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Thursday's Child; private
Topic Started: Oct 14 2016, 02:18 AM (1,048 Views)
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((Wade Cartwright continued from Detection and Identification))

Wade had heard the commotion just as he was halfway downstairs. As soon as he did, trepidation wracked his body. He could vaguely recognize some of the voices as people he'd heard speak in class or elsewhere. But he knew for a fact that none were even passing acquaintances.

He could barely guess at what they were like from just hearing and not seeing them. They were almost totally unknown factors, and that terrified Wade. He had absolutely zero ability to predict what thoughts were running through their heads, which meant he couldn't read them or guess at what they were pulling. He wanted no part of it.

The uncomfortably familiar stink of death still wafted up from the floor, except there was a stronger edge to it now than yesterday. Barry's body had decomposed further through the night. As hard as Wade tried to ignore it, the fact that someone had died and their corpse was right there festered in his mind. He wasn't much for superstition, but the entire place felt tainted by the mere fact and presence of all that; he could feel his instincts clawing at the back of his mind, waiting to spring back open and take hold.

So Wade crept further down the stairs, further, further, and just as he was approaching the ground he heard the rustling, he heard the faint sound of someone talking and placing their hands on one side of the door. That was all his instincts needed. Fuck being subtle and sneaky he didn't want to take the risk of engaging with these people at all, the mere prospect of unplanned human contact in a situation like this felt utterly terrifying and dangerous he didn't want it. Not at all.

He was a scared animal again. Fight or flight time.

Atavistically, he chose flight. Rush at the door, throw it open, run. It didn't matter who was behind it or if they were hostile or if they were or weren't or might have a thousand other things, he felt so vulnerable and unsafe and just wanted out, wanted away. Seeing the building and sky again was exhilarating. He didn't lend even a single thought to the three who had been there. He just ran. Ran until he felt safe again.

((Wade Cartwright continued in They Stumbled Into Faith and Thought))
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