh. She tore down the hallway in the opposite direction, away from the carnage, away from Danny, and eventually, away from the dormitories.

((Bridgette Sommerfeld continued in In This Starless Night))

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The girl who dreams on the back of a giant space turtle.
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Isabel sighed contently as she felt the thrill of the slaughter once again.

The mix of emotions she felt shortly after the life left her victim's eyes was just as intoxicating now as it was with Tina. The satisfaction she got from hurting, the rush of causing pain. She had someone's life in her hands... and then she took it away, empowering her own agency by depriving them of theirs.

However, this time it felt slightly different. As Isabel stared into Danny's glassy eyes, the feeling faded far more quickly than it did after she killed Tina or Conrad. Instead of feeling a residual satisfaction from her actions, all she felt was disappointment. Killing Danny may have been enjoyable in the moment, but he was still a friend. Being forced to kill him here was a waste of resources, a waste of something she was mildly attached to.

Sentimentality wasn't what she needed now, though. With both Asha and Danny having betrayed her trust, Isabel was certain there really was nobody else on the island that was willing to ally with her. Even though they should have been able to trust her just fine, they didn't know she would betray them eventually after all, how could they? No point in giving any of them her own trust. She was alone until everyone else was dead. That was the only path forward. She was going to win, and she was going to enjoy herself along the way. She was the only one that mattered enough, nobody else was that important.

Isabel glanced around at her surroundings. The hallways whispered quietly from the rush of wind outside as the last of Danny's blood pooled around his desecrated corpse. For the first time, Isabel was legitimately unnerved, and chose to leave the body behind, the fading remnant of any connection she had to the days before the island.

Nothing was left but to kill more and survive.

((Isabel Ramirez continued in TFW you will never find out what's in the basement))
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